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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well this trip ended up being better than last week. I am getting to come home a day early, but it meant a looooong day on Tuesday and I did not have internet access at the plant, so no visits to you once again...

I enjoyed all of the comments from yesterday's post. It really is interesting to see how many people are tired of the problems in baseball with performance enhancing drugs.

As I said in the comments, I really think I believe ARod's explanation - to a point.

I do believe he avoided the 'where did you get the drugs'? and the 'what drugs did you take'? questions to avoid bringing others into this mess. I believe his reply about GNC was made so as not to implicate his source for the drugs whether it was a fellow player or a trainer or a doctor he used.

As to what he used, I think that is a legal issue that, by avoiding the question, he can keep himself away from legal prosecution. Is it so wrong he did either of those? Well as far as the former, I believe I would also protect those who assisted in the acquisition of the drugs.

As to the later, well...I am not a lawyer, so it is hard for me to say.

Our friend TURNBABY of "And As The World Turns" made some excellent points that there has been other drug use in baseball for years. Amphetamines specifically have been in locker rooms for years. The little green pills were in candy bowls for use by players to get through the schedule that they endure.

As far as her comment that if it is all about the numbers, why is Pete Rose not in the Hall of Fame, well, the difference her is that Mr. Rose bet on baseball. He bet on his team when both a player and a manager - where he had the ability to influence the outcome of games.

Did you know that all players that participate in the World Baseball Classic are subjected to blood tests for HGH? That is correct kiddies. So that means in 2006 all the major leaguer's who played in that Tournament were tested for HGH. If that is the case, then MLB MUST begin taking blood and testing for that PHD this season. Then, along with the urine tests for 'roids, we can be assured that the players are clean.

Now, it seems Congressman Cummings of Maryland is now calling for an investigation and calling ARod in front of a committee. ummmmmm Congressman Cummings, have you forgotten that there are some real major problems in our country????

Have you decided you do not have enough TV face time???? WTF??!!?? Deal with our economy and keep your face out of baseball.

I do wonder why people are not as angered by the same drugs being used in football??? A few of you stated that football was more your sport or that you hated baseball players, but nothing about 400 pound defensive linemen in football...well folks, is it different?

OK, I am done on the subject...

Eight people have been arrested because someone took a cell phone picture of Michael Phelps toking on a bong. WTF??!!?? Come on...give me a break! The only two people who need to wear the STUPID label is Phelps for allowing his picture to be taken and the MORON who owned the bong and tried to sell it on eBay for $100,000.00!!!!!

12 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. I thought the Peter Gammons interview of A-Rod was an outrage. It was designed to make A-Rod look better and sweep this story under the rug. And to protect MLB, who ESPN JUST announced a big financial deal with to provide premium (premium = pay) online content. So, they clearly were thinking more about their financial deals with MLB than the truth.

    The most appalling part of the interview was when A-Rod trashed Selena Roberts and went so far as to call her a "stalker." Gammons just sat there and let that go. Along with a lot of other non-answers.

    Of course we all know where he got the steroids. He played in Texas with Jose Canseco and Raphael Palmeiro. And in NY with Roger Clemens and Andy Petite.

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. I don't buy "I was young and naive"... not for a minute.

    Dianne said yesterday that she knew her son didn't see the athletes as idols over the important people of society like firefighters and people that truly contribute to the world. But that's because she's an awesome human being and mom and she made certain of that. Too many other parents aren't quite so level headed when it comes to sports obsessions.

    Doping problems will not be addressed from within a sport. Too much kwan is involved. External pressure has to be applied, be it by governmental agencies or agencies such as WADA. Maybe this commission is a way to educate our kids about the impact of using... it's bigger than MLB, it's bigger than professional sports. Kids are taking these drugs NOW!! If it's clear to young athletes that they won't even be able to enter the professional realm of sports (and get the kwan) if you're doped maybe THAT will be the good done by addressing it now. There will always be big problems that need to be taken care of. The health of our children is one of them.

    And the arrests? What the hell is wrong with illegal activity being prosecuted???? Huh?!
    If the arrests truly occurred, they were for possession and distribution. What are you complaining about? Both are illegal.

