Freakout Friday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, January 30, 2009

That's right, it is Friday and we are Freaking Out...I have not done this in a while but man it certainly is deserving today!!!!

Yesterday I posted my review of the new Springsteen CD...all is good, until about 3:30pm when I go to check out new comments and THE POST IS GONE...It is not showing up here on The Couch...the post is no longer listed in my post listings...I Google the title and BAM there it is...I click on the link and I get a message "THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST"

And I freak...WTF WTF WTF?!?!?!?!?!

I go to the help area here on Blogger - which is a total joke - and post a new subject asking for help and....cue crickets...


So...I say to myself "SELF, when you get home, just post the damn thing again without the formatting and be done with it"...because luckily, that post I wrote in Word first and then just copied it into blogger.

Well, you know what happens next...


When I get home I look and see a tab open on Firefox that has my posts page on it. I click on that tab and BAM! the post is sitting there with "scheduled" next to it" I know it posted, hell you guys saw it and commented, so without refreshing the page...

I say to myself "SELF, click the publish button and see what happens"...


And BAM! the post reappears! Comments and all!

This has also caused another worry to come back into my world...what happens if blogger has a massive F-UP and all my posts disappear...two, coming up on three years worth of my writing gone forever...

So, I am planning on trying to transfer them all over into my external hard drive just to be safe, but that could take a loooong time...

OK, I am beginning to feel a tad better now - maybe it is the Single barrel Jack helping...mmmmmm ya think?! LOL

Remember to comment on that post, if you want a chance to receive the CD of Working On A Dream...

So, yesterday over at MATT-MAN'S "Bagwine Ruminations" he talked about having to go out and buy cigarettes and booze as they were snowed in and I left a comment that even he enjoyed - will freakin' miracles ever cease???

I post it here again, for all yall to read...I have now been asked by STARRLIGHT of "Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl" and DIANNE of "Forks Off The Moment" have asked I write their obits and I will be doing that over the next weeks...

So, here is Matt-Man's...hope you giggle....

(Associated Press)
A frozen Matt-Man was found today in Bagwine OH. His fingers were wrapped around the car door of his puke-olive green car.

Investigators have learned he was trying to escape his shared apartment for alcohol and cigarettes, which had run low as a result of a small winter storm.

Government officials took this as an omen and immediately signed into law a bill banning all liquor and cigarettes from the tiny hamlet.

Residents angered by this new law all began protesting by walking around in a glassy-eyed daze uttering the phrases "I'm Matt-Man Bitch" and "Cheers".

The Governor Of Ohio is said to be considering calling in the National guard to put down this "Dawn Of The Dead" like reaction.

When contacted, the room mate of the man now referred to as the "Bagwine Popsicle" had the following statement "S**t, you mean he never even got the booze? Friggin' loser...can someone give me a lift? I need a drink...and a room mate. Jay wanna come move in with me?".

In a related story, Centerra Wine Company, the makers of the product Richard's Wild Irish Rose, today announced they would be laying off 200 workers. In a statement the company said "Damn, that guy was 70% of our market share, we are not sure we will be able to survive this loss." The company plans on erecting a statue of a man frozen to his car door in honor of the "Bagwine Popsicle" at it's corporate headquarters.

What else would I play...this was the title of Matt-Man's post....


21 Of Your Sparks

  1. I totally missed that comment. How in the hell did I miss that comment? And, please, please, PLEASE tell me that you did NOT link that damn so-called "song."

    Fie on thee, sir! I thought you were better than that.

  2. Mimi Lenox Says:
  3. 1 - Please stop freaking out 'cause you're freaking me out with that freak out face.

    2 - You're taking requests for obituaries? I refuse to read them! Bah! Don't you know that it is bad luck???? And besides, it would seriously freak me out.

    3 - Disappearing blog: Blogger help IS a joke. You are preaching to the choir on that one. And trust me, one day we will all wake up and find our blogs obliterated into cyberspace because they have no clue what they're doing over there. And what's worse is we'd have no place to freak out.
    Email if you need suggestions on how to quickly backup your blog.

    4 - Stop freaking out.

