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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Late yesterday this comment was left on yesterday's post and because you guys are the best, I wanted to share it with all y'all:

Hey guys this is Vinny's Matt, thank you all for your support its really appreciated =)

If you LOVE Dancing, then head over to TRAVIS'
for a complete look at last night's program.

Click on the logo above to head over to The Teach's blog to see all the entries this week. Folks, RUBY TUESDAY has exploded across the Bloggosphere...THANKS MARY!

Of course from my recent trip...This is the Palazzo, across from Treasure Island...all sorts of various shades of red in this one...

YES, I KNOW Mary asked for Halloween theme, but dang, I just have not had the time to shoot any Halloween themed shots...

Been listening to the new Dylan CD and it is great...a more expanded review will appear tomorrow...

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Also this week, Olivia Wilde from the hit FOX series House has a one on one with Radio Jesus.

The sexy actress will explain why she chose to change her last name to “Wilde,” why she’s been cast as a bisexual in two consecutive TV roles and where she plans on moving if John McCain is our next president.

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No truth to the rumor I have been tossed off the air. I am not on this week because it was taped ahead of time as Doc Blogstein is in Europe somewhere having a sex change operation!

A little treat was waiting for me today...a copy of the new AC/DC CD BLACK ICE...
This is the title track....ENJOY

I have deleted a blog from my sidebar that has been here from the beginning. I am done with the hate-mongering that appears there. I presume I will be losing some readers because of it, but I can not promote someone who does not represent MY AMERICA.

My America is the country that does not promote hate. That does not slander. That allows people of different thought-sets to live.

You can read the comments from yesterday and go over and see the exchange that promoted this decision at his blog.

Blogs are our home where we can say what we want. I respect that, but it does not mean those places have to be promoted on MY home.

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Starrlight Says:
  2. From what I have heard so far the new AC/DC kicks much ass.

    I have loved House from day one but I still find it funky to hear Hugh with an American accent. Jeeves and Wooster kicks ass. Although the show kinds wigs my mother out since Hugh apparently is a ringer for my biological dad.

    As to the hate mongering. I can except that there are folks with opinions that are different than mine and that is their right. It does not mean I have to provide them with an audience.

  3. Julie Says:
  4. Just this weekend I saw a group of women in pink "Ta tas" t-shirts! Why make it all doom and gloom? It's a cancer that strikes all ages so let the rebels have a little fun with it! Raise that funding! Woo!

  5. Micky-T Says:
  6. After reading yesterdays post..congrats for you son Matt That may be the lowest rung but it sure is a damn good first step.

  7. Matt-Man Says:
  8. Wowza. Vinny...Standing Loud, Proud, and Sassy. You da man. I may have to visit him daily with the election going on. I forgot all about him. Cheers Vinny!!

  9. Dana Says:
  10. Hmmmmm ... there is something to be said for personal integrity Vinny. You are right, free speech is a wonderful thing, and in this case you are both supporting it!

  11. Bond Says:
  12. STARR: It does kick a** for sure...I am NOT a House fan, Mr. Laurie skeeves me out!

    JULIE: Totally agree

    MICKEY-T: You have to crawl before you run! LOL Thanks Mickey

    MATT-MAN: I have to stay true to myself...nothing more

    DANA: There is free speech and there is yelling "fire" in a crowded theater...

  13. Travis Says:
  14. Thanks as always for the shout!

    I'm not really a gambler, but I do love Vegas because of all the light and sound and atmosphere. It's so big and bold, and delightfully overwhelming.

    I've watched the descent of that particular blog over the last few months of the campaign. It's been a sad and ugly fall. I have been told by him that he accepts that people disagree with him, even though they are wrong to do so. I stopped going there for that, and for a couple of other reasons.

  15. Bond Says:
  16. TRAVIS: You can't watch DWTS without reading your reviews the next is like eating ice cream out of your hand...sure it is still tasty, but the experience is just lacking!

    I am not a huge gambler either, or I would never have slept while there!

    I have no problem with logical political debates...but when it descends into what has happened there, I walk away with my head held high.

