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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 19, 2009

Didn't get around to many blogs last week as my travel was intense and long. Then I totally forgot a Friday post! Not sure I have ever forgotten a post before...

This is the busiest time of year for me at work and I will be trying to visiting your blogs as much as possible.

Home for a couple of weeks, but in February I am traveling at least 3 days every week.

I actually took off from LaGuardia about an hour and a half before the USAir flight that had to land in the Hudson River. Was a tad scary when we got off the plane and found out that had happened.

You have to hail the entire crew of that USAir flight. I know Captain Sullenberger has gotten all the press, but his co-pilot and the flight crew have to be honored also.

Welcome back to another Tuneage Tutelage - New Music Monday!

First some housekeeping and that would be to award the CDs from last week.

As you probably remember, we had two CD for Charlie Morris and one for Sabrina Shaheen.

First, KATHERINE from "Wading Through My Stream Of Consciousness" will receive the Sabrina CD, Love Is.... Katherine, please send me your snail mail address!

For Charlie Morris, we will be sending JULIE from "Julie's Jewels & Junque" the copy of the live album What A Scene. DRILLERAA from "Brain Freeze" will receive the studio CD Still Got 'Em. Driller, a snail mail is needed.

Let your friends and family know there is new music to be won here every Monday!

Now for this week, we have selected two totally different artists...

First up is the band Astronauts Of Antiquity. The band is the musical and life partnership of India on vocals and B. Rhyan on guitars; with Taylor Ryan adding keyboards and Henry Cole on drums.

The music they make evolved from alternative rock into a weaving of lounge, dub and trance, interweaving pop and rock throughout. They layer the many different styles of music and come up with, what I found to be, very pleasing sound. Honestly, no two songs really song alike, and India has a voice to be listened to.

The band lists its influences as; Zero 7, Bebel Gilberto, Peter Gabriel, Billie Holiday, Wax Poetic and Erykah Badhu.

From their bio:
India & B. Rhyan first ran into each other – literally – at the airport, while India was rushing to make a flight. Three years later, the two once again encountered at one of India’s performances in Milwaukee. Backstage after her show, B. Rhyan was instantly captivated by India and sensed something more than simply a kindred spirit – he saw the possibility of a music and soul partner. (Only years later did the two recall their original chance encounter, which made their meeting feel even more like destiny.)

As B. Rhyan relates, “We’ve listened to a lot of things like Buddha Bar, and we love the vibe, but that music can get bland after a while. We wanted to have that vibe, but have it be emotive, where the song becomes most prominent.”

That goal is something that Astronauts of Antiquity have accomplished beautifully on Rocket Science For Dummies. And new album in tow, they are planning big things around the album, including a possible tour with Digable Planets (whose group member C-Knowledge appears on “Soup de Jour”), gigs in the New York City area, and a full-scale DIY campaign that befits this uniquely gifted band that marries song and vibe like very few do.

You take a listen and decide. The album is Rocket Science For Dummies. Song one is called "Emo Healing". This song gives you the total effect of AoA. A catchy pop tune, which breaks into a well done rock guitar riff and that incorporates some dub and trance elements in its musicality.

The second song is a ballad from the CD entitled "Miss Caroline". In this ode to their former home of North Carolina, India's smokey jazz interpretation is divine.

You can learn more on their website HERE or their myspace page HERE.

A copy of Rocket Science For Dummies is available...just speak up in the comments..

Our next artist today is Bob Pressner. There is not a lot of information in his bio, and it appears some pieces of information were either edited out or forgotten.
"In New York, while still at his "day job" he had already gotten his feet wet by performing in the many of the coolest clubs in Manhattan, The Bitter End; The Mercury Lounge; The Lonestar Roadhouse and was the featured artist at the international Independent Film Festival at Madison Square Garden.

In the process, he played with some of the best musicians around who had worked with the likes of Alice Cooper, Taylor Dayne, Celine Dion, Genesis; Aretha, Franklin, Mick Jagger, and so many others. Bob also hosted a local talk show. Though not a music show, it did showcase for his personality, which he would ultimately bring on stage, along with his songs and his Stratocaster, or another one of the many guitars from his prized collection.

When Bob arrived in Florida he continued performing but more importantly, he devoted his time to songwriting. His World Trade Center experience still so fresh in his mind, Bob was inspired to write about the human condition, love, loss, endearment, regret, touching on all of the emotions that each of us feels at various times in our lives. With his writing and performing, for the first time in his life he was truly embracing his passion. And from that passion came four outstanding albums... "Summer In Illusion Land", "More To America", "Hard Driving Rain" and his most recent, "Me and the Kid From Santa Cruz". Various music from these CDs has been played on over 500 radio stations and in movie theaters worldwide.

