Creative Phot Contest #15 - Week 1 ....Halloween

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The day after has finally arrived. It felt like the elections were never going to happen...

Did your selections win? As I write this, it is only 5:59 pm CST, so nothing is certain.

UPDATE: Congratulations to President-elect Obama and Vice-President-elect Biden on an Historic win yesterday. They won the Electoral Vote and the Popular Vote.

John McCain made a nice concession speech except it went on too long. I thought he would end it after thanking Governor Palin. But then he started up again and pretty much said the same thing all over again.

It appears to be record turnouts in many areas. That is a great thing...people exercising their rights as citizens of this wonderful country.

Week #15 - Week 1 for Roger's Creative Photography on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...

Seems Roger and the judges decided not to select individual winners for last month and everyone who entered received the BLING...

So we begin Contest #15 - Week #1....

And since we have not shared last Friday with y'all...we are going to extend Halloween one more week...

This is a picture of Nancy and I that I just toyed with the colors to give a more Halloween feel...flash back to the 70's and enter the black-light room!

Hope you enjoy it...

We had a fine time Friday. There were not a ton of kids out Trick or Treating by Nancy's, but we did get a steady stream.

I was dressed and outside about 7:00pm...set myself on the chair and I remained there for about an hour and a half.

Now, you see...this is my performance art. When I needed a break, Nancy would grab me under the arm and drag me into the no one saw me walking!

I stay totally still while sitting in the chair. Now, I do have to move every so often, but the movement is done inch at a time so unless you are watching me like a hawk, you can not notice.

I also will not move to cause a scare if there are any kids less than 9 in the group...Just my rule.

Many people walked away saying "Man, that just looks so real, they did a great job..."

There was one group of girls..."tweens" I guess, and of course they were cool and tough and had to poke me more than necessary..and then one of them began sticking her finger in the mouth hole...finally, fed up ..I growled, very quietly..

"Little girls can find themselves in a mess of trouble doing things like that" and then I stood...and all four went screaming into the night!

It was the best scare of the evening...

Here are some other pics from the night...

Me in position

It did freak Nancy out and even her son Ernie was creeped by it

I really wanted to swat her one for this

Of couse BEFORE they got ugly, they wanted a photo

Over and over they would say "Is he real? is fake"

My reward came at the end of the night
when the Sexy Witch sat on my lap!
That got me moving!

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. That mask you have on? Trust me, it's an improvement. Cheers Vinny!!

  3. I hope we can come together Mr Bond, time will tell

  4. Dana Says:
  5. AACCKK! I'm glad that you live far, far away from me! At least on Halloween!!

  6. Starrlight Says:
  7. Yay!!!

    Now comes the hard work. Finding what we all have in common and working for that rather than spending time trying to find how we are different.

    Dude you look creepy in that picture. Those are some brave kids!

  8. Dianne Says:
  9. I had your 'boots' photo down as one of the top photos of CP #14 :)

    You have got yourself one sexy witch there - lucky man. I think she's kinda lucky too - there's a cool guy under that mask :)

    I feel like I had the best New Year's Eve bash ever LOL

    Oy Vey! How will I get any work done today.

    Peace Vin

  10. RWA Says:
  11. Congratulations on the victory for Obama. It will be interesting to see how things go from here forward.

    That's a great Halloween outfit. Sounds like you had fun.

  12. Mags Says:
  13. Ha! These are fantastic Halloween shots. How fun!! I didn't dress up this year-I was traveling to visit a friend and also, no one else here was dressing up...I'm already new here, don't want to stick out even more!!

    Still, I miss it. It's so fun.

  14. Jay Says:
  15. Great job scaring the kids dude. LOL

    At least nobody decided to see if you were "real" by kicking you in the nuts.

  16. Ha! I love the Halloween photos; you truly are a wicked man, Vin. *grin*

  17. Turnbaby Says:
  18. he's wearing a mask??? *Wicked Grin*


    Your lovely lady is exceptionally lovely in black lace;-)

  19. It is you. Your inner zen. Great outfit and pictures. It is a new day, my friend...

  20. Twyla Says:
  21. I am beyond thrilled with Obama's victory, and I'm not even American. History was made last night, and I think that's something you should all be proud of. :-)

  22. Tug Says:
  23. I love what you did with the creative photo! Nice pics all around, Nancy looks awesome. I'd like to know what the girls would have done had you just screamed as you lurched at them - LOL.

  24. Ralph Says:
  25. That is the coolest costume I have seen. And the darlin, wow. A lovely couple!

  26. Travis Says:
  27. That looks so cool! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  28. Julie Says:
  29. Wooohooo! Is that really you Nancy? What fun you two had! Way to go!

  30. Enigma Says:
  31. Nicely done! Great shots all around!

  32. Patti Says:
  33. You sure know how to celebrate Halloween in style.

    Nice psychedelic photo, Vinny.

    Nancy makes a lovely witch!

    Have a great weekend.

  34. Roger Says:
  35. LOL those are all great and the CP is awesome! Looks like the most fun was at the end! Sorry I'm am running late as usual Vin.

  36. Gattina Says:
  37. Wow ! I am scared !!

  38. Linda Says:
  39. Most definitely a 70's look you've got going there but it sure looks like it was fun at the same time.

  40. mark's tails Says:
  41. Very funny and very Halloweeny.

  42. Great shots, Bond! On Halloween night, there was a fake man sitting on a porch and my son (he's 3) would NOT go near it. He was afraid that it would jump up and get him. He was tricked by a man in a gorilla suit last year, so he's overly cautious now! Heh heh heh
    Good luck in the contest!
    My CP - Anatomy of a leaf


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