Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, November 14, 2008

The sarcastic Doctor Blogstein always says, when plugging The Couch; "Read about Vinny Bond's daily minutia..."

Well today is about daily minutia, specifically Wednesday evenings minutia...

Hummm...I like that word....MINUTIA!

Anyway...left work about 4:00 pm in a driving rain storm which made the normally one hour drive to Tunica more like 90 minutes...

When I arrived at our hotel, Nancy and her boss were in the bar area, working and drinking, so I jumped in ... to the drinking, not the work!

After about an hour, we went to our rooms and changed clothes and then headed across to Harrahs by their courtesy van.

Let me tell you, you can tell about the economy, because the place was thin with people and many tables were not even open.

We found a single deck blackjack table and sat down. I hate single deck tables. Just one of those things...I prefer to play with multiple decks in a shoe. I don't count cards anyway so the advantage of a single deck is lost on me...

After a while, I moved over to another table with a shoe and began playing. The cards were favorable and when we decided to eat, I was up a little.

We went to 37 Fine Dining Experience and decided to sit at the bar to eat.

It really was a great meal with a tasty Salt & Pepper Calamari, which consists of delicately fried baby green beans, calamari and artichoke hearts with a chipotle aioli as a dipping sauce...yummers.

Then I had the '37 Signature Salad with treviso, baby mesclun, golden champagne beets, grape tomatoes, safarina goat cheese, spiced walnuts and a sherry vinaigrette...again yummers..

Finally, I had a 24 oz T-bone steak, pink not bloody.

Nancy and I devoured a delicious bottle of 2003 Opus along with dinner. Her boss did not partake in the wine, but did graciously pick up the check.

He is a great guy...funny..and smart. Younger than both Nancy and I he is definitely someone who works and plays hard. A type-A to rival me!

Then it was back to the tables where we played for another hour or so and then, I picked up my chips and headed for the Cashier Cages.

I never count winnings as I play. I do not pay attention to the chips...just my way. Well, after beginning the night with a $200.00 bank, I ended up walking away with twice that in my pocket, not counting the tips to the dealers as we played.

Another sign of a slow economy showed itself. As we were playing I turned to Jack our dealer and said "Gee, you have been on a long time, did they cut staff and up the time you deal?" He acknowledged my perception by telling me they had laid off about 6% of the floor staff and the dealers were now on and hour and 20 minutes per shift.

Then back to our rooms where we all crashed big time. Woke up Thursday morning and headed out, Nancy taking the boss to the airport and I headed to her house where I napped a tad before she got home.

A great evening and we are talking about going down Saturday night again. Not sure we will, have a ton of stuff to begin preparing for Thanksgiving which Nancy and I are hosting with about 25 people. But we are both being comped rooms now, so an hour drive, a free room and even free food - the pit boss was ready to comp us a the Paula Dean Buffet last night, but we wanted to try '37 - going down with a set amount of money and not using any other money makes it a fun evening out. I now have the $200.00 in winnings that will be my bank the next time we go down.

SO! There you have it...minutia!


OK, enough of that!

See y'all on Monday with so music reviews and new artist music and a celebration of sorts...


29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Have a great weekend kiddies. Cheers Vin!!

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Minutia is a fabulous word! Glad to hear you had such a great time!!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. Glad you had an enjoyable trip.
    I like "Minutia" too, sometimes, especially when it includes a 24 oz. T-Bone! Have a wonderful week-end.

  7. Julie Says:
  8. Wow....sounds like a fun time! I think I could make a 24oz steak last for 3 meals though! Words.....what fun they are!

  9. Ken Says:
  10. The food sounded...scrumptilotios.

  11. Dianne Says:
  12. sounds like a great time

    have a fabulous weekend

    'Minutia Mania' !! ;)

  13. Travis Cody Says:
  14. It's not nice to make a guy drool over food this early in the A.M.

    So minutia is a great word, but it's also one of those words that never looks like you spelled it correctly. LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. You say minutia I think Menuedo. I now have Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca stuck in my head :P

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. I bet Chicklet would give you a run for your money eating that steak.

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Sounds like an awesome time, & superdelish food!

    Dang, I have a hard time with an 8 oz. steak... ;-)

  20. Minutia? I don't like correcting the good doctor, but that is not what you do. A mommy blog is minutia. You posts are interesting and never dull. The posts are informative, caring and relevent.

    Now the WTIT Blog, well that's minutia! Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like the trip was fun...

