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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, November 20, 2008

DrillerAA and his lovely bride of 34 years.

A special shout-out to DRILLERAA from "Brain Freeze"...our fine friend hit a milestone birthday yesterday and has a great post to celebrate it!. You can find the post HERE.



Can you believe gas is down so low already...not sure what the cost is by you, but today I filled up for $1.79/gal - actually, to be honest, it was $1.69/gal, because I got a $0.10/gal discount by buying groceries last week. Both of the major supermarkets here give gas discounts.

Kroger gives you $0.10/gal when you spend $100.00 or more...BUT Schnucks is even better...You get $0.05/gal discount for every $25.00 you you could get up to $2.00/gal off if you spend $200.00 in qualifying groceries (no paper products, pharmacy of health and beauty I believe)...

Now the deal with Schnucks is it is only for the first 25 gallons. Which is not bad if you don't own an SUV - and BTW, they raised that from the first 15 gallons when gas was going through the roof and have not brought it back down again.

Got home tonight to find a VERY SPECIAL package in my mailbox. I had mentioned it yesterday...well today it arrived!

TWENTY-TWO CDS!!!!! Allman Brothers - 1973 - Cow Palace with Garcia and Kruetzman sitting in for a spell (4 CDs); 1999 - Raleigh, NC; 2006 - Barstow, VA; 1971 - Boston Common; 1997 Beacon Theater; and then Widespread Panic - 1999 in Jacksonville; Ratdog (Bob Weir's band) - 2007 in Buffalo, NY; Marshall Tucker - compilation of shows from 1973 -1976; String Cheese Incident - 2001 San Francisco....WOW...that is some great music...THANKS JON!

Our friend TIGGERLANE from "The Neophyte Blogger" tagged me with the RANDOM MEME and it just makes a ton 'o sense to do something RANDOM while doing Minutia...

SO, here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you. (I did that above...see????)
2. Post the rules on your blog. (That is what you are reading right this very second)
3. Write six random things about yourself. ( Random??? Ya think?)
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. (Well y'all are tagged...I am not a tagger, and it has nothing to do with being phobic about touching people...well Heck! I just told you something random!)
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog. (See Rule reading this, you are tagged!)
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. (YOO HOOO Tigger!!!!!!! Random Minutia time!)

And awwwwwwwaaaaay we gooooooo...
... know what? This is tougher than I thought...heck, I tell you guys everything ...right Doc? Actually, as I read Tigger's again, she mentioned two things in which we are alike...

1) The second toe on my right foot is longer than the big toe (Everyone wait for Matt-Man's comment on THAT one!)

2) I thoroughly enjoy public speaking. At the agency in Boston, I would give orientation seminars for 30 -40 people and wonder why we could not bring in more. As a DJ I emceed weddings up to 350 people and thrived.

3) I still bite my nails, but not as badly as I did as a younger man. I have gotten pretty skilled at giving myself a manicure with my own teeth...LOL

4) For those of you who have not been here a real long time, I always have music going on in my own personal life soundtrack. The music reflects the events transpiring at the time.

5) Again, for newbies, I am a smoker! ARGGGGGGGGGGGG yeah I know, I know...and I am working my brain into it, I even found a hypnotist close by and I think my insurance just might cover it. I have cut back since meeting Nancy and working out more and more (maybe an insight into that soon - ah heck Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's...ah heck!)

6) I currently live by myself in a one bedroom apartment. There are two TV's and TWO TiVos! I loves me my TiVos!!!

Well, there you have it...six random things about me...

You're It!

They may have been more country then the Allman Brothers, but these guys could play the crap out of a song...The original band: Doug Gray (vocalist), George McCorkle (rhythm guitarist), Paul Riddle (drummer), Jerry Eubanks (flutist), and brothers Toy (lead guitar) and Tommy Caldwell (bassist and front man).

At some point, I believe it was STARR from "Here Comes A Storm in The Form Of A Girl" who said (paraphrasing here), "Rock Stars should not be allowed to ride motorcycles or fly in helicopters"...well, technology did take Bassist and front man Toy Caldwell who died from injuries in a jeep crash on April 28, 1980.

But, The Marshall Tucker Band was also decimated by losses from nature, not only technology...

