Some Seriousness & Las Vegas Recap...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 20, 2008

So, last weekend, Matt had a tryout for the Continental Baseball League, which plays from May through August in the state of Texas.

He was offered a contract to travel to Texas and hopefully be selected to play on one of their teams. There is a "Spring Training" where the players that have been invited are evaluated and can be selected by the teams in the league.

Nothing is guaranteed, but the first step is the "invitation contract". From what I understand only a few of those who tried out in his area were offered the contract.

Independent League Baseball is the lowest rung of professional baseball but as he said "Dad, I have thought about someone paying me to play baseball since I was 8 years old."

He is ecstatic as is his dad...and he has been told he has an excellent chance of playing ball there next year.

Can you see the smile on my face? LOL...Hopefully I will be spending some time in Texas next June!

Dreams can come true.

I heard about this from a friend of mine, whose husband was actually at Camp Lejeune during the dates mentioned.

If you know of anyone who was stationed at Camp Lejeune between November 1957 and February 1987, you MUST have them check out this website and contact their doctor ASAP.

It appears an off-base dry cleaners dumped toxic chemicals in an unsafe manner and two of the eight water treatment plants at Camp Lejeune were contaminated.

This is a serious affair being looked into by the CDC and Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

My friend's husband was contacted by the US Marines, who used the IRS to track him down, so this is real.

My prayers are with my friend and her husband as he will be going to his doctor to see what tests can be done.

On another subject that we should all think about, I received this from DAD VINCE, and it actually makes a lot of sense after this $700 Billion boondoggle our "representatives" foisted upon us in the last two weeks.

On November 4, 2008 we will make a personal decision to elect a new president. May the best man win.

In addition to electing a new president, we will be casting our ballot for congressmen and congresswomen.

Here is where we can make a dramatic and meaningful change.

Here is where we can apply the S. A. M. principle which will shout loud and clear, that we are fed up and will not take it anymore.

Here is where we can state emphatically that we will no longer accept mediocrity, corruption, unaccountability, greed, abusive ear marks, pork inclusions and egregious behavior and results from our congress.

S. A. M. will prove that we serious.

Consider if you will, the following suggestion;

On November 4, 2008 - SEND A MESSAGE


Yes, this is a suggestion to vote against every congressman or congresswoman currently holding office, Republican or Democrat.

Vote for the person running against the incumbent, Democrat or Republican.
This will Send A Message that we are fed up.

This will Send A Message that although they may be against term limits, the S. A. M. principle will prove, that in 2008, the American people initiated their own term limit for the congress that failed us.

We will survive and the renegades in D.C. will know we mean business.

This is not a Republican or Democratic thing. It is a message that needs to be sent, a message that will resonate, not only to those being voted out but to those being voted in.

This year on November 4, 2008 - SEND A MESSAGE

I like the suggestion and personally will be following it as I pull the levers.

OK, now some pictures from Las Vegas for all y'all...I really need to get more accustomed to Nancy's camera as many did not come out well enough to share, but...(all can be enlarged with a click)

First the view from my hotel room and as I was snapping I was reminded of the line from the movie "My Cousin Vinny", when Joe Pesci was interrogating one of the witnesses and he asks "And what is this stuff on the know this brown stuff" and the witness says "Dirt?"

The windows were filthy!

This is from dinner at Trattoria Del Lupo in the Mandalay Bay...a terrific dinner with some incredible wine and food and laughs...

Back: Me, John, J.P.
Front: Kris, Donna, Dana, Tom

My good buddy John and I after cocktails and one bottle of wine at dinner...we went back in to help finish the second bottle! LOL

My dinner that evening...Osso Buco with Potato Gnocchi and Broccoli Rabe...YUM!

Hoover Dam...a modern wonder...Bob, J.P. and I took the trip on Wednesday. Of course, they take your picture in front of the blue screen and this was what we came up with...

These are shots from out tour of the dam...They are building a bypass that will take you over the gorge, instead of driving on the dam. This is incredible work...not a chance in hell you get me all the way up there to work! NOPE!

Looking down from the overlook, down to the the upper left, you can see the bottm of the suport for the overpass roadway...

Inside the dam, this is the design board that shows you the way the damn works and also the bypass tunnels which were built to divert the Colorado River as they were building the dam.

Bob and J.P. not paying attention to the tour guide...he was not real impressed with the three of us and our kidding around! Almost needed that bail money Songbird, but we escaped!

This is looking at the Lake Mead side from on top of the dam...

Finally, a shot of Bob and I inside the tunnels that run through the dam. They recently reopened these tunnels to tours...You actually end up being able to look out of a vent in the center of the dam...Or maybe these are ghosts of some of the workers that inhabit the dam...the picture is very fuzzy...

