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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to another week. Hope y'all had a most wonderful weekend.

The weather got a little warmer here in Memphis and then dropped back into the low 30's...but all in all a nice weekend was had.

Beginning next week, I am traveling most of February. I will be posting as much as possible and hope to make visits to your blogs as much as possible.

You know something strange did happen this weekend. As y'all know, I am digitizing my vinyl and cassettes and for some reason I reached into one of the boxes on Saturday morning to look at some of the "box sets" I have collected over the years and found one I had totally forgotten I owned.

It is a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band "box set" containing 5 albums. It consists of 40 tracks recorded at various concerts between 1975 and 1985. It was released as a box set with either five vinyl records, three cassettes, or three CDs. There was also a record club-only release which came on three 8-track cartridges, which is extremely hard to find. How I forgot I owned this gem is beyond me, but I was psyched to find it. I have begun working on digitizing it and will share when I have the chance.

Have not received Bruce's new album, Working On A Dream, but as soon as I do, I will do my review.

I spent most of Sunday working on another box set; Frank Sinatra - The Voice; the Columbia Years 1943 - 1953, a 6 record set. Each album features different genres of his music; Saloon Songs, Standards, Screen, Love Songs, Swings and Stage.

Tomorrow, we will stick with music and present you with a biography of a man who was a huge part of the Memphis radio community for 26 years and thorough the use of tapes still lives. This is one man you will want to learn about.

For today, we are going to review two new albums...sit on down and let's have a listen...

For last week, we will be sending Astronauts Of Antiquity to
KIMMIE of "Pretty Amazing Grace", and the Bob Pressner CD to JOHN H of "Altjiranga Mitjina". Y'all both have to email me your snail mail addresses...

Now for this week...

Pat Monahan is the lead singer and songwriter for the Grammy award winning band Train. He is a successful solo artist, and has collaborated with multiple artists. Pat plays percussion, saxophone, mandolin, flute, electric violin, clarinet, trombone, and bongos.

His latest solo endeavor is Last Of Seven Acoustic, and was released as a digital download only, but I received a CD of the project.

Honestly, I was unfamiliar with his band Train, so I did not know what to expect when I put the CD in...

Mr. Monahan has a voice reminiscent of the rock stars of today. He seems to have a true love for his own voice. His vocals are pushed way to the front.

The collection of musicians on this CD number 29 with notable guest appearances by Brandi Carlile, who joins Monahan on the ballad, "Pirate on the Run," while Graham Nash sings backup on "Cowboys and Indians," and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora plays on "Someday."

Did I enjoy listening to this CD....honestly, at times it was very pleasing, then again at other times I tended to be bored by his sound.

Two songs...first the duet with Brandi Carlile and then the song "Her Eyes", one of my more favored cuts...

The CD is available - let me know in comments...

Next up is the debut album from a band called Glasvegas a Scottish rock band whose current lineup came together in 2006 in Glasgow. The band is James Allan on vocals, Rab Allen on guitar, Paul Donoghue on bass and Caroline McKay on drums.

The band came in fourth in the BBC's Sound of 2008 poll to find the brightest musical talent.

The overall sound is a bit pop, a bit rock, even some rockabilly behind a wall of guitar noise. Lyrically the band has some interesting material. The guitars are smashed together to give a furious sound to their music. On the first cut "Flowers & Football Tops", I had to go and restart it as it sounded like the recording was distorted in the pressing.

Singer James Allan says the group started by taking their lead from classic doo-wop groups.

"It's a minimalist approach to the rhythm, it's really simple, but that simplicity leaves a lot of room for other things," he says.

"And the other things... I really like a lot of orchestral music and classical music. I think that can be a good furious backdrop to something.

"A lot of the sound that I get with the guitars is to make it sound like an orchestra. But we've only got the bass, my guitar and his guitar."