  17. I love House. I love trying to figure out what makes him TICK.

    As to your former blogger bud, I ditched that one long ago. I still read his mate, but his? I couldn't take the one-sidedness and the fact that no one's opinion could ever be right if it was different from his.

    Whenever I read someone's blog, and they say something with which I don't agree, I usually ignore it and don't comment on it. It doesn't mean I will stop reading immediately. But, as in your case, when the verbal abuse continues, then it's definitely time to move in. I tend to shy away from controversy on my blog, but I think my political and social leanings are obvious to those who know me.

  18. Turnbaby Says:
  19. YAY for Matt! And you are welcome.

    I've been pretty picky about my linkage and change it if I feel it's necessary. It's your blog sugar and who you link to DOES reflect on you so good on ya.


  20. Dianne Says:
  21. You're Welcome Vinny's Matt!

    I think you can do Halloween Ruby Tuesday next week - that Vegas shot is primo! Trust Vegas to do red right :)

    As I mentioned when I e-mailed you - I went to that blog and a couple of his cohorts a few times starting weeks ago. I couldn't put my finger on it right away but my spider senses are never wrong. I'm so glad I never commented or got involved - it would not have ended well. There is so much bigotry and ugliness there. And now it jumps right off the screen.

    And yes - there is free speech. And then there is hate speech or as you said so perfectly there is yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    I've always been suspicious of people who have to proclaim their American-ness at every turn and have always found them to be very Not American.

    I had so much respect and fondness for you to begin with and now it has grown even more.

    Matt's Vinny is a stand up American!

  22. Bond Says:
  23. SONGBIRD: He is a machine...not human! LOL
    Well I presume I will be losing a few because of my comments..but what the he**...
    I am not real controversial...but when something hits me wrong..I can not be silent Thanks my friend

    TURNBABY: He is one cool kid, no doubt.
    I could not be associated any longer...

    DIANNE: I will have to get out with my camera for Halloween RT.
    I so appreciate your kind words...thank you so very much!

  24. Starrlight Says:
  25. Dianne - same goes for those who cram their Christianity down other folks throats. A more un Christ-like bunch I doubt exists.

  26. Jay Says:
  27. Congrats to Matt!

    Good timing having Olivia Wilde on tonight's show since they are promoting some big lesbian scene with her on tonight's House. I don't watch House, but I might check the YouTubes for THAT scene tomorrow. LOL

    The McCain campaign's entire argument is "Obama is a black terrorist who hangs out with other terrorists and is trying to steal the election and OMG you should be sooooooo afraid of him."

    It's really pathetic.

  28. Tug Says:
  29. LOVE the picture...that's my town. ;-)

    You raised a fine young man there Vinny!! (That totally sounded like a grandma, didn't it - heh)

  30. Good luck to the Doc's new Ta-tas. Looking forward to the Dylan review.

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. gonna be lots and lots of very angry people come November....

    it will not be a good time for a country divided.

  33. Fred Says:
  34. Thanks, Matt. I really hope it works out for you.

    OK, OK, I'll go to the dam!

  35. Hoot Gibson Says:
  36. Keep those Monica Knee Pads secure for Barry Soetoro, you are gonna need them Sparky.

    You left wing losers never learn.

  37. Bond Says:
  38. JAY: Thanks...not a House fan myself...and it is sad that the issues are off the table

    BUD: LOL...yeah he is going for a 48 DDD

    KATHERINE: Unfortunately you are so very right and it scares me quite frankly

    FRED: LOL...I want pictures as proof!

    HOOT: Wow, thanks for coming traffic needed the boost...

  39. Thanks for blowing my cover, VinBo. I'll send pictures. I'm so hot that now that I'm a woman I've decided to be a lesbian.

  40. the teach Says:
  41. Your Ruby Tuesday post, Vin, is just great. You're welcome Matt! He's such a nice boy, Vin! The Vince Flynn book looks good - I'm looking into it! :)

  42. Bond Says:
  43. DOC: I thought you always were a lesbian...

    TEACH: Mary, thank you for the compliment on the post and on Matt. I got a copy on Saturday and am looking forward to cracking it open.


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