Guitarist Toy Caldwell, like Doug Gray also a Vietnam veteran, died of heart disease on February 25, 1993.

Founding member guitarist George McCorkle died of cancer on June 29, 2007, in Lebanon, Tennessee.

They could make music and brought the flute to Southern/Country Rock...This is one of my favs...from the new collection I just got. This selection of songs comes with the title "Stompin' Room Only"...the song, "This Old Cowboy"...


Music Upload Provided By BOXTER.COM

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA Says:
  2. Thank you sir for the Birthday wish. I gotta find a way to get to Memphis and meet at Lou's.

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. I wonder if Toy Caldwell was a smoker.

  5. i smell cupcakes bond!!! can i have one?

    and about that smoking, i'd tell you all about my lung removal operation if i thought it would help, but it wouldn't i'm sure. when i smoked, 28 years ago, nothing like that would have stopped me. but one thing i will tell you, it is life changing my friend. i wish you luck with quitting. keep trying, if you fail, just try again. you'll get it, you are stronger than that weed!!!

    smiles, bee

  6. That's a lot of obits. I quit smoking over for years ago. The worst part? I had previously quit for 20. After a divorce I started up and it took me over ten years to quit again. It ain't easy...

  7. THAT'S how good a song can be! of my fave bands doing one of my fave tunes....and if'n you can find a better usage of the flute in contemporary me!...thanks, Vinny...

  8. Tug Says:
  9. Happy belated do DrillerAA!

    My 2nd toe is longer also...where's Matt?

    Gas this morning is @ $1.77, and Safeway gives the 3 cent/10 Cent discount too (depending on if you buy over $50 in groceries or not).

  10. LOVE MTB. And I suppose I could flex a bit on the bikes and rock stars but they ALL must stay the hell out of Macon Georgia.

    I know I guy in Macon. He was frickin weird. Me thinks that place is a wee bit off in a Stevie King kinda way.

  11. Public speaking doesn't intimate me either; I used to do it for money. Haven't done any in years; wonder if I still got it?

  12. Jay Says:
  13. Even premium unleaded is below $2.00 a gallon here. It's nice! Especially since I'm driving to Omaha for Thanksgiving.

    I don't know the significance of that second toe being longer than the big toe thing. But, I bet it's something bad. LOL

  14. Tiggerlane Says:
  15. You are such a good sport! We should go on a public speaking tour...and sneak cigarettes in the bathroom! Thanks for participating!

  16. DRILLERAA: My pleasure - would be fun to meet

    ANNDI: Gee. I do not know

    BEE: Help yourself and thanks for the encouragement

    BUD: I have done it numerous times

    PHFRANKIE: Totally agree

  17. TUG: Incredible that just a month or so ago, we were paying double that

    STARR: OK, no bikes, helicopters or Macon

    SONGBIRD: Like riding a bike, you never lose it

    JAY: is incredible - drive safe and it means I am a lefty-commie-pinko

    TIGGERLANE: You are on...what is the subject?

  18. Oh and NO SMALL PLANES!

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. Great music haul!

  21. That is some serious music, my friend. Well done.

    And the Marshall Tucker Band? They were outstanding. I don't believe they receive nearly as much credit as they deserve.

  22. RW Says:
  23. Great post Vin! Jeeze we are still over 2 dollars here for gas, I hope that it gets down to what your getting here.

  24. Ralph Says:
  25. I like very much "Take the Highway" by Marshall Tucker Band. Our 19 year old Allegra is partial to "Can't you see", as it has the lovely flute work, and she loves playing the flute as well.

    Two TV's in a one bedroom apt? Are they so big that you can only watch from the outside?

    A DJ at a wedding is an artist. Keeping the guests entertained while not stepping on the new couple. And everybody has a great time. I've had fun dancing in the 'chair to a great DJ.

  26. Oh, and the tune? Su-weet!

  27. Meribah Says:
  28. You smoke? Tsk, tsk. I have an aunt who smokes, even after suffering from asthma and a collapsed lung. I keep telling her she's gonna be smoking on her death bed! Nicotine is a terrible addiction.

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. I always kinda imagined that you had your own soundtrack to your life...


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