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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, February 06, 2009

What do you do when two sterling people of the bloggosphere both celebrate birthdays on two consecutive days and both of those days end up being on the weekend and you do not do weekend posts?

Well you do....


Tomorrow marks the day in 1964 when the MATT-MAN of "Bagwine Ruminations" came into the world and the world has never recovered.

The world was pretty safe for the first 42 years of his life when he only impacted those members of his family and those he had met in person along the way.

Then on May 24, 2006, the cyber world became aware of this enigma...and this is how he was birthed into the cyber-world:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
La Cucaracha !!

I went to Buenos Aires last May
For awhile just to get away
Then some things happened to me
Funny things that I still don’t believe

I was drinking a martini*, when I was approached by two Argentinis
They asked me if I wanted to dance I said okay I’ll give it a chance
When we danced I gave them both a dip
It’s when I noticed that they were joined….at the hip

Argentinian Siamese Twins
La Cucarachas at both ends
La Fiesta never ends….with Argentinian Siamese Twins

We went back to their little abode
There they had to use the commode
I had to peak, so I looked inside and sure enough
They had two toilets…side by side

Then we played!! Escaped convict and the warden’s wife
The one on the left was better than the right
Then they said, “Oh, Matt you’re the most”
Then one said “adi”, and the other said “os”

Argentinian Siamese Twins
La Cucarachas at both ends
La Fiesta never ends….with Argentinian Siamese Twins

*Actually it was a big bottle of Wild Irish Rose, but martini sounds sexier

Still trying to learn my way around this thing. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have a site that is friendlier...But hey, takes time.....Cheers !!

Nothing...and I mean nothing has been the same since. Al Gore even denied any association with the internet once this insanity began.

The stock of the Centerra Wine Company has skyrocketed as their arsenic laced product Wild Irish Rose has flown off the shelves of discount liquor stores around the world.

Today, Spam is known only as Spamatt to millions around the globe.

He has been a diplomat, communicating with the Arab world in an attempt to foster peace and love and sex among all peoples of the earth.

He has offered solidarity to his African-American brothers and sisters in an attempt to bed the likes of Tyra Banks - all in the hopes of bringing equality to all...well that and the hope of getting some lovin'

He has even been open to running for higher office with a platform of openness and joy for all...and many thought he would succeed and be on the ballot alongside Barack Obama and John McCain. That is, until Carl Rove and his team of dirty tricksters began their slander campaign highlighted by their uncovering of a photo from Matt-Man's past, when he was a dancer in an All-Male Review, when he used the stage name "Wild Irish Rose"

No matter...his popularity in the bloggosphere has grown and grown over the last 3 years and even as he advocates the use of tobacco in unprecedented amounts, his readers continue to love him...

So today we celebrate the day his signature slogan was his dear mother made the last push and the doctor held up the last of her children while slapping his ass to bring his first breath...the hospital all hear the infamous words...


Happy Birthday Sir...may your day bring you happiness and laughs and maybe even some lovin', if not from Tyra, then from your love, SCHMOOP from "Blow Me, Bite Me, Just Don't Hurt Me"...and if not, your cake is available...

Now, on Sunday, we mark the birth of one STARRLIGHT of "Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl". The year of her arrival is unknown (at least by me), but even if I did know, I would - most likely - not speak it out loud...momma did teach me well.

Starr asked I write her obit after doing so for the above celebrated Matt-Man and that is still on my agenda, but birthdays are not meant for these, so we will spend our time celebrating the life she has led....and if anyone has led a life it is our totally rocking friend.

Born to hippies and raised, for a time, in a bus on a commune, this lady is the true definition of worldly. Trips to Europe as a teen, where she began a romance with the south by way of a Hot Florida Boy, this love of the southern regions of our country has never waned.

Her history with men have caused calculus geniuses to dissolve into a goo while trying to map out the men she has loved...hated...befriended...loved once more...hated again...etc. etc.

She came to the bloggosphere a mere 5 days before Matt-Man but unlike Matt, where he made a splash with his cannonball entry, she caused tiny ripples with her first post:

Friday, May 19, 2006
Much Better

Beats the heck outta yahoo

Her introduction on her blog leaves no doubt that, if you stick around, you will soon be immersed in her whirlwind world...

"Kicked out of Girl Scouts at 12. I am definitely the poster girl for Does Not Play Well With Others. I once named a cat after the Siouxsie & The Banshees song Peekaboo. I like to think of myself as "vintage" goth and if you call me old, I will fork you in the eye. I have recently decided I am too stupid to date. Self realization is da bomb. Pet Peeves of the moment: People without basic manners. Who died and made you asshats King of The World? Leonardo DiCaprio? Reading is by far my favorite hobby. I *love* to read and love tons of writers. Except Ernest Hemingway, whom I loathe. Hear that, Erny? Them bells are tolling for you. Papa can blow me."