    (I said that, didn't I....)

  4. katherine. Says:
  5. when you think about all the people who post on blogger...the photos, the words, the has to be massive.

    do your remember the scene in "serendipity" where pivan has written a fake obit for cusack....I love that scene. Hell...I love the entire movie....

  6. Well done with the obituary.

    I know the feeling about the "disappearing" posts. That is no fun at all.

    There is a feature where you can "export" your blog (I did that with my previous one). It created a single file, which I immediately transferred to my external hard drive. Is everything there? I guess time will tell.

  7. Dana Says:
  8. *gigglesnort* Perfect Vinny! Just perfect!

  9. Liz Hill Says:
  10. I was thinking I need to back up some stuff as I was doing my post today--it's a good thing.

    Sugar I can't get this new player to work. And I just updated everything on the pretty pretty MacBookPro

  11. F&%k the obit. Do you you do taxes. Great post. It had mystery, intrigue, & alcohol. Everything but sex...

  12. RW Says:
  13. Help from Blogger is like help from the DMV only worst!

  14., THAT'S funny! for backup, here's a thought: I started blogging about three years ago and unbeknownst to me my sister, in her office at work, was printing off earch day's post and collecting them in a year later she gifted me the collection:two full reams of blog...that I could sit down and read like a was remarkable...this is not a perfect solution but one that DOES work!

  15. Schmoop Says:
  16. Ha. Good Post Vin. And if you look at the picture of our fridge in my post today...I saved the Centerra Wine Company. Cheers Vinny!!

  17. SONGBIRD: LOLOL I just HAD to!

    MIMI: I am all better now, thanks.

    KATHERINE: Yes, I also love that movie...working on exporting the blog for safety sake.

    SOUTHERN: Can you point me toward that export area please..

    DANA: ooo I got a *gigglesnort* WOO!

    TURNBABY: Which player are you referring to? I used a different one today!

    BUD: I do taxes, but you could end up in a cell with Madoff! WHAT??? I forgot the sex??? damn

    ROGER: Perfect analogy!

    PHFRANKIE: how cool is that!?!

  18. Jay Says:
  19. Blogger does weird things sometimes. And you're right about the "help" pages. They're freaking worthless.

    I'm a bit embarrassed for Matt-Man. How could he be so unprepared for that snow storm? ;-)

  20. MATT-MAN: Sure it is a good post, 1/2 of it is about YOU!

    JAY: It saddens me to think how unprepared he was...I bet he had enough bread and milk and who cares about that!

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. That was great Vinnie...... You know, when he went out to clean off the car he was probably wearing nothing more than a heavy shirt over his Bagwine T. He gave his only coat to Ryno.

  23. Travis Cody Says:
  24. HA! That's hilarious.

  25. Now remember, make me mysterious and make my life eventful =)

    And Mimi you need to write the girls personals and Bud you need to do the guys =)

  26. Tug Says:
  27. You said 'erecting' in a tribute to Matt...heh.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Vinny!

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. Ooooh... yeah, I totally hted the disappearing post disease when back in those days when I used blogger.

    I signed up for feedburner to have my feed "hosted" elsewhere just to make sure I'd be able to import all my stuff to wordpress or a self-hosted blog for the case blogger would die or something. :-)
    Worked perfectly.

    Thanks for the add on FB :-D,
    Sanni - new with working internet connection!

  30. Jeff B Says:
  31. Never worry, never fear. . . ah come on you know the rest.

    I just used Blogger's export function to save a copy of my blog on my hard drive and then import it into my new blog. It's really quite simple. Ya, I know, I said simple and Blogger in proximity to one another.

    Anyhoodle, (heck-a-doodles cousin) go to Dashboard. Click on Settings and under Blog Tools at the top of the page, click on Export Blog. This will save a XML file on you hard drive. All of your posts and comments will be saved. You can use this as a back-up.

  32. TopChamp Says:
  33. nice! Long time since I heard Ice Ice Baby! Love it..... in a very retro reminded of my youth type way!!

  34. Julie Says:
  35. Hmmm.....yeah it would be very sad to lose our blogs!


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