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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of those days...begins with a smile and ends with me shaking my head...wish I could discuss it here, but the details are just not sharable at this time.

Let me just say that adults need to take responsibility for their children and themselves and sometimes you need to sacrifice for your scratch that you ALWAYS have to sacrifice for your children and not think that someone else is going to bail you out of your haphazard life style. many people have put in their bid for the Tony and Harry Christmas albums, I will announce the recipients tomorrow.

Thanks to Mother Nature, it appears I have some fixin' to do on the lights at Nancy's home. Yesterday we had thunderstorms, torrential rains and high winds all day and some of those lights are now no longer on the home. dang dang dang...and Heck-a-doodle!!!!!!!!!

Only one person noticed I dropped the f-bomb the other day...well, not in my writing, but in one of the photos I posted...I wondered if it would be mentioned in comments and it took until the last comment from my sweet friend JULIE from "Julies Jewels & Junque" to mention it...

YET...many wondered about Heck-a-doodle...I found that amusing....giggle...YES I giggled!

Getting ready for this weekend. Nancy and I get to fly to Durham for her company's Christmas Party. All expenses paid! WOOOO! Should be a blast.

Y'all I think I have mentioned the New Year's Eve Dinner Party Nancy and I are hosting. It is going to be a blast with a 6-hour dinner being served.

I have mentioned this before, but in case you are new, we begin with Appetizers at 7:00pm and serve one course per hour until Dessert/Champagne/Celebration at midnight!.

I finalized the menu today and I am pretty happy with it.

What? You think I am telling y'all what it will be? No way! You will need to wait and see pictures after it is all done. I will say the courses are, Appetizer, Soup, Pasta, Salad, Main Course, Dessert.

The guest list is Nancy's good friends from Atlanta, her friend from Tupelo, two neighbors (they might not be coming, I am still not totally sure) and TURNBABY from "And As The World Turns" and her main squeeze MR FAB from "Pointless Drivel".

I am sooooo looking forward to it! Last year Nancy and I got to celebrate with Turnbaby and had so much fun. We are thrilled we get to do so again.

Got a little press this week on the web site for the PR firm that sends me music...unfortunately, I did not pass it along to my two editors, DAD VINCE and ANNDI from "Transition" as I now see MANY grammatical errors...OH Well! You can see it HERE

My friend PATTI from "Late Bloomer Boomer" asked if I were taking requests yesterday and requested Mr. Bennett's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", so we will honor that request today.


31 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. Ah! Love the cheesy music.

    I'm still feeling festive although the commission knitting for my friend who wants a scarf he saw me make to give to his girlfriend is boring me.

    Sorry you have to do the lights again but they were beautiful so it'll be worth it.

    Cool to see your interview thing!

  3. You've got a helluva lot of news here, so I'll just say wow! Have a great time at your Christmas party in Durham, and I hope I win some Harry.

    (Did I mention that I love Harry?)


  4. DrillerAA Says:
  5. Thanks to those storms, I get to rearrange a few of the lights on my shrubs as well.
    New Years sounds wonderful. I can't wait for the menu to be announced. You at least have to tell us that sometime before the big day.

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. I find that grammatical errors, omitted words, and mispellings add to the personality of a post. At least that what I tell myself. New Year Eve sounds like a hoot. Cheers Vin!!

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. As a teacher, my dad hears way too many, "It's not our fault our kid turned out that way!" Daddy says when he meets the parents, he realizes why the kid is the way he is...

  10. Liz Hill Says:
  11. Belle is fired up and ready to make the drive all festooned in BLUE!

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. I hate it when I thoroughly proofread something and there is still an error! I guess by definition that would mean I hadn't thoroughly proofread.

    Typos are the most evil.

  14. TOPCHAMP: Thanks...Hope you get your tree soon

    DRILLERAA: Some storm huh? I have this thing about pre-publishing the menu especially when guests read The Couch...I like them to be surprised!

    MATT-MAN: Well then my posts have personality PLUS...I know you would have come except for that in-home confinement and the ankle bracelet that alerts the cops if you go too far.

    DANA: The kid is just is the parent that needs some rules

    TURNBABY: Remember you are coming into Ole Miss territory...don't be flashing too much blue!