How can you argue with such an open, revealing intro?

She is a shy one, our friend only allowing her real self to be seen twice that I can find. Once was for the 2000 Blogger project and it was easy for her to do so there where pictures were the size of a pinky nail...

There was also the one picture she has posted on her blog from one of the trips to Hawaii she has reveled over. I had to do an extensive search to find it, but determination is something I strive for and it paid off...

Through the hundreds of posts she has shared with us...

her love of Hawaii...

her heritage...

the foods she loves...

her causes...

her ex's...

her travels past and present...

her desire to be out of the Northwest and back in the South...

her love of her daughter - the appropriately named "Kidlet" -

her carnal desires for certain men...

and the music which surrounds all that she does....

Pass the cake around Starr...and enjoy your special day!

SONGBIRD... stay away from the picture of Bono on that is for Starr!

Have a great weekend all...

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. that was terrific Vincent...

    Happiest of Birthdays to Star and Mateo!

  3. I must confess that I have never visited Matt-Man's blog, but after that amazing birthday tribute, I will have to check it out.

    And, what else could you possibly say about Starr? I am glad you included that picture of Leo (the one that she DENIES drooling over).

    Well done, Bond - as always.

  4. Dana Says:
  5. Wow! That was a big post! But if anyone deserved you attention, it was these two!

  6. Ken Says:
  7. You did it up for them real good Vinnie. That's a great post.
    Happy Birthday Bitches!

  8. Liz Hill Says:
  9. Awesome job

    Happy Birthday to both!

  10. ...well done, Sir...such a fine, BIG post!...

  11. Mimi Lenox Says:
  12. Standing (standing)....Pencil Skirt blowing in the wind (Pencil Skirt blowing in the wind) Clearing throat (Clearing throat) Singing (Singing)...

    Happy birthday to you (Happy birthday to you) OK. I'll spare you my duplicate silliness.

    I hope both of you have many many more and a fabulous day!

    Stepping down (stepping down....)

  13. PERFECT!! As for my birth year it's quite comical. Two. Eight. Sixty Nine. I can't help having a mind in the gutter when I was born on that day!

    And Southern I don't drool over THAT picture. And Rob Pattinson owns Leo :P

    Matt and I have many coincidences such as starting our blogs within a few days of each other and our birthdays and even our kids are only a few weeks apart. Must be why we share a brain. That an it is the only sanitary part of him ;)

    And Desert can have the Bono piece of cake =)

  14. Tug Says:
  15. Awesome post! Happy happies to Matt & Starr, please pass the cake.

    Have a great weekend Vinny!

  16. Unknown Says:

  18. Angell Says:
  19. Excellent post Bond baby. I'm gonna have to go check out Starrlight's blog. I keep meaning to, but y'know life gets in the way.

    You done them both proud.

  20. Travis Cody Says:
  21. Quite the tribute to two outstanding bloggers.

  22. Schmoop Says:
  23. Ha. Very well done Vinny, and thanks, but listen. I was born in '65. Why do you want to add an extra year to my already decomposing body? Thanks again, Vin. Cheers and a big wet kiss to Starr. Mmmmmmmm, Starr!!

  24. Dianne Says:
  25. what a great post for two outstanding citizens of Blog Land.

    They make the Internet Tubes richer - well Matty makes the tubes slimier but that's another story

    Well Done Vin!!

  26. Vinny-
    What a terrific tribute to two awesome bloggers. Sorry I'm a day late. I was out of town (Boston) yesterday! Hope your weekend is going well...

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. **not spam not spam not spam not spam pssst! it's just me**

    Dear peace lovin' blogger,
    I have new badges for the 2009 BlogBlast for Peace launch and an exciting new challenge for us.
    Check it out HERE.

  29. Coco Says:
  30. Before I comment on your stellar post, Vinny, I have to ask you if you'll do me a favour. On my way here today, I passed through your profile (clicked your pic on someone's comments to link up) and apparently you have a tattoo that I'd be REAL interested in seeing a picture of - any chance you'd post a picture of your full-body ducky tattoo on your blog? Just for curiosity's sake, you understand - nothing lascivious and I promise I won't laugh (okay, I will, like a hyena, but I promise I won't tell anybody ... okay, I'll probably do that, too, and post the link and make phone calls and ... not helping my case any, am I? :P)

    Now, that post was quite the thing. I was so impressed and thrilled and turned on! You posted pictures of Bono!!! I know there were words, too, but that's the important thing, right? Bono! OMG! Thank you! You made my day!

  31. Coco Says:
  32. Think my original post disappeared, but I wanted to add something to it anyway -

    Happy Birthdays to Matt-man and Starr. Hope you both have a very special day.


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