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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, October 10, 2008

Chuck Lorre is the writer and producer of shows such as Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. At the end of his shows, he normally presents a "vanity card" that contains messages in the form of editorials, essays, or observations on life. They only last a few seconds, so without a DVR they shoot by and you can't really read them.

They tend to be pretty darn funny. He puts them up on his website HERE.

This one appeared at the end of this weeks Two And A Half Men:


Starting a family when you're young is tough sledding.
I know. I did it. And without a sled. Heck, without snow!
Which is why I am hereby offering Levi Johnston $100,000
to help him and his lovely young bride-to-be, Bristol, get started.*
Levi, if you're reading this, please know that all I'm asking for in return
is an opportunity to sit and talk with you in a casual,
private setting (I'll happily supply the beer).
My reason for wanting to do this is simple: I'm a comedy writer
and I get the feeling you have some funny stories to tell.
In addition, if the video of our conversation should generate any income,
I will not only split the profits with you,
I will also donate my share to the charity of your choice
(is there a foundation for children with hockey-related head injuries?).
Anyway, Levi, I look forward to hearing from you.
And no matter what your decision is, always remember,
I'm pulling for you, dude.

P.S. Don't listen to your friends, you look good in a suit.

P.S.S. See if Bristol is open to having two more kids.
If so, you can call the last one "Hat Trick." How cool would that be?

*Offer expires at midnight, November 3rd.

OK, As I mentioned I am in Vegas next week, but I had a burst of energy and I have posts ready for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and have a feeling I will be doing a HNT Thursday Thirteen next week that I will prepare as the week goes on...so don't forget to stop on by...

It is kind of a theme week and we sorta crank up the way-back machine, but not for past posts...heheheh..

AND...BTW...Y'all keep suggesting I do something wild for you, but I still need to know....

WHO HAS THE BAIL MONEY...WHO DO I CALL...???? bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Here we go folks...

New music on a Friday.

First up, please welcome this is Daydream On Autopilot ... From their bio:

Hailing from NYC and the Poconos of Pennsylvania, Daydream On Autopilot was a band waiting to happen. With this diverse group of dreamers ranging from classically trained musicians to hardcore rockers, their individual experiences range from playing concert halls, to every music venue in NYC, to opening for popular artists at Kiss FM concerts nationwide. Since then, their sound has developed into a more modern, heavier vibe.

Having already landed music on MTV shows such as "Pageant Place", "Parental Control", "Next", and more, with airplay on selected radio stations and a steadily building industry buzz, the rock 'n roll trio is currently gearing up for their 2008 fall FYE tour to promote their new EP Better Off Alone (now available on iTunes). Teaming up with companies such as Samson / Hartke and FYE / TransWorld Entertainment, they not only strive to get their music heard, but to fulfull a greater purpose in using music to create a positive influence in the world.

Daydream On Autopilot not only takes audiences by storm with their energetic live performances, catchy songs, and upbeat personalities, but they work diligently to completely redefine the impact that rock stars have on developing minds. Being a completely drug and alcohol-free band, the trio decided that if they were going to reach for the stars, they might as well help as many people as they can along the way. Creating a positive influence for children as well as inspiring everyone to pursue their dreams has become an integral part of the band's goals.

Ready to take the world by storm, together they embark on an adventure to bring the world new and exciting music, awesome live shows, and an incredible music experience.

"Better Off Alone"


Next up is The Brilliant Mistakes. Keyboardist - Alan Walker; bassist - Erik Philbrook; drummer Mickey Wood. This from their bio:

The Brilliant Mistakes are a New York City-based band who specialize in melodic roots rock brimming with smart songcraft, vintage pop sounds and lush harmonies. Fronted by two songwriters, Alan Walker and Erik Philbrook, they draw you in with infectious melodies and seductive rock flourishes, then beguile with unexpected sonic twists, insightful lyrics and provocative themes, best exemplified by such envelope-pushing kindred spirits as Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Spoon.

"Good Year For A Change"


Come by next week for a peek back on a groundbreaking TV program that brought in great musical guests...


26 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. Desert Songbird lives the closest I think...call her for bail....smile.

    I bet young levi has an interesting perspective...I mean first off he got his girlfriend pregnant...better yet it is the GOVERNORS daughter.

    but wait there is more....

    your future mother-in-law could be the vice president of the united states of america. And the entire world knows who you are.

    you gotta feel for this kid.

  3. TopChamp Says:
  4. That's a cool idea - the bit at the end. Obviously my ignorance means I don't get the jokes here... but theoretically I get it.

    I don't really know about that first band today because I don't really get the style of music. As such I'm not sure my vote's very valid, but I chose an option anyway.

    Hope you have a fine day today.

  5. Dana Says:
  6. Was that an HNT tease there?? That's just wrong!

    Bail you out? Don't get caught! *grin*

  7. Micky-T Says:
  8. Loved the vanity card.....
    so funny!

    I'll come back and listen to the tunes later.

