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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, February 23, 2009

Off to St. Cloud, MN for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Last of my February Tour The Country Trips...Thursday and Friday, I accompany Nancy down to Philadelphis, MS to the Pearl River Resort for an industry show. We did this last year and had a marvelous dinner while we were there. While she handles the booth for her company on Friday, I am going to head to the Poker Room to see what i can do there.

Had a marvelous Weekend To Nowhere, that actually found us at the apartment on Friday evening and Saturday and then her home on Saturday night and yesterday. We made pizzas on Friday, one thin crust and one deep dish with mushrooms and pepperoni and hot sausage and red and green peppers and onions and anchovies....YUMMO

Saturday night we made Chicken Marsala with Asparagus Risotto and a salad with goat cheese and marinated onions and cranberries that was most excellent.

We watched some Fringe and some The Closer and some Dexter and did some planning for the wedding and just had a terrific time.

This week we introduce you to Patti Rothberg and her CD Double Standard. Patti is a rocker from new York who counts her influences as Led Zeppelin, Jane's Addiction, Queen and David Bowie.

Her name might sound familiar, because she has been around the music industry for a number of years and is still working on breaking down the walls.

Some history from her bio:
Playing guitar in a subway station walkway she met Denise (Creepy), who introduced her to the all female industrial band Thrust who Patti played with from 1993-94. Later on at Richie Baxt's Guitar repair shop Patti ran into old pal Dave Greenberg, still studying production. This fateful reunion produced the demos that would become "1&9".

Patti signed with EMI in February of 1995 and recording "Between The One And The Nine" commenced soon after. She auditioned drummer Adrian Harpham who played drums on the album, Patti handling all bass and guitar duties herself, The album's release date was April 2, 1996, and it went on to sell over 250,000 domestically and over 200,000 in Europe and Japan. The single "Inside" reached ..32 on the Billboard Pop Charts.

After the album's release the rest of the touring band was selected. Demian Simms (guitar), James Elliott (bass), and Adam MacDougal (keyboards) rounded out the line-up. They toured the U.S. supporting Chris Isaak, The Wallflowers, Midnight Oil, and Paul Westerberg. TV appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night With David Letterman, Oprah, and Canada's Much Music. Bass player James left in mid 1996 replaced by Carl Carter who toured with Patti in Europe supporting The Black Crowes (Feb. 1997).

Recently Patti completed "Double Standards", a collection of new songs. It is the culmination of the melodic pop rock associated with "1&9", and the psychedelic explorations and Queen-like harmonies of the "Candelabra" era. The combination is doubly delicious. The title track is an exploration of the concept of good vs. evil wherein " ...the devil loves a double standard and heaven isn't selling cheap..."

The album is split down the middle between hard rock and heartfelt acoustic songs. What brings it all together is Patti's melodic sensibility and unique lyrical perceptions. Had this been the age of vinyl, the harder songs might all go on one side, the softer on the other. Both are unmistakably Patti and equally true to her musical leanings. Patti is currently looking forward to touring in support "Double Standards" which was released in May of 2008.

We will give you two, the aforementioned title track and an acoustic number entitled "Someone I Love".

The CD will be available to one of our special guests...just let us know if this is something you want to add to your collection.

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Hrmm. Interesting. I like her but I can't figure out who it is she sounds like and it is distracting. Maybe a bit Sheryl Crow meets Courtney Love.

  2. Dana Says:
  3. Wedding planning ... how cute!

    Patti Rothberg. I listened to Double Standards first and loved it. Good, head-banging beat. Then I listened to Someone I Love and was a bit taken aback ... until I listening to the lyrics *big grin* She'll break down those walls - I have no doubt!

  4. DrillerAA Says:
  5. Minnesota in February...Brrrrrr!!!!

    Next time you make pizza, hold the anchovies and I'll be right over. Glad you had a great week-end and I know you're glad that the traveling is about to come to an end for awhile. Have a wonderful week.

  6. STARR: Interesting comparison

    DANA: I think she just needs that one break

    DRILLERAA: All the fixin's are put put and you make your own...whatever you choose.

  7. ...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...marsala...

  8. Jay Says:
  9. I worked for a pizza joint for 3 years while in college. I handled anchovies like hazardous waste. Blech. LOL

    This Patty chick was pretty good. I preferred the first song. I like rocker chicks.

  10. Ken Says:
  11. I lose.... they won't play for me.

    Hope you win big at the poker table. You can send all the bloggers tickets to your wedding
    a hin... a hint. excuse me!

  12. Julie Says:
  13. The simple things lovin' and eatin'!

  14. Tug Says:
  15. She's awesome! No doubt she'll make it, much luck to her.

    Wedding planning...too cool. ;-)

    Now if you could just come cook some meals up for me to freeze, that'd be great, thankssomuch.

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. I've been a fan of Patti for years, ever since her first album "Between the 1 and the 9" came out. I don't have this one, but she is great.

  18. PHFRANKIE: Yup I love me some marsala

    JAY: Anchovies rock dude...glad you liked her

    MICKEY-T: Hope you come back and try again


    TUG: Glad you enjoyed...what time is good for me to show? LOL

  19. JOHN: Does not surprise me that you know of her!

  20. Tug Says:
  21. Dude, if anyone were to cook for me I'd leave the light on, key & cash under the mat.

    CASH FOR SUPPLIES, not "that". heh

  22. Well if someone was coming to cook for you why else would you leave cash?

  23. Tug Says:
  24. If they're not taken (Hi Nancy!), it would depend on what they're cooking.

    But I wouldn't freeze that. LOL

  25. Travis Cody Says:
  26. Neither of the songs would play. So I googled and found some stuff on youtube. I listened to one called Inside, which wasn't really for me.

    But then I found one called Looking For a Girl, which I kind of liked.

  27. DrillerAA Says:
  28. The songs wouldn't play for me either, but I was too lazy to go looking for anything else this morning. Oh well, maybe next time.

  29. I couldn't get the link to the first song to work, but I wasn't impressed with the second one.

    Based on her influences, I didn't quite get it at all.

    But that's just me, I guess.

  30. Jeff B Says:
  31. Now there are two songs that seem miles apart in their style.

    Her scratchy vocals don't do it for me.

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. I meant to ask, what part of Pearl River. I'm not that far from Pearl River Mississippi.

  34. It is Philadelphia MS, the Pearl River Resort Casino

  35. TopChamp Says:
  36. This result's quite interesting: You either like her or dislike her but nobody's sitting on the fence.

    I don't like it.

    You sound happy.

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. Not sure if your DMCA Dispute ever got taken care of but if you wanted some tunes that wouldn't result in a takedown notice from "the man" you could check out our site www.newmusicmonday.com (sound familiar?). This song for next week is gonna be a great one. Good luck with blogger. :)


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