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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks all for the sound advice yesterday. Mulling it all around in that parking garage on my shoulders and Nancy and I have been discussing it all and we will figure out how to handle it all.

Want to see some great photography? HECK-A-DOODLE, I am sure you have some great photos, so join on in with Roger's Creative Photo Contest! Everything you need to know is sitting right behind that logo above this jibberish...yup...if you put you little pointer thing that floats on your computer screen onto that button and then push down on your mouse (you know, that thing in your - mostly likely - right hand....oh BOY! did I just set up MATT_MAN of "Bagwine Ruminations" and JAY of "Cynical Ba**ard" for a field day....yeah yeah Mickey-T of "Malihini Tennessee" you can throw one out there too...LOL

ANYWAY! Today I grabbed an oldie but goodie in my mind. Matt (my Matt...son, going to be 22 in less than a month...OMG...water please someone...) and the ump about to start the inning. What you don't really see in the original is Matt talking to the ump about a call that occurred while his team was batting. Never looking at the ump, staring straight ahead with his mask on...basically jawing...

The ump, who had complimented Matt on his defensive skills over the years, just kind of smirked and said "Let's just play ball, OK?"

So anyway...this is after some playing with the saturation of each individual color layer, then posterizing the entire shot.

Hope you likey....clickity click if you want to see it biggie...

Two in a row from my iTunes playing as I compose I am creating freakin' War & Peace here!...LOLOLOL

Now where the Heck-a-doodle was I....?

Oh yeah two songs...The bad boys of the '60's...The Rolling Stones with the most incredible "Wild Horses". Followed by someone we introduced many of y'all to, Mr. Charlie Morris. This is from his first CD Still Got 'Em. This is called "Mr. Miracle Meets His Match" a fun back and forth bluesy tune. It is a tad beware....

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. You said "randy" and "Heck-a-doodle" in the same post. I'm thinking there is some law against that ...

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. Love the solarized photo. It's one of my favorite techniques to play with.
    I'm still loving my Charlie Morris CD. And, for a child of the sixties, there is nothing better than early Stones music.
    Have a great day.

  5. Matt-Man Says:
  6. How did I miss yesterday's post? Vinny you say you want your wedding to be more of a party, which is cool. But keep in mind, it's still YOUR party, and don't feel pressure to invite anyone with whom you may feel uncomfortable.

    Even though your wedding may take on a party feel. It's still a celebration of committment and closeness bewteen you and Nancy.

    The guests you invite should elicit that same type of feeling on a friendship level to you and/or Nancy.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go play with my mouse. Cheers Vinny!!

  7. Star8278 Says:
  8. Great shot! I promised Roger I would post once a day... thanks for the reminder. :)

  9. ...childhood living is, in fact, easy to do...btw, The Animals were REALLY the bad boys of rock!...

  10. I think that is the longest comment I've ever read from Matt-Man. Seriously. Even my thought provoking posts have never evoked such a wordy response from him.

    You rock, Vinny.

  11. Bond Says:
  12. DANA: And are YOU calling the blog police on me?

    DRILLERAA: Thanks and glad the music moved you

    MATT-MAN: Thanks my friend...I appreciate you words.

    STAR: Thank you

    PHFRANKIE: The were also bad boys, but they were not as bad as the Stones dude

    SONGBIRD: LOL...I thought the same thing, but decided not to poke the lion with a stick!

  13. Tug Says:
  14. You're poking Matt with a stick? ;-)

    Love the pic...I really need to play with photoshop more. (Yes, I'm aware I keep saying this & have yet to follow through.)

  15. Travis Says:
  16. That's the professional way a catcher makes his the only one who can hear it or see anything is the ump. Any ump worth his equipment can respect that simple quiet protest.

  17. Dianne Says:
  18. he's going to be 22? heh! that's nothin' - my baby will be 36 in May - which is odd since I'm only 39

    love the photo -

  19. Bond Says:
  20. TUG: LOL yuppers....thanks on the pic

    TRAVIS: Agreed Sir

    DIANNE: Well I am only 26, how do you think I feel?

  21. Roger Says:
  22. Awesome shot Vin and thank you for that great and hilarious shout that made my day!

  23. Well done with the picture. That's a great result.

  24. Starrlight Says:
  25. Well I am back to not being able to read you at work =(

    Love the picture! I am a fan of the look straight ahead and talk smack mode. It seems to irk people =)

    Great picture and Wild Horses is a favorite of mine =)

  26. Ralph Says:
  27. Nice picture. I think that it is fine to 'jaw' the umpire. And by looking away while talking, it isn't personal, just a businesslike disagreement. And they did continue to 'play ball'...


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