Welcome To 2009....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 05, 2009


Nancy and I hope y'all had as great a time as we did. Our evening with TURNBABY from "And As The World Turns" and sometimes blogger BRAD from "Pointless Drivel" and Nancy's friend Aline was SPECTACULAR!

The other friends canceled the day before and we were not pleased by that, but we made the night great with only 5.

I will say that my timing was a tad off and we did not sit for the main course until just after midnight. I miscalculated the time on the Green Beans with Onions & Bacon and that put me behind. I don't think it mattered as all were certainly not starved throughout the evening!

Decided to enter 2009 with our first Vlog (other than the cooking and Tuneage posts)...

Hope y'all enjoy....

And this is the promised visit to Graceland Video...

51 Of Your Sparks

  1. OFMG!!! Congrats Vinny and Nancy!!!

    Details Baby, details!

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. Happy New Year and Congrats to you and Nancy. I guess the socks were an omen for you. Cheers Vinny!!

  4. Liz Hill Says:
  5. THose are just fabulous! You should do more vlogs--you really have a knack for them.

    We had a great time and I am very excited about your great news. I wish everyone could have been there to see the joy in both your faces.


    PS--I am a lazy slug and don't have a thing up yet;-)

  6. STARR: hehehe no details as of this moment...and THANKS

    MATT-MAN: I guess they were dude!

    TURNBABY: I enjoyed doing it, so I just might...So happy you were there...SMOOCH

  7. Heartiest congrats, Vinny! I'm thrilled for you and Nancy. I knew this year would be wonderful for you.

    So, are you gonna do a match.com commercial now? *big cheesy grin*

  8. SONGBIRD: TY dear friend...LOL actually Match had asked for our story about 10 months ago since Nancy had canceled her membership and they wanted to know why!

  9. congratulations bond! i hope 2009 is fabulous for you both!

    personally i was so disappointed when we went to graceland. i guess working in palm beach real estate all those years i was expecting so much more in the actual house. but the "stuff" was great!

    smiles, bee

  10. katherine. Says:
  11. Vincent and Nancy - congratulations and best wishes! What a very special way to begin the new year.

    (even better than Ole Miss winning!!)

    It was fun to see the v-log...I can tell there will be more....please just keep the one from the honeymoon private! smile.

  12. BEE: Thank you so much. The home is not too large, true...but it is history

    KATHERINE: Thanks!!! It was very special...close to the Ole Miss victory!
    There will be more Vlogs..but NOT of the honeymoon! (Well maybe parts of the honeymoon!

  13. Ken Says:
  14. Dance to the music....Congatulations!

  15. MICKEY: Thank you Sir!

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. Congratulations. Much deserved happiness to you both!

    Since we couldn't come I guess I'll settle for learning your news THIS way. *pouts*

  18. Mimi Lenox Says:
  19. True love! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations to both of you!

    The videos are stopping in the middle...I shall return.

    (doing a happy dance about your wonderful news....)!

  20. ANNDI: Thank you my friend and wish you had been there to be a part of it...glad you had a wonderful time with your Honey though.

  21. Dianne Says:
  22. I'm so happy!!

    I love when good things come to be for good people.

    It's gonna be a great year!

  23. MIMI: Thanks so much. Not sure why they are stopping...maybe you need to let them load longer or try viewing on the youtube site

    DIANNE: Thanks! So are we!

  24. Julie Says:
  25. **blinks**

    Holy moley! Woohoooo!!! I'm all a-tingly at the news! So happy for both of you! I think my mouth hung open for a bit!

    No...I guess that's really nothing new.

  26. AtriaBooks Says:
  27. Congrats, VinBo!

  28. JULIE: ya mean just like in your picture????
    Thanks dear.

    DOC: Thanks buddy

  29. Anonymous Says:
  30. It was awesome hanging out with you guys. I especially cherish you grabbing my ass at Sun Studios.

    Now, I didn't get a Hershey Bar in my gift bag. Who do I see about that?

  31. BRAD: That was the highlight of my weekend too!

    Umm..ask Turn...everyone got a Hershey bar..think she stole yours dude.

  32. Mimi Lenox Says:
  33. I saw the vids. Beautifully done. Congrats. Your smiles say it all.

  34. ...the bar has been raised...magnificent vlogging!...and congrat's!!!...

  35. Patti Says:
  36. Dear Vinny,
    What wonderful news!!
    Congratulations to you and Nancy!! I had a feeling that was going to happen on New Year's Eve. ;-)

    The menu looked great. I'll tell Ralph to make all that next year to usher in 2010.

    I couldn't hear anything with the Graceland video. I'll try later.

    (Laughing at Brad's comment, and your reply.)

  37. Patti Says:
  38. Oooh! Thanks for the tour of Graceland. This time I could hear Elvis while I was watching.

    Very cool.

    The vlog was great. I detected a bit of New Yawk in your voice!

  39. Knight Says:
  40. Congratulations! What an amazing start to a new year. I'm very happy for you and your beautiful fiance.

  41. Anonymous Says:
  42. Vinny, Iam so happy about you and Nancy. She deserves much happiness.
    which she has with you. Happy New Year

  43. Kb Says:
  44. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a way to start a new year!

    Loved your Vlog! Happy New Year!

  45. Oh Wow, Vinny! Congratulations to you and Nancy! I let out a "yea!" when you said you asked Nancy to marry you! All the very best! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Nancy! BTW that meal looked scrumptious. My Vinny made a "fish stew" for Christmas Eve as he does every Xmas Eve! And the appetizer looked very delicious and very familiar (you know Vinny is Italian right?) Again all the best to you and Nancy!

