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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, Tuesday evening with the boys went great. No drama, no problems. Well, except for one minor mishap, that did not even concern the boys. This resulted in my having to drive to Jackson, MS yesterday, a drive of around 7 hours round trip.

It made everything work out great, so it was worth it.

BUT...LOL...while I was driving, all these thoughts were flooding my head and I was driving, so I could not write them down...well, I could, but for most of the trip it was also raining, so I was trying to be cautious!

At one point I said to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be great if you could record these thoughts and then you will have them later when you want to do your post? Because you know that sieve you call a brain will have forgotten them by then..."

And I said "Gee Self, you are worth keeping around sometimes..."

That is when it hit CRACKBERRY!!!!!!! It has a recording device in this is what I call, Thoughts From The Road...real edgy kinda Kerouac type of title, but please don't expect literary genius...I don't!

* Do you 'manage your windshield wipers' when the rain comes in drips and in downfalls and everything in between as you drive? Or do you just set them at one speed and let them continue to flap over and over in front of your face?

* Doing good things for family and friends is wonderful, but it is when you do something special for a stranger that sets you from the pack.

* How come things come into my brain and then, when I reach for the recorder, they slip away?

* How come I didn't think about this voice recorder sooner? SHEESH!

* About 2 months ago I strained the pointer finger on my right hand. It is still bothering me and it 'locks-up' at times. I hear a clicking in there. Sometimes when it is bothering me, I hear the voice of Mom Joan saying "If you keep cracking your knuckles you will have arthritis when you get older"....hummmmmm

* Having Al Green on the radio, even in a downpour, makes the drive much more bearable.

* Do you use cruise-control when you are traveling on an Interstate? Or are you a 'keep my foot on the gas-pedal' type?

* Is it really necessary for a radio station to play the Beatles every 4th song? I swear they are doing that on this station...and no offense to the Beatles or BUD of "WTIT: The Blog", but HECK-A-DOODLE...every fourth song????

* Seeing blue sky up ahead after so many hours of driving in the rain is a welcome sight. Having the rain start again? Not so much!

* If the speed limit is 70MPH, how fast do you go?

* Sly Stone was a genius...when he was not out of his mind.

* Why do people use the flash on their camera when they are at concerts or sporting events? A flash is only effective for 15 feet, tops which means unless you have seats on stage next to Bono, turn the flash off on your camera!

* It really is too bad the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival runs into the Beale Street Music Festival. Though some artists do appear at both, most can not. But HECK-A-DOODLE...the lineups on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are just mind-blowing. I guess one year I will have to go down to N'awlin's and check that festival out.

Hey, seriously, I have had posts up, but no time to read your brilliance...I will be by today to visit!

All I have to say after that is....Cynthia & Jerry got a message their sayin'...."All the squares go home!"

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15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. I manage my wipers, attempting to keep them at the lowest possible level.

    I usr cruise control when on the interstate set at SEVEN mph above the limit - not 5 mph above, or 10 mph above, but SEVEN mph above.

    And people use the flash on their camera because they don't know how to turn it off.

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. I do manage my wipers. I've never been a big fan of driving in the rain.
    Depending on my mood I will drive the speed limit or up to four miles over.
    I play my MP3 through the car, so the Beatles are never every fourth song.
    Have a great day.

  5. star8278 Says:
  6. Do you 'manage your windshield wipers'? - Yes. I hate it when they go across the windshield when its fairly dry and make that awful squeek. Nails on a chalkboard if you ask me!

    * How come things come into my brain and then, when I reach for the recorder, they slip away? - Murphy's Law

    * Do you use cruise-control? Everyday. Otherwise I'd get a speeding ticket, EVERYDAY!!

    * If the speed limit is 70MPH, how fast do you go? Well, at 65 I do 72. So I guess at 70 I would 77!! But round here, when it drops to 55 everyone still does 75. Sucks, I am afraid of getting run over by the big trucks, I usually keep it at 64 when it drops. So my defense to the Officer is I was not still doing 65 like everyone else.

    * Why do people use the flash on their camera when they are at concerts or sporting events?- They only shoot AUTO and don't know any better.

  7. Matt-Man Says:
  8. Well then most people don't have a flash like the one on my camera. That damn thing is overpowering, too much so. Cheers Vin!!

  9. Bond Says:
  10. DANA: As do I with the wipers. My cruise control is set at between 9-11 miles over the posted speed limit

    DRILLERAA: I actually hate driving in the rain, especially at night. I had forgotten my connector for my iTouch. arg

    STAR: Yup hate that sound...LOL thanks Murphy!...
    Thanks for your answers ... the flash thing always bothers me for some reason

    MATT-MAN: Well you have a very special camera Sir!

  11. well i can answer one of those, i use the flash on my camera because i am too dumb to turn it off...

    smiles, bee

  12. Jay Says:
  13. I usually drive at about 9 mph over the limit where you would got to jail if you got stopped. ;-)

    Okay, I don't use the cruise control very often because I like to be in control.

    People use the flash because they leave their camera on Auto and it's dark so the flash goes off. And they forget to turn it off.

    I have thought about using a recorder too. I tend to forget virtually everything I think of that I can blog about when driving. Which sucks, because I do my best thinking while driving.

  14. Micky-T Says:
  15. Quite the ramble through your brain.
    1] Sometimes I manage the wipers....sometimes let them whack.
    2] don't have cruise, but would if I could. Then I'd have to manage that.
    3] I'm about a seven over the limit. My truck doesn't do much more than 70 and these E Tennessee hills really bog me down. I LOVE my old Ranger for everything that it is, and isn't!

  16. Now that's a collection of random thoughts and ideas...

    I do "manage" my windshield wipers.

    I use cruise control on the interstate - when I'm not in traffic.

    If the speed limit is 70 mph, I usually drive 78.

  17. ...yes, Brother Al Green makes everything better, and I believe Cynthia wants all the squares to" bum out"...

  18. Starrlight Says:
  19. I freakin LOVE Sly =)

    I call my home answering machine or my office voicemail at least once a day to remember random shiz that I would otherwise forget.

    Flashes on digital point and shoots tend to be set on auto and the camera is too stuuuupid to know Bono is too far away. So far away in fact that I can see him ...WITH FRICKIN MUSE. We won't go into my thoughts on a side job as a hooker :P

    Al Green is the man.

    Every 4th song? Much love to Bud and The Fab Four...but no. Heck I don't even want U2 every fourth song. Now every 10th or so...

  20. Travis Says:
  21. I used to take a mini recorder with me when I drove courier. I plotted a couple of stories with it. It sucks when you get an idea and you can't write it down immediately.

  22. Keep driving. GREAT post!

  23. Mimi Lenox Says:
  24. I go 72 and not a mile more.
    Why do you ask?
    Am I going to get a ticket?

  25. Tug Says:
  26. Windshield wipers drive me nuts, so I manage mine...and don't do speed control because that puts me to sleep. How fast? Much too, and there are highway patrolmen in 4 states that can attest to that. Which is why my dad still chews my butt about cruise control. ;-)


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