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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, February 02, 2009

Welcome back my friends to where the music never ends...and that will be evident this week. Today I am on the way to Atlanta and due to some delays with mail data, will be there through Friday.

Strangely enough, my flight is now half the cost as is was when I booked it a month ago when I was only staying until Wednesday.

So, I have set up a post each day to bring a new band or artist.

I thought Bruce and the E Street Band did a hell of a job last night...

Let's first disclose the winners of last week's CDs...

Pat Monahan's CD Last Of Seven is on the way to TUG of "Just Tug Photos" and the Glasvegas CD will be flying 'across the pond' to our friend TOPCHAMP of "Bad Jokes and Oven Chips". Topchamp, I need your snail mail address.

Now...Bruce Springsteen's new brilliant work Working On A Dream will be finding a home in a castle with a Queen if MIMI of "Mimi Writes" will open the drawbridge and let the messenger in. Mimi...snail mail please.

To begin this week, first out of the block is the band The Pimps Of Joytown...think Curtis Mayfield mixed with Sly & the Family Stone, add a dash of Santana and thrown in a little rock and roll for good measure.

This is a case of the book not being like the cover for me. Looking at the track listings, I was expecting more of a rap/hip hop sound coming from this band - and that is how iTunes classified them, but hitting play, I was immediately thrown into a chair dance.

Their web site is not complete, though they have a myspace page HERE. They are a foursome with band members Brian J., Hagar, Mayteana and Chauncey.

Myspace pages don't give you a lot of information on bands many times and this is one of them.

This is from their PR bio:

The genre-defying Pimps of Joytime pay homage to funk, afrobeat, latin and hip hop, combining loops and live playing in a way that is seamless and infectious. The joyful noise you'll hear is a heady musical gumbo sure to get you moving. Their eclectic debut album "High Steppin'" is available now on Wonderwheel Recordings.

The Pimps of Joytime are the ultimate desert island band. PJT’s can turn a lifetime in isolation into a party that never ends. This multi-ethnic group hits all the marks and crosses all the barriers, bridging the gap between underground funk, soul, pop, dance, afrobeat and latin, filling every song with soulful harmonies and great vibes.

Brian J is the band’s ringmaster. He started PJT’s in Brooklyn back in 2005, where they cut their teeth while playing clubs in Williamsburg and the East Village. On stage, he’s the lead singer and guitarist, and in the studio, he’s the funkiest one-man-band this side of Minneapolis.

Mixing samples and dance beats with tasty live musicianship and sweet vocal harmonies, The Pimps of Joytime have evolved into the current five-piece that gets crowds on their feet from London to New York to San Francisco. Somehow, PJT’s found a way to put a modern twist on a retro sound, creating dirty, ass-shakin’ grooves like no one else out there.

2008 was a great year for The Pimps of Joytime—they put out two albums on DJ Nickodemus’ Wonderwheel Recordings, “High Steppin” and “Funk Fixes and Remixes”. 2009 is gonna be even better—with a new record on the way and a team in place to bring this band to the masses across the USA and beyond.

I have both of the CD's mentioned above ready to share with two guests here on The Couch.

Check them out and cast your ballot...as always the band is aware they are being introduced here on The Couch...so leave a comment and let them know what you think...
From the High Steppin' CD, first up is "Street Sound" and then from the Funk Fixes & Remixes CD, "Funky Brooklyn"

See you tomorrow with another new band...

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. The intro to the second song sounded like the theme to SWAT. Ha. Not a big funk fan. They do have a good name though. Cheers!!

  3. Turnbaby Says:
  4. The Boss was hot.

    I like funk---these songs didn't do it for me though.

  5. Bond Says:
  6. MATT-MAN: Thanks dude...

    TURNBABY: Wasn't he though? Thanks for your comment and vote...

  7. Jay Says:
  8. The Boss rocked the house! I only wish he had been given more than 12 minutes. We didn't need those talking heads' recap of the first half.

    The Pimps aren't my kind of music. Not that they suck or anything, just not my thing.

  9. Dianne Says:
  10. The Boss was great, they all were!! Patti is gorgeous
    Bruce really moved around pretty good for an old man

    I am so excited that you're writing my obit!! I hope I live up to it hehehehehe

    happy travels

  11. Tug Says:
  12. Wow, THANK YOU! YAY, I'm excited to receive the CD, you are awesome.

    Bruce was great...I'm just wondering if he was wearing a cup for that camera slam? ;-)

    These guys are good, but I can't say it's something I'd listen to...

    Thanks again Vinny, you rock!

  13. ...I am reminded somehat of the band Malo....

  14. TopChamp Says:
  15. I have a pal who plays in a 'funk' band that SOOOOOOOOOO isn't funk - they play soul. I don't like soul much, but funk is funky (as the track says)!

  16. Ralph Says:
  17. PJT sounds great, hard to categorize. Patti said she was reminded of Steely Dan, and I would agree - I hear more pop jazzy hooks, but with a dance beat. An enjoyable listen!

  18. Travis Says:
  19. I enjoyed the intro on the first tune...the music really grooved.

  20. Starrlight Says:
  21. I like em! I am thinkin more along the lines of Issac Hayes meets Steely Dan =)

  22. Jeff B Says:
  23. I really enjoyed the first song. It would fit nicely into the background for a variety of settings.

    Number two didn't do it for me though. Good quality, but not my style.

  24. Travis Says:
  25. I forgot to say that Springsteen rocked!

  26. Julie Says:
  27. I watched the clips on youtube as i was busy with my chickflicks and icecream! i loved it too! Wasn't it nuts how he slid into the camera?

    Whoa! I wanna do that when I'm 59!

  28. Dana Says:
  29. Maybe it's my love of all things Motown, but I though PJT was right on the mark! They've got funk's number and they do it well!


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