Bob's latest ventures are his television infomercial to be launched in February, '08 and as a featured artist on the new CD devoted to the 2008 Olympic games in Bejing, China. That album will be distributed in more than forty countries around the world.

Bob Pressner is finally living his passion. You can hear it in every note of every song he sings.”

The CD I received is Summer In Illusion Land. Mr. Pressner's lyrics tell stories, and all have wishes of hope embedded in them.

I found some of the music uneven and his vocals can be strained at times. You listen and decide what you think...

The first song is "One Voice". It is the song that opens the CD. This was probably my favorite song on the CD. It has an essence of Bruce in some of the guitar work and styling.

The second song "The Journey". This song illustrates Mr. Pressner's influences, which he lists as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. You can hear that troubadour style of musicality in this song.

You can order his music HERE and his myspace page is HERE.

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16 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. I've missed you Vinny. Iv'e missed you. Cheers Vin!!

  3. Julie Says:
  4. **gasps holding hands to face**

    I won? Woooooo!!!! I'm a winner! I'm a winner!!!! Thanks Vinny!

    I kinda liked Pressner's first song...didn't care for the first duo at all.

    Interesting stuff though. You know how to find it my friend!

  5. Mimi Lenox Says:
  6. We are so glad you are safe and sound! January is insanely busy for me too. We're getting snow tonight and I'm excited.....but it's bad for travel.

    Have a great day, Vinny and Nancy!

  7. Bond Says:
  8. MATT: You do LURVES me!

    JULIE: Yes you did and your CD is on the way

    MIMI: Be safe my friend...

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. wow...COOL!!
    I haven't won anything all year!

  11. Kimmie Says:
  12. Hi Vinnybond!

    Well I just loved both of Astronauts of Antiquity's songs. The first one had me moving and the "Miss Caroline" was beautiful. Very nice song to relax to.

    Pressner didn't do anything for me. I am sorry. His songs sound to familiar, he doesn't have a "special" sound in my opinion.

    Thanks for visiting today! I enjoyed my time on the couch today.


  13. Jay Says:
  14. I've been by twice and haven't been able to get the audio players to work either time. It might be my computer. I'll be back later and try again.

  15. Mags Says:
  16. I've not been around much either Vinny-sorry about that...

    It's scary that you flew out right before that other plane. More eerie than scary, really-either way, I'm glad you weren't on that other one.

  17. DrillerAA Says:
  18. Astronauts are just not my type of music.
    Pressner shows signs of good vocals and some nice arrangements, but he often sounds like and American Idol audition contestant. I don't think I would add him to my play list either.

  19. Jeff B Says:
  20. Good to know you are well. I was wondering when you were absent Friday.

    I'll be back later for a listen.

    Wahoo, another west coast winner. Congrats Katherine.

  21. Starrlight Says:
  22. The first one, eh. Not so much for me. I liked Bob though. He's guitar on the second reminded me of John Mayer and his style reminds me of David Gray. Glad you are back safe and sound!

  23. Travis Says:
  24. Geeez...that must have been freaky to get off the plan and find out what happened so shortly after you took off. I don't know if I would have gotten on another plane.

    Irrational, yes. But still. I don't like to fly anyway.

  25. Roger Says:
  26. Congrats to the winners! Glad you made it home safe and sound Vin!
    This might sound bad but think how cool it would have been if you were on that flight, after the rescue of course! flashplayers not working for me either have to check it at work when the boss isn't around hehehe!!

  27. JohnH985 Says:
  28. Didn't care too much for the first choice, but enjoyed Bob Pressner. I kind of like that raw not quite on singing. I look for emotion in the voice and I can hear it in his singing and his song writing. Definitely hear those Springsteen/Dylan influences in his writing. I wouldn't rate him as great, but very good and definitely worth a look and listen.

  29. Ralph Says:
  30. Finally got the player download to work. Yay!

    The first of Astronauts Of Antiquity has, to me anyway, an early 1970s feel. I like the keyboard: it sounded like an electric organ, like I was a kid in the 60s again! Both songs have an pop feel, not seductive, but a great pop hook. Good pop music has to be tough to write...

    Mr. Pressner has a sort of early Boss feel, minus the accompaniment of an E-Street band. A raw feel, not a garage band nor a coffeehouse artist, the sound seems to straddle both...

  31. Tug Says:
  32. Bob wasn't bad (1st song was my fave of the 2), but didn't really grab me...AofA was just 'meh' to me. LOL, maybe it's me? ;-)


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