The Hilton where I stayed is where Elvis appeared most during his Vegas time and this was the theme from the TV show Las Vegas that used to be on TV with James Caan...and was also used in the Oceans 11 movie with Clooney and Pitt et al...

"A Little Less Conversation"

34 Of Your Sparks

  1. Julie Says:
  2. Oh happy for Matt...and I hope it works out well for his dream to come true! I'm sure you'll keep up posted.

    Thanks for spreading the word around about Camp Lejeune. **sigh**

    Glad you got to see Hoover Dam..I should have seen it when I was out there. Should I tell you about the 2 typos? Tee hee hee!!!

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. Welcome back.
    The S.A.M. idea was actually a part of my last Thursday Thirteen! I didn't know that's what it was called though.
    Dinner looks wonderful. There are some amazing restaurants in Vegas. If you're in the mood for a sandwich that will feed a crowd, try the New York Deli. I think it's at Treasure Island.

  5. JULIE: Thanks and you are welcome and YES, what typos??? LOL

    DRILLERAA: AH..someone else also posted about it then huh? Yes the restaurants are amazing and the NY Deli in NY is the best...Not sure the one in Vegas is at Treasure Island but Canters's Deli is.

  6. DrillerAA Says:
  7. The story is that the one in Vegas is modeled after the one in NYC. Milton Berle and other NYC celebs supported it in the early days because it reminded them of home!
    Oh yeah, congratulations to your Matt. Everyone should be able to chase at least one dream. Hopefully we will see him in "The Show" one day.

  8. Liz Hill Says:
  9. Big congrats to Matt!!

  10. Dana Says:
  11. Awww ... isn't it wonderful to see the dreams of a child come true? No matter what the age?

  12. First off Congrats to Matt! That is awesome =)

    Second off...You got that damn Sugar song Hoover Dam stuck in my head again and I don't have the freakin CD with me!!!! Thank God for YouTube.

    Third off....gnocchi!!!! LOVE THEM.

    Gosh I am hungry now. Wonder why :P

  13. vinnie congratulations to your son, that is wonderful! and as to sam, yup, that is what i am going to do. i am so fed up with all of them, every one should be fired!

    smiles, bee

  14. Congrats to Matt! May he go all the way! I can tell you're a proud dada, Vinny! Thanks for sharing the pix of Las Vegas too.

  15. DRILLERAA: I bet that story is very true...Did not eat there, but have been to the one in NYC many times. I also think there is a "Stage Deli" in the NY Casino/Hotel..and that one was a stomping ground for me when I lived and worked in Manhattan.
    Thanks about Matt..and if it happened it would be incredible!


    DANA: It most certainly is -

    STARR: Thanks my friend
    lol...I forgot about was in my head to post that song...sheesh
    Gnocchi is my favorite 'pasta' by far

    BEE: Thanks on Matt....SAM is a great idea

    TEACH: Mary, thanks for Matt...glad you enjoyed the pix...have one more for tomorrow! hehehe

  16. Really?! Gnocchi is your favorite? Mine too!! There is an great Italian restaurant here called Pazzo's that regularly features gnocchi. Last time we went Mom got the gnocchi with lamb ragu. I don't think I have ever tasted anything more divine.

    Bob Mould is amazing. The album that song is on, Copper Blue, kicks much butt.

  17. Oh and I should add, Mucho Gracias for the Elvis =) I loves me some King!

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Great news on Matt - MUCH luck!!

    Sent my dad the link on the Marines, thank you.

    I miss Vegas - before 9-11, we used to take boats all the way up to the damn & wave at all you tourists (hee) while drinking our beers & watching you sweat. ;-)

  20. katherine. Says:
  21. the Vegas trip looks like a good time ESPECIALLY the dam

    that is really exciting for far is your part of Tennessee from his part of Texas?

    the SAM thing kinda worries me...there may actually be one or two incumbents in office worth keeping...and when one doesn't look too closely at a candidate people like David Duke get elected.

  22. DrillerAA Says:
  23. The one I was thinking of is the Carnige Deli and it is in the Mirage. Opened in NYC in 1937.
    OK, I'm through commenting for the day, I promise.

  24. STARR: I can remember as a kid my grandmother's home being covered with gnocchi drying out on every flat surface...I have tried to make them three four times...not always successful...LOVE LAMB RAGU...and you are welcome on the ELVIS

    TUG: Thanks and glad you could send to dad...Actually was cool there last week

    KATHERINE: It was a good time...Depends on which team he gets selected to play on...anywhere from 12 - 17 hours I predict
    I understand your concern with SAM

    DRILLERAA: Also another great deli...and comment away my friend!

