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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been a wild week around the bloggosphere, and I am getting worn out with talk of the upcoming election, so I am going to turn next week into a full week of Tuneage Tutelage featuring new bands.

Music is universal it is the one thing that, no matter your political leanings, people can agree on. Well, some may like a band or artist and others may not enjoy the same band or artist, but I have never heard an argument started over music.

Sure we have all lived through the "TURN THAT CRAP OFF" calls from our parents as we blasted 'our' music in our rooms as teens, but a fight on the playground? I have never witnessed one, have you?

I went to begin downloading music from some incredible new artists and for some reason the download feature has been turned off. Well, one good thing is all I have to do is request CDs and they are sent to me toot-sweet!

I clicked about 8 "Send Me The CD" buttons and am hopeful they begin arriving shortly.

When I receive all this new music, I immediately load them into my iTunes to be stored forever, so with this collection of music, I will offer each CD to one lucky guest who leaves a comment expressing a true love and desire for the artist/band in question.

So stop around next week, be introduced to some some new music and possibly end up with it as your own!

You know what makes me smile more than anything else these days? Leaving work, pulling up in front of my apartment and finding my beautiful Nancy waiting inside with with some delicious scallops wrapped in BACON waiting and being able to sit and talk for an hour or so...I do loves me some BACON!

It does not happen every night, but when it does it makes the rest of the evening so much more bearable. I do think about when it can happen every night...

The World Series is on as I type up this post and the Phillies have started off with a bang.

Honestly I don't really care which team, the Phils or the Rays win this Fall Classic, but I do hope we are in for a full 7-game series with a ton of adventure.

I think the Rays, being such a young team began the game a little starry-eyed. As we move into the third inning they are making a little noise with the bases loaded and only one out.

Recently I received my second TiVo back from New Jersey...Hi, My name is Vinny Bond and I watch a lot of TV...!

But even cooler, in the box was my collection of Hardy Boys books. All original, some in perfect condition, some rough condition. I read them with a vigor when I was young and remember sharing them with Matt when he was a boy. Now I hold on to them to, hopefully, share them with a grandson some day...NO RUSH Matt! LOL

Double play and the Phils get out of trouble...

Going to share two today, both from albums we recently shared with all y'all...another from the new AC/DC BLACK ICE CD and another from the great Bob Dylan TELL TELL SIGNS...


"Anything Goes"

"32/20 Blues"
Bob Dylan

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Oh man! You have your original copies of your Hardy Boys books?

    Drat! I'm jealous!

    Mine are long gone. I think they went to my cousins. I'd love to those back.

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Ha! I recently read an article that stated, based on survey results, men's top three favorite smells are gasoline, WD-40 and BACON!! I'm wearing the wrong perfume!

    Loving the AC/DC!!

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Bacon ;-)~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. Twyla Says:
  8. If one of those CD's happens to be Metallica's new album, Death MUST send it to me. LOLOL I am truly in love with them. :-)
    Now, about the bacon. What kind of bacon? Have you tried Maple bacon? It's the BEST ever. And to go along with those scallops, you should try bacon stuffed mushrooms. Oh my word...they are heavenly.
    Now I'm hungry. Thanks alot. LOL

  9. Lucy Stern Says:
  10. Well, Phillie 3 - Rays 2. I hope it goes all seven games too. I just hate a runaway series. I think the teams are pretty well matched, so it should be a fun series.

    That bacon sounds good, I just took some out of the freezer last night, I'll have to cook some for

    Have fun with your music.

  11. TRAVIS: YUP YUP covers...I don't have the complete series, but do have, I think, 25 of them...

    DANA: Gasoline and WD-40, I am not sure of...but BACON...OH YEAH BABY!
    Glad you are enjoying the AC/DC - get the CD is ROCKS

    TURNBABY: OK Homer, go wipe up the drool! LOL

    TWYLA: If it comes my way, I will think of you! It was not maple, but I do love maple bacon...And I will have to try the bacon stuffed mushrooms, do love mushrooms also

    LUCY: Lidge comes in the game is OVER it seems...What time is breakfast?