  46. Maggie Moo Says:
  47. FANTASTIC! The food looks fabulous and delicious an YAY FOR NANCY AND VINNY!!! I'm so happy for you and wish you the best of luck.

    Cool idea with the place cards by the way-love the idea that it's all from the same picture.

  48. Meribah Says:
  49. Crikey! Knock the puppy over with a feather, why doncha? I DID NOT expect that at all...I mean, you had chocolate cream pie??? Yuuuum! LOL
    Okay, okay, don't hit me, I meant the proposal, yes I did! Congratulations. You two are so sweet and I wish you both all sorts of happiness. Hugs!

  50. Joey Says:
  51. As I said in the email!!

    Mazel Tov, so happy for you two!!!

    (that means congrats btw lol)


    Cheers to a wonderful life ahead of you!!!



  52. Jay Says:
  53. Congrats to Vinny and Nancy!

    Great news dude! Well done.

  54. Ralph Says:
  55. Wow, theses events are really special when you sweat the details like the onions, I'd guess...)

    The menus and grab bags place the exclamation point on the night...

    Except for your proposal to darlin' Nancy. That is the creme-du-creme, to use a food term.

    You have had a great year, and 2009 will be even more special!

    PS: I love the Sun Records hat!

  56. MIMI: Thanks...I was smiling wasn't I? LOL

    PHFRANKIE: TY Sir...

    PATTI: Thank You so much! Tell Ralph he can have the recipes. Glad you enjoyed Graceland.

    KNIGHT: Why Thanks so much. Welcome to The Couch.

    JUDY: Thanks so much.

    KB: Thanks and glad you enjoyed.

    MARY: Thanks Mary...I am thrilled...Vinny and I need to cook together sometime.

    MAGS: Thanks my friend...Glad you liked the place cards too!

    MERI: hehehe I liked your comment...THANKS

    JOEY: I am a NYer dear...I know Mazel Tov means and truly appreciate it...

  57. JAY: Thanks dude...now you will HAVE to come to Memphis!

    RALPH: If I am going to do something...I need to do it right! Thanks for the comment on the bags and place cards...I really liked them.
    The proposal was absolutely the creme-du-cream and the cherry on the top.
    The Sun Records hat was a gift from Nancy!

  58. Ken Says:
  59. I came back to get that very happy blue suede shoe fuzzy feeling once again.

    You done good Vinny, you done really good, all around!

    Again, congratulations to you and Nancy. All the best dude!!!!!

  60. RW Says:
  61. Happy New Year Vin! I can't see the videos drat! Just my ISP I am sure.

  62. Unknown Says:
  63. LMOO! Love the hat! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time!


    You're getting married! WOO! WOO! WOO!


    Is that a Monkees album behind your head? This post is just getting better and better!

  64. Dana Says:
  65. Holy crap!! I'm so glad I left this as unread in my reader and came back to watch it tonight.


    You know Vinny (and Nancy), the two of you give me hope - hope that it can get better when I decide I deserve better! Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  66. MICKEY: You crack me up dude...thanks again

    ROGER: Happy New Year Sir...hope it comes up for you...

    DANA: Ah the hat...yup!
    and YES WE ARE! Thanks...and it is not an album but a 45...ya know a single!!! And I thought of YOU when I selected it.

    DANA: Ah I am so glad you did too!...
    Yes there is hope Dana...I never thought it could happen, but it did!

  67. Tug Says:
  68. YAY!!!! That's the news I thought I saw...MANY MANY CONGRATS to you both!

    The vlog & slideshow were awesome - next time @ graceland though, I think you & Brad need to be wearing your blinged-out jumpsuits. ;-)

    YAY!!!!!!! (k, I'm done)

  69. Liz Hill Says:
  70. Just came back to make sure that the fabulous menu and effort were getting the attention they so richly deserved amongst all the congrats---all y'all should be really jealous;-)

    I need Brad in the hat and the Graceland group pic!

    You rawk you know--I told you that right?*grin*

  71. Travis Cody Says:
  72. Outstanding! Pam and I send our best wishes to you both!

    And it looks like you still had a great NYE party, even if a few guests didn't show.

    I'll have to come back for the other video.

  73. Well details better be forthcoming!

  74. Twyla Says:
  75. Yay!!! CONGRATS on the engagement!!! Woo hoo!
    I am so far behind on things. LOL

  76. TUG: I held your comment back because I wanted to wait until Monday for the announcement...THANKS..I tried to get Brad to wear one, but he refused

    TURNBABY: Ah shuck ma'am...Thank You..and yes you did and you do too

    TRAVIS: TY to yourself and Miss Pam...

    STARR: Yes ma'am

    TWYLA: TY so very much.

  77. Angell Says:
  78. I'm sorry I'm behind here.


    *glomptackles Bond and Nancy babies!*

    I'm so excited for the two of you, and so happy!!

    Congrats you guys.

  79. RW Says:
  80. Hey I can see it!!! Congrats to you and Nancy WOOWOO! I didn't want to say anything till I saw the videos. Top notch editing to Vin, Graceland always wanted to stop never got the chance.

  81. M Says:
  82. Loved the videos and congratulations!!

  83. Anonymous Says:
  84. Happy New Year Vinny and Nancy and Congratulations,hope you will be very happy Terry and Paul Stabile


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