    Kids do look up to athletes. And in difficult times, it's far too easy to delve into illicit drugs as an escape mechanism. So hell yeah, prosecute!

    "Just say No" shouldn't be a sham. It isn't in MY house.

    Phelps started dabbling in illegality as a teen with a DUI conviction. Looks like he hasn't learned his lesson. Maybe the screws actually DO need to be tightened. I won't feel sorry for him.

    Stupid label? no... Stupidity isn't getting caught. It's destroying your chances and risking your health when you have a talent by engaging in illegal and unhealthy behaviour and then lying through your teeth and saying: "I recognize the seriousness of this mistake. I've learned from this mistake and will continue learning from this mistake for the rest of my life."(this was said by Phelps in 2004 after his DUI guilty plea). He was given a second chance... no more.

  5. It's just sad how low our sports have gotten. I remember back when I was a kid we had real OJ Simpson....

    oh nevermind.

  6. JAY: The interviews when he hits training camp will tell the fuller story. As far as where he got them, I still say I would not have answered the question any different.

    RLL: LOL...well, I never considered them 'heroes'...I admired them...and that is what I taught my son. I still admire many...but it is harder to do.

  7. ANNDI: Thanks for the visit. In MY home, they were never 'heroes' they were admired for their skills. My son would tell you his hero has always been his uncle the policeman.

    He is also continuing his quest to play professional baseball and taking the first step this summer and has never felt he needed to take PHDs.

    Our government has too many other situations to address and I am pleased they announced today they would not be calling special session about the new ARod situation. Without releasing the other 103 names it would be ridiculous anyway. That was 8.1% of all major leaguers in 2003. NOT a good percentage but must lower than many believed (or stated as Jose Canseco did).

    I called Phelps stupid for being caught on camera and the person who tried to sell the bong. Personally, I feel the billions spent on prosecution of marijuana could be used in better ways against drugs that are much more socially harmful.

    Your feelings are always welcomed here.

  8. Tug Says:
  9. How high do you have to be to try & sell drug paraphenalia on e-bay?

  10. katherine. Says:
  11. I think I've probably stated my opinion here

    Fans who have believed that these performance enhancing substances were not used probably shouldn't be taking it so personally.

    College players in many sports started early on....and it continures into the pros.

    When tests are administered and the substances are detected then the search begins for something that can't be detected or isn't forbidden yet.

    I am not condoning the behavior....I just think we out to look at the situation realistically.

  12. Liz Hill Says:
  13. First--be clear--my point about Pete Rose is in reference to your statement that 'it's all about the numbers"--there is no evidence that Rose betting on baseball in any way 'enhanced' his numbers.

    A-Rod admitted that he took steroids to ENHANCE HIS NUMBERS. And his explanation--in a puff ball interview by Gammons(sheesh --shades of Diane Sawyer with Michael Jackson) was fine when he stayed 'on script'. It's when he strayed that you could see the bs come shining through.

    And why in the world protect the sources?????? Wouldn't it curb the problem to stop the dealers?

    Whether he should be criminally prosecuted depends on whether he lied under oath about a material fact.

    The whole enterprise is do what it takes to win---that's my point all along. But I've never expected it to be pristine.


  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. I think that if you're serious about the mistake of actually taking the substances, instead of just sorry you got caught, then you name the sources to the authorities. You don't do it in an interview, but you do it.

    Do that, and then maybe your mea culpa actually means something. Maybe you help clean things up instead of just work the damage control on your own image and legacy.

    Oh yeah...I'm outraged, disappointed, disgusted, and lots of other adjectives about drug cheats in any sport.

  16. I think the time has come to accept the fact that being an athlete, movie star, or rock star makes you no more or less qualified to be a role model than any other person out there.

  17. TUG: Way high

    TURNBABY: I think we are on the same page, though I do believe he bet on baseball.
    Maybe he should have names his sources...

    TRAVIS: I am also outraged...looks like you might get back Jr. One of the few we truly believe did it correctly.

    STARR: Even Bono?

  18. Well there are exceptions to every rule. Although the man does drink like a fish (he's Irish) and he DID forget his wife Ali's birthday once. Of course he wrote her the song The Sweetest Thing and gave her and her charity all the profits from it as an apology. So I think he gets a pass ;)


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