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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 05, 2008 24 Of Your Sparks

Sorry, but I have some questions and I need to ask...

1) Why is it OK to slander a candidate, put false words into their mouth and lie about their record (Obama sponsored over 800 bills in the IL Senate), but when you ask another candidate questions about their position on a subject it is being salacious and undignified?

2) Explain why you now proclaim you never supported the 'bridge to nowhere', yet it is on record that you actually did support it, until the federal funds disappeared?

3) Why did you fire a decorated head of law enforcement when he refused to fire your ex brother in law because he was going through a custody battle with your sister?

4) Did you not do any investigation into the man you selected to replace the above mentioned head of the State troopers? Since he had to resign two weeks later after issues of his being accused of sexual harassment were found?

5) When you were Mayor, why did you force the police chief, librarian, public works director, and finance director to resign, and then institute a policy requiring department heads to get your approval before talking to reporters? Is this your management style?

5) Why are you such a strong advocate of using my tax money to teach only abstinence in our schools when you yourself got pregnant out of wed-lock and now the same has happened to your daughter?

6) If family is "out-of-play" in this campaign, why did you use your two sons to your advantage the other evening and why would you allow your youngest daughter to appear in a video on John McCain's daughters website?

7) You specifically stated that families with special needs children would have a friend in Washington if you were elected. Is this the same friend who cut funding for special needs families and refused to fund a teenage mothers shelter while you were Governor of Alaska?

Just asking....

Back again with some more new music to share. I also received the AC/DC DVD today. Unfortunately, they did not send a second copy to use as a give-away.

BUT WAIT! That does not mean I will not be giving this copy away after I view it. I have to see....

NOTE: If the players appear as blank boxes, refresh and they should appear. This seems to be getting more prevalent with my friends at lifelogger.

Today I am bringing you two artists who are on different sides of the music spectrum. Please take a few minutes over the weekend and give them a listen and cast your votes.

First up is Christian Brown. Hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Christian counts as his influences Elton John, Thursday, Johnny Cash and Death Cab for Cutie; a wildly diverse base, his music certainly shows it.

His biography belies his lyrics. Born in Alaska, his family relocated to IA when he was 7. Christian was a loner who marveled at technology like TV and radio. He began a love affair with the music of the 90's and immersed himself in that genre.

He took up saxophone in grade school and became obsessed practicing 20 hours a week. Christian loved to jam and loved jazz improvisation. He quickly accelerated to studying college level Jazz theory by the end of junior high. Earning the high school label "band nerd," Christian spent countless hours skipping classes to hide out in practice rooms and jam on his new found favorite music maker, the piano.

In his teens he joined two friends in a band that drove audiences away because they could not enjoy Christian's vocals!

Over the years he remained in the background until he finally decided to break out and begin writing songs that anyone could understand and sing...

The first song is "A Mile Above A Small Town". An upbeat fun song about a 'losers' view of his town. Be warned there is one F-Bomb in it. The band in the back is tight and remind me of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in a lot of ways.

The next song from Mr. Brown is "Here We Go Again Anyway". This one did not grab me as much as his other. It seems too familiar.
You decide...You can find his myspace site HERE

Next up is a band that I really like. The Charlie Wheeler Band is from Ridgway, PA and they claim as their influences Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes. Now tell me kiddies, how can you go wrong there?!?!?!

The band is Charlie Wheeler on guitar and vocals, Anthony Brown on keyboards, Greek Cheronis on vocals and harp, Chuck Jaques on Bass and Darren Payne on Drums.

This is the quote that caught my attention, "What happened to the guitar solo, the piano solo, the instrumentation?" Wheeler asks, directing the question at today's popular music. "Where did it go? Isn't playing your instrument to your fullest potential one of the bedrock priciples that rock n' roll was founded upon?" Struck a chord with this imrov-band lover.

Wheeler writes songs in a variety of styles, ranging from riff based blues-rock to roadhouse-rockabilly to monster power ballads.

First up "Highway Run". Hard driving with a good mix of guitars and harp. The rhythm section lays down a pulsing beat that just grabs me.

The next song is "When The Lord", a true blues-rock composition.

The only dates on their calendar are Nov. 1st at Nelsons Ledges in Garrettville, OH and Nov 21st at the Library Theater in Warren, PA. Their website can be found HERE and their myspace page HERE.


Stats and Feelin' Alright...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 04, 2008 26 Of Your Sparks

Weird how my comments have gone up and down the last few weeks. Some days I get plenty...others, not so much...

Is it the summer and vacation time? Not sure exactly what is going on, but I see plenty of comments all around the bloggosphere, so maybe it is just that my posts are not so interesting...

I did a nothing post on Tuesday yet my stat counter says there were over 238 individual visits for the day. I seem to get quite a few 'unique visits' each day but don't seem to generate interest in people commenting...
Now, I am not as into the stats thing as I was way back in the beginning when I would check them every day. today was actually the first time in months that I actually went in and looked at what was happening...

Here is what is listed in my keyword analysis as of today (Wednesday):

1 - 8.33% - trix cereal commercial roller coaster
1 - 8.33% - janis joplin back home 66
1 - 8.33% - ac/dc photo 2008
1 - 8.33% - bootleg the doors lost paris tapes
1 - 8.33% - julie taylor dj slough radio
1 - 8.33% - leather blog
1 - 8.33% - information on how janis joplin's song mercedes benz was created,performed, and heard
1 - 8.33% - competition wins for janice waterfall
1 - 8.33% - round leather couch
1 - 8.33% - the ponsonby dcs
1 - 8.33% - doors boot yer butt
1 - 8.33% - new life leather & luggage repair, asbury park, nj 07712

OK, the music I can see, but I am comfuzzled over the visit from the search for 'trix cereal' and 'janice waterfall'...no clue how that brought them to me...I guess I am boring...no searches for sex toys or unusual life-styles bring people here!

