Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nancy tried two times to leave comments while she was away and neither of them showed up. Last night when she got home, she posted this comment and I wanted y'all to know she appreciated your wishes...

OK this is my 3rd attempt to post ...

Thank you everyone for your sweet Birthday Wishes. You made a tough day so much easier to deal with.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

We both want to wish you all a wonderful celebration of the New Year no matter how you celebrate (or not celebrate as the case may be)...

Thank you for your visits, comments and support this year...y'all are really considered friends...and some of you have become most excellent friends this year - even though we have never met...

I send a wish for happiness, health, financial security and LOVE for all of you in 2009...

My Angel Nancy...this is going to be a spectacular year for us!

Matt...I Love you so and hope that this year you find your path...maybe in Texas

Some music to keep you company until next Monday...


A 5 song mix...ya gonna have to listen to see who is included...heheheheh

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Happy New Year, my friend. I hope 2009 is wonderfully incredible to you and Nancy.

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. yey - happy new year to you too x

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. Thanks Vin, but Texas and I don't get along. Bada Bing. Have fun tonight you knucklehead. Cheers!!

  6. Dana Says:
  7. Happy New Year Vinny (and Nancy ... and Matt)! Thanks for bringing us a little bit of happiness through music each and every day!

  8. Ken Says:
  9. Have another great holiday Vinny and family.

    Bic'n'I are going to continue dumpster diving to the darkness hours and then fall into and exhausted stuper for the rest of the night.

  10. Jay Says:
  11. Happy New Year Vinny!

  12. Unknown Says:
  13. Happy New Year to one of my newest blogger friends. It's strange how you can feel friendship towards people on here you've never met, but I consider myself lucky to have made quite a few friends on here. I hope you and Nancy have a wonderful new year.

  14. Mimi Lenox Says:
  15. Happy Happy New Year!

  16. Jeff B Says:
  17. Looking forward to a recap of the festivities this evening, what you can remember that is.

    Take every bodies keys as they walk in and have a blast.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Julie Says:
  19. Happy New Year dear man! OH!! Yeah...you too Nancy!

    HUGS and SMOOCHES!!!

  20. Patti Says:
  21. Happy New Year, Vinny!

    I'm listening to Al Jolson as I write this. About a quarter to 9..hmm...I hope I'm still awake by then.

  22. Happy New Year to you and Nancy.

  23. Meribah Says:
  24. Poor Nancy. I had the same problem. Sheesh.
    Anyway, glad y'all had a wonderful holiday, and I hope the New Year brings you all sorts of good things. Hugs! :)

  25. Travis Cody Says:
  26. Happy 2009 to you Sir, and to Nancy. I'm looking forward to the NYE food and celebration recap!

  27. leelee Says:
  28. Happy New Year Vinny! I'm glad I found your blog in 2008.


  29. RW Says:
  30. All the best in '09 Vin!!

    Hey I have a award for you!

  31. Tug Says:
  32. Happy Happy New Year, & Happy belated to Nancy! Can't wait to hear a recap on the New Year's Eve fun...

    (Did I read some news on another blog I missed on yours??)

  33. Nice bookend with Stills and Young =)

    Happy New Year Vinny!


    Hope y'all had a great holiday and Starr...I knew you would pick up on that!

  35. Twyla Says:
  36. I'm a little late getting to this, but...
    Happy New Year!!!


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