  9. DrillerAA Says:
  10. Being the old fossil that I am, I prefer "Brilliant Mistakes". I hear a lot of Lennon/McCartney influence in their work, especially "Good Year for a Change". Daydream on Autopilot is a little more predictable and I personally think I'm hearing more gimmicks and tricks in their music in an attempt to make it current. Well, that's one man's opinion.
    Have a great week in Vegas. Go see any one of the Cirque Du Soliel shows! "O" is probably the most amazing one while "Love" (tribute to The Beatles) will take on an absolutely magical trip down memory lane with a sound system second to none!

  11. Bond Says:
  12. KATHERINE: And are you my second call? More than he bargained for I bet!

    TOPCHAMP: YOur vote is based upon your musical tastes and nothing more..thanks for voting!

    DANA: heheheheheheheh I loves to tease...and I always work at NOT getting caught

    MICKEY-T: I love them all...Ihe is a funny guy

    DRLLERAA: Thanks for voting and if I have the chance I will, but my schedule is pretty full with dinners right now.

  13. the teach Says:
  14. Hey Vin, thanks for commenting for Skywatch. I really appreciate it! :)

  15. Starrlight Says:
  16. I shall come back tonight for the songs but throwing down the Wilco guantlet is a bold move on thier part :0

  17. Turnbaby Says:
  18. Ooooo Vegas HNT?????

  19. Can't listen at work, but did want to pop over and say, "Hey!" I got a kick out of the vanity card. Especially the expiration date!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Julie Says:
  21. **rushes in to hug the fella before sin city corrupts him even more**

  22. Bond Says:
  23. TEACH: Hey Mary..my pleasure

    STARRLIGHT: I knew you would think so!


    MARGARET: I loved it also...enjoy!

    JULIE: SMOOCH thanks dear.

  24. Starrlight Says:
  25. Well I am fond of Wilco. And Drive By Truckers. And Spoon. And Ryan Adams (NOT Bryan - no offence Anndi!) so my antena are up on this one.

    I feel like a slacker getting all these new bands from you and offering up jack all in return, so if you get a free time, check out Eastmountainsouth.

  26. Bond Says:
  27. STARR: Whenever these bands compare themselves to groups such as Wilco etc, I immediately think "What will Starr think"...

    hehehe you are more connected to those bands that i am.

    Will listen to Eastmountainsouth...thanks

  28. I got you covered for bsail. What good are blogging friends if we don't watch each other's back. Gotta go. I got a Match.com thang 2nite...

  29. Dianne Says:
  30. I love all of Chuck's messages!! Silly me I thought no one paid attention to them until I started visiting the site and saw how busy it is.

    Have a great time in Vegas!!

    Let us know how many financial execs you run into there spending out bailout money :)

  31. Travis Says:
  32. I didn't know about those vanity card things. I don't watch either of those shows so I've never seen the thing at the end.

    A groundbreaking tv program from the wayback machine? I'm intrigued.

    Safe travels my friend!

  33. Tug Says:
  34. Love the Chuck Lorre thing...did he also do Dharma & Greg? Maybe Will & Grace? I don't remember, but I know I always wanted to read them - I'll have to check out his site - thanks!

  35. RWA Says:
  36. Interesting music this week, Bond. Hope you have a great time in Vegas.

  37. hiya bond. i am trying to catch up but being sick i am not doing too good, sorry...

    smiles, bee

  38. Fred Says:
  39. Whew...it took me awhile to catch up on all the posts I've missed.

    Of course, the most interesting tidbit is that you'll be in Vegas. I'll be there in early November visiting my friends. I'll meet them when I'm at the Rio.

    Congrats on having the article published. I never knew direct mail could be so interesting.

    Have a great week!

  40. Mimi Lenox Says:
  41. Bail money? How did you get out of the dungeon??!!

    Your June 2008 peace globe has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #1022.

  42. JohnH985 Says:
  43. I really like Daydream on Autopilot. Thanks for pointing them out.

  44. Roger Says:
  45. agggggg my puter is not bringing up the flashplayers I got to resolve this with foxfire!

  46. Bond Says:
  47. BUD: Nice to know you got it covered, or are you just looking for an excuse to come out here? LOL

    DIANNE: I know, I was surprised when I found the site...I think I saw the boys from AIG last night!

    TRAVIS: You also travel safe my friend.

    TUG: yes, Dharma and Greg, I am not sure about Will & Grace though

    RWA: Thanks...I am trying! LOL

    BEE: Feel better

    FRED: Interesting? Really? LOL

    MIMI: You didn't know I escaped? LOL again!

    JOHN: Glad I could introduce you to them

    ROGER: Firefox rules dude!

  48. Starrlight Says:
  49. Ok not wild at all about the first band. I have issues with twee women singers.

    Now the second band I liked, Wilco reference and all though I do find them to be a bit more Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service like than Wilco like. But I like!

    Oh and my advice to Roger is to uninstall the latest Firefox version. I had the same problem with it not running any flash based programs and it is a known issue. I went back to the older version and have no problems.


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