Two from their debut album; "Daddy's Gone", a semi-autobiographical 'ballad' that opens with the lyrics "How you are my hero/ How you're never here though/ Remember times when you put me on your shoulders/ How I wish that it was forever you would hold us."

The second song is "Lonesome Swan", which carries the pounding beat, wall of guitars theme throughout.

Let us know if you want the CD...

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Frank was, and even though six feet under, still da man. Cheers!!

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Not a big fan of either of these Vinny. I'd like Pat Monahan much better if he didn't sing (the band was great) and Glasvegas gave me Bay City Roller flashbacks for some odd reason!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. Pat Monahan has something of a soulful quality to his voice, but it's a little too high in the register for me to like it for an extended period of time. I might find one or two cuts that I like, but I doubt if I would purchase a whole album of his music.
    GLasVegas, I don't need a boom box, subwoofer or whatever you have decided to use as the bass line. It is waaaaay too much! I didn't hear anything that I would consider listening to for any length of time. In fact, I stopped both of these cuts in less than a minute. No thanks.

  7. Loved Monahan. His "Her Eyes" was a pretty big 2008 hit. But until today I had no idea who sang it. Glasvegas seems out of time. That first tune: put female singers in and it might like a Phil Spector group from the 60s...

  8. MATT-MAN: Other than you, yup he is THE man

    DANA: Thanks for playing...sometimes we find winners, sometimes not

    DRILLERAA: I got the same vibe from Monahan and Glasvegas did nothing for me..thanks for playing

    BUD: Well, we eduKated you at least! LOL

  9. Kimmie Says:
  10. Hi Vinnybond!

    Now way! I won? Thank You So Very Much! I so loved "Sweet Carolina"!!! I am so happy! I am sure I will love the entire CD.

    I enjoyed Pat Monahan immensely. I loved the presence of both music and voice in his songs. I thought both were excellent! Some musicians just grab you, he did this for me.

    "Her eyes, thats where I go, when I go home"

    I totally loved those words in "Her Eyes".

    As far as Glasvegas, I truly liked them. They definitely have a throwback sound. I think in the right setting their music could be alot of fun. It makes you move, probably nightclub or party type affairs.

    Thanks for another great "New Music Monday". :-)


  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. Forgotten gems...I've done that with books over the years, especially when they were all packed away for so long after I moved up here. It was tough to have purchase discipline because I kept coming across stuff I wanted to buy, but couldn't recall if I already had it!

  13. Dianne Says:
  14. I have both those box sets - classics!! love me my Bruce and blue eyes!!

    Funny story Vin - when my son was 17 he worked for a guy who did Sinatra tribute shows in local clubs - so Jeffrey became a big Frank fan much to my delight. One night I dreamed that Jeffrey snuck in late singing 'Summer Wind' and asked me if I had any condoms. I said they were in the top left drawer.
    Next morning I tell my son about this odd dream. He looks me dead on and says - "Ma! It wasn't a dream!"

    Safety first I always say.

    I saw Glasvegas on Letterman or Ferguson - didn't like them much - have a very tinny annoying sound

  15. KIMMIE: Yes, you won..now send me your snail mail and the CD will be coming to you.
    Thanks for playing this week.

    TRAVIS: I was really shocked I had forgotten about it...

    DIANNE: I digitized most of the Frank yesterday...Bruce is next. Great story and yup...safety first!
    Thanks for your votes...

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. Wow, thanks for the cd. I always love getting new music and I appreciate it.

    I love the Bruce Live set. I remember when it first came out, the splash it made. It was featured on the network news. I think it was the best selling box set at the time and the first time he had did a live recording.

    Not a big fan of Train or its lead singer. Isn't it surprising how so many of today's singers sound alike. I know there's always been singers that copy others style or sounds, but it seems that it used to be popular to be different. Nowdays they all want to sound alike, that's why I dislike so many of the newer groups.

    If I had to pick one of the two I'd go with Glasvegas, but I'm not that keen on them either. They weren't bad, just didn't really move me.

