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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No music today...just some thoughts...minutia you might call it...

Traveling while sick is the pits...I have the worst cold and cough...

Coughing with a bad back sucks..I keep tweaking it and it just makes being in a hotel room even worse...

Our data, which we use to personalize our mailings, is behind and that means yesterday was a totally wasted will probably be a lost day also.

I miss my Nancy...sure we are not together every day, but being so far away makes it impossible to just get in the car and drive 20 minutes to see her...

Getting psyched to get into a whirlpool to try and help your back, only to find the temperature of the water is lukewarm really is the pits..

I might end up having to leave Atlanta and fly right to Pennsylvania instead of going home to Memphis on Friday...looks like some dry cleaner is going to make some money off of me...

"We Are Marshall" really was a good movie...

Super Bowl is over...Spring Training starts in about 12 days...even though the overgrown rat saw his shadow, that means spring is almost here...OH YEAH BABY!

Manny Ramirez turned down $25 million for one year from the Dodgers...I sincerely hope not one other team offers him a penny...does he not read the papers and see what is going on in the real world?

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. business traveling with a bad back is not easy at all! Take care not to make it worse...

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. I'm sorry you are missing your sweetie but you'll have a yummy homecoming.

    I haven't been able to watch We Are Marshall yet--I'm not sure I can

    Manny is disgusting and I hope against hope that no one offers him anything to play

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. And PS

    I hope you feel better (and that you are not smoking while you are sick)

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Big huge hugs and hope you'll feel better soon and back in Nancy's arms!

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. Wow. For once, I can say with some truth, that it does suck to be you. Hope you feel better soon. Cheers Vinny!!

  11. TopChamp Says:
  12. Hello - sorry you're ill!

    As to the 25 million 1 year deal - how does that equate with other players salaries?

  13. KATHERINE: I am trying..thanks and glad your CD arrived.

    TURNBABY: I hope the homecoming is not for another week...I understand - I can not watch any of the 9/11 movies...Agreed on Manny ..and finally..yesterday I only had 4 all day so that is huge

    DANA: Thank you my sweet friend

    MATT-MAN: Right now, yup it does

    TOPCHAMP: know it is probably in the top 5%, but in today's economy and being as he has been such a cancer in the locker rooms, his refusal to sign proves he is an a**

  14. Mimi Lenox Says:
  15. Sorry you are feeling bad. Wishing you a speedy homecoming and hot water baths and comfy mattresses and whirlpool nirvana. How's that?

    And thank you so much for the Springsteen CD! YAY! I won!!
    I'm going to see my first Springsteen concert soon (it's about time, don't ya think?) Can't wait.

  16. "Minutia you might call it..." No it is what Dr. B calls it. Hope you feel better! No I don't think Manny reads the papers...

  17. Anonymous Says:

    When you mention what these guys get for money in makes me sick that the greed in this country trickled down to the ball players. They used to be heros to all, now to me, their just greedy fucks! And I don't watch much sports because of it.

  19. Jay Says:
  20. I hurt my back yesterday, so I'm having no .. I mean .. lots and lots of sympathy for ya.

    Traveling is enough of a hassle, but traveling with a back ache and a cold is the pits man.

    I noticed that Yankees fans weren't using the "see what's going on in the real world" complaint when the Yanks were giving out $23 mil a year to that slug Mark Teixeira. ;-)

  21. Matty's right (I can't believe I just said that). For once? It sucks to be you. Ick.

    Feel better soon.

    And QUIT SMOKING!!!!

  22. leelee Says:
  23. I hope you feel better Vinny..sorry your hurtin' and away from home..Get home safe..


  24. Julie Says:
  25. Awww sorry 'bout all the yuck.

    Yeah saying "I have a Manny Ramirez autograph" just doesn't mean what it use to mean.


  26. Travis Cody Says:
  27. It's probably the length of the contract as well as the dollars.

    It's bad enough to be in a strange bed with the bad back, but I certainly wouldn't want to get on a plane with it. Take care.

  28. Dana Says:
  29. I hope PA doesn't pan out and you can head home on Friday! I always thought that rodent prediction was highly overrated - spring comes on March 20th no matter who sees their shadow!

  30. RW Says:
  31. Hope your feeling better soon Vman!

  32. What a wonderful guy you are Vinny! Watching "We Are Marshall" instead of T & A movies in the hotel room... Hope your back gets better and the cold too! :)

  33. We Are Marshall made me bawl my eyes out. I liked it =)

    Any chance it would be Hershey, Penn? Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. TopChamp Says:
  35. Hello - hope you're taking a break to chill out and feel better.

    I see - he's not a nice man. Thank you very much for the CD x

  36. Tug Says:
  37. I'm totally with you on the Ramirez

    Feel better!!

  38. Coco Says:
  39. Feel better soon, Vinny. *hug*


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