People don't seem to spend a long time sitting on The Couch (do I need to fix the cushions...are they too uncomfortable?)

Visit Length

74 - Less than 5 secs
5 - From 5 secs to 30 secs
6 - From 30 secs to 5 mins
0 - From 5 mins to 20 mins
0 - From 20 mins to an hour
1 - Longer than an hour

I use StatCounter for The Couch and right now the total number of visitors it has tracked is 55,655...I can't remember when I put it on The Couch, but I think that is pretty good for a blog that is less than 3 years old...

Now, I have been doing this Entrecard thing recently and I suppose many of those who come around to 'drop their cards' don't really stay...they are hit and run visitors...building up their banks so their blogs are more expensive to 'advertise on'...

Seriously, there are some blogs out there that are over 2,000 credits to put your card on their site, yet when you visit these blogs, they seem to get even fewer comments than I do here on The Couch...

The only other thing I have is the ClusterMap widget, but again I hardly look at it. Interestingly, it has a different number than StatCounter, but S.C. is set to just record 'unique visits'. If you come by more than once a day it does not count you (or it is not supposed to count you) and I have it set that anytime I come on from home I am not counted. Here is what I found today:

Running total of visits to the above URL since 30 Oct 2006: 78,641

You are one of those little red dots...

In the end as a dear friend has said to me a number of times "Are you doing this for 'them' or for yourself?"

Well, of course I am doing this for myself or I would have stopped long ago...but I do wonder how long I would do this if I were getting 10-20 visits and no comments each day.

Why do you blog? Is it for the 'fame' (not putting fortune there)...is it for the sanity it brings you (or insanity as the case may be)...Do you comment every time you visit a blog? What kind of 'special things/widgets' do you do with your blog to gather stats? How closely do you follow your stats? Do you drill down to see where your visitors are coming from?

Mom Joan and Dad Vince arrive today so if I do not get to visit today or tomorrow I will make up for it next week. Tonight is pasta night at Casa Bond - Memphis.

Funny, they did not have internet access for a number of days while on Cape Cod so when I spoke with Dad the other day he said "I spent some time catching up on The Couch and I want to put in a request that we find time to visit Uncle Lou's!" Got his mouth watering...so Nancy and i will be bringing them there sometime Friday.

Also considering going to Holly Springs on Friday (weather permitting - Gustav is drenching us today) for the 2008 Hummingbird Migration Celebration. Holly Springs is a stopping point for these tiny birds as they make their way from Canada to Mexico and Central America for the winter...If we do so, I will be bringing my camera and will (hopefully) be able to share with y'all next week...and YES Fred, I will make sure we get a photo of all of us and I will be saying HI from you to them.

Tomorrow I will be featuring two new musical artists and allow you to rate them. Again, the PR firm has been real interested in your comments and opinions, so please vote in the poll and leave a comment.

Today we leave you with some musical morsels...Joe Cocker with Mad Dogs & Englishmen, one of my all-time favorites and, I believe, the best version of this great Dave Mason song.

The song was originally released while Mason was a member of the
most-excellent band, Traffic. Here is their version:

The song done by it's originator...also a great version

And how the song should not be performed:

Creative Photo Contest #12 - Redstone, CO...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 03, 2008 22 Of Your Sparks

In case you are wondering...and I know you are...here are some stats:
JULY 20: 198.7 pounds 29.5% Body Fat
AUGUST 22: 195.3 pounds 26.6% Body Fat
SEPTEMBER 02: 192.2 pounds no new body fat measurement

Week #12 for Roger's Creative Photography Contest...click on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...


Back to Colorado and our trip in 1983...This is Redstone, CO, a small town located along the Crystal River.

Would be interesting to go back in the spring and see how active this waterfall becomes.

We took the original (below) and added some saturation and tweaked the hue a tad.

Hope you like it....

And the original...

Aerosmith has always been one of my fav bands...especially the early stuff. This is from the Toys In The Attic album - digitized from the original vinyl - "You See Me Crying"

Tiny Tuesday Post

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 02, 2008 29 Of Your Sparks

Hope y'all had a wonderful three day weekend. Mine was spent with darlin' Nancy cleaning my apartment and her house for the arrival of Mom Joan and Dad Vince. They get to meet Nancy on Friday...I am looking forward to it.

We also made a big pot of gravy, which turned out pretty darn good and we also went down to her mom's on Monday and took her out to lunch which was just wonderful.

One thing did ruin my weekend...My Oakley's are missing! Now you have to know I am very sensitive to light, so no way do I go into a store and leave them and walk back out into the sun.

I am very disappointed in myself...I will miss them greatly and will not be able to afford to replace them anytime soon....

So I will be wearing one of the crappy pairs I have and they are not polarized, so it will not be pleasant when I am out doors...

UPDATE: Oakley's found...somehow they ended up under the sofa at Nancy's...the world is a better place this morning! LOL

Coming up this week on DR. BLOGSTEIN’S RADIO HAPPY HOUR:
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We’ll sink our teeth into what we should expect from this new vampire series, find out how it relates to our current society and what its like for Preston to wake up to her husband Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus, the bug-eyed villain on the hit show Lost.
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