  21. MATT: You also baby boy

    DANA: And minutia to you also

    DRILLERAA: Was a blast and the T-Bone..yummers

    JULIE: Well, there were left-overs...and they were packed and they ended up being left in the casino!

    MICKEY: And it was good too!

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. Finally embracing the minutia tag! Can't wait to hear what "we" are cooking for dinner or where "we" plan on buying new pillows.

  24. DIANNE: I should have used that as the title! Grand Weekend!

    TRAVIS: LOL...I had to keep looking at it to make sure I did spell it correctly...

    STARR: ONLY you could make that connection between minutia and Ricky Martin!

    ANNDI: Anytime she wants a throwdown on steak eating, I am ready!

    TUG: LOL..well no one said it was easy!

    BUD: You are a fine friend Sir...LOL mommy blogs...and WTIT Blog is anything but minutia, you never talk like a mommy...only about the mommies you want to do!

  25. DOC: Dude, I stopped using 'we' months ago...wake the hell up

    and tonight is cioppino for dinner - go look it up!

  26. Liz Hill Says:
  27. Two things--when you use 'we' now--you really mean it;-)

    And I must just say that it make sme all warm and fuzzy inside to know my friend is once again hosting and cooking and I know just how lucky all those fine folks are.


  28. TURNBABY: heheheh YOU got that right...we is really we
    and TY dear...and I have already begun thinking of a NYE menu...we are hoping there will be 6 maybe 8 of us...bring your appetite!

  29. Jay Says:
  30. It's been a very long time since I've bene to Tunica. I remember it being pretty nice the last time I was down there.

    I'm a pretty decent basic blackjack strategy player and can at least break even a lot of the time. Sometimes I've made a little and others the cards just sucked. When that happens I get a drink and then go and kick back and do some people watching. No reason to push it when the cards aren't coming your way.

    I'm hoping that after the first of the year or early in the Spring next year to start finding ways to meet my blog friends. A group meeting up in Tunica just might be a great idea!

  31. TopChamp Says:
  32. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. sorry - that's for nice wine.

    I'm sh'tting it a bit for tomorrow's gig - so the weekend could be a TOUCH stressful. It's nice to read about your gambling successes etc. Bedtime for me.`````

  33. Sounds like quite a time. I hope the tables are as good to you with the return trip.

  34. Kanani Says:
  35. Minutia is a great word to use when you're irked! I also like the word peccadillo.
    Have a nice weekend!

  36. Kimmie Says:
  37. I am so happy you had such a wonderful time. I like when you say "we" also. You and your lady have made it to a very special place. She sparkles in your every word. :-)

  38. Ralph Says:
  39. I like medium rare...not too pink, like hearing a 'Moo' in the kitchen.

    It has been years since we have been to a casino, although Mohegan Sun is about 1:05 away, and Foxwoods about 1:25. The last trip for us was 1998. When I get straight with my income, it may be time to roll the dice (so to speak!)

  40. Hey, I FINALLY got your blog to load so that I could make a comment! Wooooohooo! Now, what the hell was I going to say?.......

  41. JAY: EXCELLENT IDEA>..I am in and Nancy also...let's pick a weekend and send out the word

    TOPCHAMP: All the best for a great weekend performance

    RWA; Well, we decided best to take the weekend and get things done...

    KANANI: Ah yes peccadillo - another great word

    KIMMIE: What kind words and she does...

    RLPH: Not a Moo
    I think I have learned - as I finally became an adult within the last two years! - that i have a budget and no more

    SONGBIRD: I think it was this is a great blog and there are no better and he is sooo funny...funnier then that matt-man guy...and wow...what a great post
    Was that it?

  42. Jeff B Says:
  43. "After about an hour, we went to our rooms and changed clothes..."

    After reading this line I couldn't get the mental image of Nancy walking around in a suit and you wearing a skirt.


  44. Mimi Lenox Says:
  45. Laughing at Jeff...

    I agree with the minutia consensus. Does this mean that I have to agree with Doc? I'm so confused...
    For a minute I thought I was in Trivia hell again.

  46. Patti Says:
  47. I enjoyed reading this minutia, your meal, your wine, your clothes changes...actually you could be a restaurant reviewer, Vinny.

    I admit I'm reading this four days late, but.. f
    You have a headstart I think.

  48. Patti Says:
  49. I don't think I wrote "you have a headstart" in my comment. weird


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