    TRAVIS: See, there ya go...proofread...that is what I need to START doing! Who woulda thunk it!

  15. Ken Says:
  16. The storm hit here last night, glad I didn't put up the lights yet.
    New Years sounds like fun. Bic and I really haven't celebrated it in a long time. Not since we both quit smoking together on midnight 1999-2000.

  17. ...the worst Tony Bennett song is better than most of the music that's out there...there, I said it....

  18. It's not enough to announce a party to the uniinvited. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Vinny Bond must share the 6 courses. Sorta. And then we endure pictures of the food we don't get to eat? Your one sick puppy, Vinmeister...

  19. Anndi Says:
  20. Editors note: Transition... *sigh*

    All articles must be submitted with a one hour window prior to print. You know, for someone in the print business... sheesh!

    Wanna come over and hang some light garlands outside? There's just a bit of snow and no heights.

    Nobody believes a NYer says Heck-a-Doodle.

  21. Jeff B Says:
  22. Two weeks in a row with a Heck-a-Doodle reference and now giggling?

    I'm thinking Matt-Man may be on to something with his latest post.


  23. Jay Says:
  24. Both Christmas and New Year's Eve parties sound like a good time!

  25. Tug Says:
  26. A giggling Bond...heck-a-doodle. ;-)

    Have a wonderful time at the Christmas party - still wish I was closer for that New Year's!

  27. You skipped me.

    Geez, first Matty skips Starr, then you skip me.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

  28. Oh, and isn't Turnbaby's blog called "And" As the World Turns? You forgot the "And," dear one.

  29. MICKEY: Time to start again dude

    PHFRANKIE: Say it loud and proud brother

    BUD: I worked on getting this did not come naturally...wait? You didn't get your invite?

    ANNDI: I produce...I do not edit...I will be there soon...wait for me...and just so you begin to believe...HECK-A-DOODLE

    JEFF: I let him believe what he needs to believe to make his day more special

    JAY: See...if you came to Memphis...well actually the NYE is in Olive Branch, MS...

    TUG: As do I would be on the list

    SONGBIRD: Do not equate my skips with Matt's skips...and did mom not tell you pleading is not becoming a woman?


  30. SONGBIRD: And this is the way you try and get on my good side so harry does come your way? LOL

  31. I was not pleading. I was merely re-stating that I love Harry.

    Anyway, I see that you have corrected your "mistakes." Kudos.


  32. SONGBIRD: TomAto Tomato


  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. Let me guess:

    Appetizer: Sardines
    Soup: Campbell's Tomato
    Pasta: Spagetti-Os
    Salad: Tossed. That will be a nice break. I haven't had that done to me since prison.
    Main Course: Fish Sticks
    Dessert: Popsicles

    I'll wear my new CC Sabathia Yankee shirt!

    Looking forward to it!

  35. Dana Says:
  36. I'm having one of those parental sacrifices myself, only I am on the parental end. It's a difficult and thankless job most of the time, but you're right - it must ALWAYS be!

  37. Mimi Lenox Says:
  38. I defer my adoration of Harry to Songbird because I love her.
    So there.

    sniff sniff...

  39. RW Says:
  40. Stop shaking your head Vin! If you shake it more than twice your playing with it!

    All expensive paid holiday! I envy you!! ;D

  41. Nice write up Vinny =)

  42. BRAD: Close...

    DANA: TY I appreciate it

    MIMI: A sacrifice is always rewarded in other ways

    ROGER: LOLOLOL funny guy!...It should be a grand time


  43. Patti Says:
  44. thank you, Vinny! And tell Top Champ I don't think this song is cheesy at all.

    (feelings h-u-r-t)

    Thanks for posting the song for me. I am honored as I listen to it.

    I have my Valentine's Day request all ready now. ;-)

  45. Patti Says:
  46. LOL at Brad's comment.

    I'm sure you will serve up something a bit more appetizing than that. What is he, a bachelor or something??

  47. Julie Says:
  48. Huh? Hey! That's ME!! You linked me! You linked me! Woohooo!

    Would you like me to point out typos also?

  49. katherine. Says:
  50. are you video taping the entire prep this year???

    I am in catch up mode.


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