  12. Schmoop Says:
  13. Bacon!! Ha. I have to laugh when I see the song title, Anything Goes with the AC/DC band name underneath. I think, "A rockin' band doing show tunes? No way!!"

    Cheers Vinny!!

  14. OBLadyBug Says:
  15. Enjoyed the AC/DC this morning and am looking forward to next weeks music & NO political comments.

    I like the idea of having more evenings together …

  16. Dianne Says:
  17. I know I have my Nancy Drew collection somewhere

    I think I'm going to invent a line of aromatherapy based on Bacon ;)

  18. Wait...Nancy was waiting for you with bacon wrapped scallops, and your first comment is about THE BACON!!! Vinny...tch, tch, tch.

  19. MATT-MAN: No way is right open another bottle of WIR and go to town with Mic...

    NANCY: Glad you enjoyed, we will have to load it onto your iTunes darlin'

    DIANNE: LOL now that is a great aromatherapy

  20. SONGBIRD: wait dear...did you not read... "my beautiful Nancy waiting inside"
    And as far as any other comments...this is a PG blog dear!

  21. TopChamp Says:
  22. I was worried that something had happened when you did not appear in my google reader thing... but I see all is well here!

    I'm bound to wake up tomorrow craving Bacon after reading this post. Mm...

    Are the Hardy Boys like Nancy Drew?

  23. Ralph Says:
  24. I'm with you on BACON - I like it, despite the fat content and sodium. But, the intensity of the flavor of pork BACON can be added to any dish in small amounts to add more flavor...

    Although I have substituted turkey bacon (no caps) in some things, and the flavor improved. But for things like pasta Carbonara, the pork works best!

    Scallops are my favorite seafood!

  25. Jay Says:
  26. "Music is universal it is the one thing that, no matter your political leanings, people can agree on."

    Well, unless someone is playing that "left-wing, can't we all get along, give peace a chance, anti-American" crap.

    Uh .. sorry, wasn't sure if your conservative buddy would show up today or not. Didn't want you to miss him. ;-)

  27. Tug Says:
  28. Loving the music - Dylan's voice just gets to me for some reason.

    Go Phillies! Just because I like Dr. J. Yes, wrong sport, I know, but I don't follow either team & that's all I have to go on. ;-)

    I just totally sounded like a girl, didn't I.

  29. Julie Says:
  30. just want the pretty gal's addresses!

    Crap! Really? Did I just give away your idea?


    **waves at Nancy**

  31. TOPCHAMP: All is well for sure...MMMMMMMMM Bacon...Exactly like Nancy Drew, only for boys

    RALPH: Honestly have never tried turkey bacon...just seemed to me to be like eating fake food! LOL
    As I can not eat shrimp, lobster or crab due to allergies, I do love scallops, but mussels are totally my fav

    JAY: bwahahahahahahahahaha...all we are saying is give peace a chance

    TUG: I don't care for either team but I am an AL GO RAYS

    JULIE: huh? huh>? what gal's addresses???? Why am I confused???

  32. Thanks for sharing another AC/DC tune. It is very disappointing that they got in bed with Wal-Mart as the "sole distributor" for the new CD.

  33. Fred Says:
  34. I care about who wins the World Series. Right now, it's the bottom of the 7th and TB is up 4-0. It's been a long time since I followed the Series so closely.

    Scallop and bacon. I love that combination, but have to order it when we're out to eat. The Missus won't go near scallops.

    I voted on Monday. It's all over for me. I'll turn on the TV on 11/4 to see who wins.

  35. RWA: It is a new trend and it is a scary trend IMHO

    FRED: LOVES me scallops and BACON too! I just don't get this early voting I that out of it? It scares me in some ways.

  36. Julie Says:
  37. Oooh I love it when you "play" coy!


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