  18. Jay Says:
  19. I can't really say that I loved either of today's selections. They were both okay but I don't see myself buying their CDs. Maybe a song here or there from iTunes if I really liked it, but that's it.

    I have the Springsteen box set. Great stuff.

    And of course Frank is Da Man!

  20. JOHN: My pleasure...just send along your snail mail...
    I so totally agree with the sound of the singers today. This could have been one of 10 bands in my mind...
    thanks for your votes

    JAY: Appreciate your feedback...both the box sets are incredible...
    Thanks for your votes..

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. Nope...no sparks for me.
    Couldn't get wrapped around any of those. I listened......
    1)50 sec
    2)1:03 sec
    3)58 sec

  23. ...just gimme the Frank!...

  24. Fred Says:
  25. Thanks for pointing me back to the January 5th post, Vinny. That was a bottle of champagne that popped in the beginning, right. :)

    Congrats to you and Nancy! That's great news and we wish the both of you all the best. I can hardly wait to read about it.

    Oh, and the food, just how do you eat that much?

  26. Pat Monahan? His voice drove me mad. The Scottish band? I could definitely hear the "doo wap" influence. Eh. Not sure about them yet.

  27. katherine. Says:
  28. I'll try and make it back to listen...try not to wear yourself ragged with the travel...

  29. Mimi Lenox Says:
  30. Sounds like a brutal February coming up. Take care, Vinny. Spring will be here before ya know it.

  31. MICKEY-T: Sorry we could not please, but we will continue trying

    PHFRANKIE: OK, you asked for it dude

    FRED: LOL well it was a popper, only confetti out of that...the champagne was gone! Thanks and I am sure there will be plenty of pictures...
    Well it was over 7 hours of eating!

    SONGBIRD: Thanks for your comments and your votes

    KATHERINE: I promise I will be good...

    MIMI: Spring...warm weather...birds chirping...yeah i remember that

  32. *tap, tap, tap*

    That's me not-so-patiently waiting for the promised close up photo of Nancy's ring, BTW.

  33. SONGBIRD: Soon...

  34. TopChamp Says:
  35. Weeelllllllllllll - I live in Glasgow. Guess who I picked as my favourite!?

    They were on often at King Tut's, which is the best music venue I've been to in this city. It's small and friendly with a really nice pub downstairs. I think you'd love it - I will be there on Tuesday.

  36. Julie Says:
  37. Well...the first group had a great sound but his whiny voice got on my nerves within the first couple minutes. The second group? GACK! That why I only gave each song a few seconds.

    Lookin' forward to next week though!


  38. Coco Says:
  39. Pat Monahan ... like him as a musician, respect the heck out of his abilities as an instrumentalist and composer, adore his expressiveness, but I don't care for the timbre of his voice. Still, there is no arguing the musicianship of his recordings, is there? Remember "Drops Of Jupiter"? Great song. He makes the best of the instrument God gave him, I think. For what it's worth, I liked both the songs - they are SOLID compositions, musically and expressively, and I can hear traces of his extensive training in the first one, which I liked enough to listen to twice, despite the voice. It's a good song.

    Glasvegas ... "wince" ... I'm a patient and tolerant person, Vinny, but I didn't make it through either of these songs. Not even for you. In a word: YUCK!

  40. TOPCHAMP: LOL Let me guess...Glad you enjoyed

    JULIE: thanks for your votes and comments

    COCO: Just could not listen for long to Mr. Monahan...all sounds the same...

    thanks for your votes and comments

  41. Tug Says:
  42. I love Monahan, & still stop & sing along to drops of Jupiter when it comes on...couldn't get through the other.

    Safe travels next month!

  43. I LOVE Pat. Been a Train fan for 10 years. LOVE Train. I didn't know he was doing solo work now. Oh and he is snarky as all hell in real life. Very funny.

    I like the second band as well. I like wall of guitar.

  44. RW Says:
  45. Awesome post Vin man! I am going to try to check out the show!!


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