Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, March 13, 2009

It looks like it will finally be happening!!!!! The new template and layout are almost done. I did a ton of tweaks from the one I showed y'all a few months ago. I believe it is very readable...will load faster and should not have the problems some of you are having with linking to The Couch.

Now, my only decision is if I am going to my own domain. I have thought about it and really want to dump the .blogspot from the URL. The decision comes down to what will I use.

Will it be:

I guess the first thing to do is check to see which are available.

One think I really want to do is separate from this blog with the new format. I am disappointed I do not have any examples of what this place looked like when I first started. So, starting a new format with a new URL keeps them separate...but it will cause y'all to change your links to me, but I know that will not bother you much!

Additionally, a most dear friend of mine has begun a food blog. She has been tweaking at me to start one of my own and she even gave me a cool name for it and I immediately began thinking of graphics to illustrate the blog name and, y'all just might have a little more of me to kick around soon enough.

Now, that would probably be a one or two day a week posting place. I am thinking Monday's, after a weekend of cooking and possibly Thursday or Friday with suggestions for you to try.

What do y'all think?

Well, we began the week at about 72 degrees here and are ending it with cold rain and temps in the 30's...all I can say is brrrrrrrr...

Mr. Carl Perkins to lead you into the weekend...


16 Of Your Sparks

  1. A food blog, huh? Would it include cool demo videos like the ones you did before?

  2. Dana Says:
  3. As you know, I've done "basic" food posts a few times on my blog, and they are some of the most DIFFICULT posts I do!

    Looking forward to seeing the new digs!

  4. DrillerAA Says:
  5. I really like "bigleathercouch" or "thecouch", althouugh "bblc" is short, sweet, and memorable. Congratulations on the upcoming launch, regardless of what you call it.
    Wow, a transplanted New Yorker saying "Brrrrrr" to 30 degrees in Memphis...that's a hoot! I think the transition is complete. You are now officially a Southerner.
    Have a great week-end.

  6. Star8278 Says:
  7. Looking forward to the new template. For some odd reason, I find yours very hard to follow, read, etc.

    Can't wait for the changes, I vote for

    You cook, too!!! Holy moly, what don't you do?!

  8. Travis Says:
  9. I come for the words and the music, not for the looks. But if a new template makes you happy then I'm looking forward to the launch.

    A food blog sounds interesting. I'm not much of a foodie...we just don't have time to cook.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. are you going to cook for us bond? just askin'! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  11. Turnbaby Says:
  12. Hello there dear friend;-)

    We woke tow TWO INCHES OF SNOW. It was 78 degrees on Tuesday.

    I'm changing my template on the food blog this weekend. My plan with the food blog is about five posts a week.

    I'm probably going to a dot com with my main blog pretty soon.


  13. Hey, Vinny, Would love the idea of a food blog from you! Thanks for participating in my limerick post! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

  14. Jay Says:
  15. I've considered doing the same thing. But, it seems like it would take time a effort and I would have to make a lot of decisions. And if I do that it will be under a new blog name too.

    I've also considered a meme blog where I do some of the photo memes plus Thursday Thirteen or whatever. We'll see. More effort! haha

    When you get the new couch all set up be sure to give us all the HTML for a button to put on our sidebars!

  16. Tug Says:
  17. I like thecouch, and changing the feedreader is not a biggie at all - you're worth it!

    Would probably read the food blog & drool, but um...yeah. I don't cook any more. ;-)

  18. Starrlight Says:
  19. VBlog VBlob Vblog! The the Italian Stallion version Julia Child.

    And I love Carl but, um, Elvis owns this song :P

  20. Matt-Man Says:
  21. Keep it simple Vin. Cheers!!

  22. katherine. Says:
  23. a food blog....yum!

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. I vote for! That is, if we get a vote...:P Looking forward to your new site!

  26. YES! Its finally happening! Vinny is getting a "big boy" url!

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. I go away for five days and I return to find you've painted the house. And you've painted the house black.
    Well, I like the nice clean feel and look. I think thecouch dot com is good but it's prob already taken by a furniture store. I got my own domain recently and it redirects to blogspot lickity split like nothing changed.

    As for the food blog: Yes. I will take notes.


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