  25. Oh my god, do you have a recipe for the ragu? I will love you until End Days (unless of course McCain Palin get elected since that would make it all of 2+weeks) if I could find a decent recipe. I've tried a few and they just don't taste "rich" if you know what I mean.

    Ohh..or maybe you could Vlog it!

  26. STARR: Been a long time since I have done one...let me look in my recipe file...OH a Vlog...that would be fun!

  27. Vinny-
    Send Matt a good old New England "way-to-go!!!!!!!!!" for me. It is important to try to live your dreams. We are young for such a short time. We think it will go on forever at the time. I stayed at Mandalay Bay my last trip to Vegas. Excellent...

  28. Great news about Matt! I hope things work out for him.

    The tour of Hoover Dam looks great. I've never done that. I'm wicked scared of that new by-pass. It will divert traffic from the dam, which is great because it's always clogged with cars, but I don't think I want to drive over that by-pass. Ack!

    (I have the bail money safely tucked away for another time. *wink*)

  29. Mr Bond, I took the offensive items off my blog, I have responded to your question about AIP, stop by I have asked you to defend ACORN.

    BTW< I love your photos.

  30. Fred Says:
  31. Congrats to Matt. Hope it all works out.

    Speaking of dreams, how about those Rays?

    Great tour of the dam. Someday, I'll pull myself off the tables and go myself. Speaking of, I'm scheduled to fly out there in November. Stay tuned.

  32. Mimi Lenox Says:
  33. Wonderful news about Matt and his dreams! Send him my best wishes. What a dream come true for him...I know you must be beaming.

    The Vegas pictures are like being there. I've never been. It looks like you had a fabulous time. Thanks for taking us along.

    This many important decisions to make. I hope the country makes the right one.

    Also sending prayers for our friend's husband. That was quite a shocker.

  34. Anonymous Says:
  35. Hey guys this is Vinnys Matt, thank you all for your support its really appreciated =)

  36. Your response was well said, my fear is what portion of the 1.3 million are real, I understand that in Las Vagus they hired prisoners on work release, I have my doubts about the organization.
    Powell is a RINO, and has been from day one, I expected him to endorse Obama and I do not see how you can take the racial element out of the mix.
    I had no intent to offend you.

  37. I forgot to tell you AIP is a non issue for me.

  38. BUD: Thanks...and as you will see, he has seen all the wishes...

    SONGBIRD: Thanks and I agree, I am not sure I could drive over that bridge....thanks for the $$$$$

    FRED: Thank you sir...GO TO THE DAM!

    MIMI: Thank you..The hatred being spread by one side is sickening...

    MATT: You are a class act son!

    SARGE: You make me laugh in a sad way Sir...calling Mr. Powell a RINO...I bet you never thought that as he led our troops...but now it fits YOUR agenda..and of course AIP is a non-issue for are blinded.
    I am sorry, I am done with your blog.
    Your hate-baiting...your slandering anyone of a liberal persuasion.....I guess I am a terrorist in your mind. You can not state an opinion without spreading the lies your party is fostering.
    I said it on your blog, I will say it here...THAT IS NOT MY AMERICA...
    I also asked if you would support Senator Obama if he is elected and since you ignored it, I guess you will not.
    It saddens me to read your blog. I do not need to be saddened any me what you will...

  39. Travis Cody Says:
  40. I'll add my "wooooooooo" to everyone else's congrats about Matt. I'm rooting for him.

    I share Katherine's concern about S.A.M.

    When pushed, I'll admit that Suspicious Minds might be my favorite Elvis song. However, I really really like A Little Less Conversation too!

  41. Dianne Says:
  42. Welcome Home!

    Amazing news about Matt, dreams do come true.

    Love the photos

    Looks like you had a good time :)

  43. Caught in a trap! Me and Trav =)

  44. TRAVIS: Thanks my friend...and thanks for your support this evening while I dealt with unreasonableness..
    A conundrum on Elvis indeed

    DIANNE: Thank you so much on the welcome and the kind words for Matt and the photos

    STARR: Ah what shall you both do??? LOL

  45. Twyla Says:
  46. Looks like you had a great trip.
    And a big congrats to your son!!!

  47. TWYLA: Was fantastic and THANKS!

  48. Marilyn Says:
  49. Yay for Matt!

    I like the SAM idea and I'll seriously consider it. My tentative plan so far has been Obama, Republicans at the state level, and Dems at the national level.

    This has to do with the kinds of decisions the state guys tend to make... but I'm open to changing my mind. I still have a couple of weeks.


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