Tuesday...Dancing, Ruby and otherwise...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Before you do anything else today - well, that is, AFTER you finish reading my brilliant wordage (bwahahahahahahah), you have to get over and visit TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts", because you know that last night was the PREMIER of Dancing With The Stars, and no one....I say - let me hear ya shout it from the mountaintop, NO ONE does a DWTS recap like our buddy Travis...

OK, now I guess if you are reading this, you didn't just run over to Travis'...cause I said you should stay here and read this first, right? Well I guess, even if you went there and then came back, that is OK also...
BUT, for those of you who are NOT reading this, because you left and never came back...well, I am not real happy with you folks right about now!

Wait...where was I? OH, never mind...

Did a whole spring cleaning thing at the apartment Saturday morning. Nancy went to watch her son Ernie win his first tennis match of the season! WOOOOOOO

Then we cleaned the home and had some Chinese for dinner. Found a pretty decent place and have been trying out the menu little by little. The fried dumplings need some help, and the egg rolls are not worth the money, but the General Tso Chicken is quite good. Saturday we ordered the Twice Cooked Pork and it was very good.

Now, y'all have to know that being from the NY area I am a Chinese food snob and get real frustrated when I can't find good Chinese food. So this makes me happy.

Eating it with Nancy as we watch Dexter, well that is the biggest dang cherry on top of that treat!

OK, so two weeks in a row, and I am playing along with Mary/The Teach and her RUBY TUESDAY assignment...You can check out the other entries by clicking on the logo...

As I was cleaning the kitchen the bowl in the corner kept catching my eye. So grabbing the camera...three different views. The first had some minor hue adjustments to get the lemons a nice yellow, but still have the flash flares.(they go bigger)

For the second, we removed the flash flares from a second point of view.

The third, well, the third was a bit of an experiment...
Some cubism, so posterization, some color moves...

LIVE BROADCAST: March 10, 2009 @ 9 PM ET

Immediately following the live broadcast

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23 Of Your Sparks

  1. I have GOT to remember to listen to that show one of these weeks. I can't tonight, though, due to work.

    Great Photoshop work.

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. I maintain that Judge Alex is a robot. I mean look at that face. It's made of some type of rubber, plastic, faux skin type of stuff. Cheers Vin!!

  4. LAC Says:
  5. Hmm, love the apple pics, nut can I eat the ice cream instead? :P

  6. SOUTHERN: Hope you get a chance soon...Roger has been showing recently

    MATT-MAN: He might be a cyber-organism...like a Terminator!

    STAR: LOL...sure eat away...

  7. Dianne Says:
  8. Travis' review was fantastic! He hit on each couple perfectly

    I like all three of your fruity photos Vin ;)

  9. Jay Says:
  10. I need to do some spring cleaning too. Maybe this weekend.

    I don't watch DWTS, but I do keep up with it. I did tune in to see that girl who got jilted on the bachelor though. I wanted to see if she was any good with only 48 hours to practice. And she was good. And she's gorgeous! I think I like her. ;-)

  11. Ken Says:
  12. No time to read all this....Sorry!
    But your doing the right thing testing the whole menu. Just might be something that's REALLY good and worth coming back for!

  13. Patti Says:
  14. I'll have the shrimp with Chinese vegetables, please. And egg drop or wonton, doesn't matter. Whichever you order.

    I love what you did with the third photo. Cubism rocks. ;-)

  15. Tug Says:
  16. I like the 2nd photo - I don't know that I've ever used the flash on my camera... Do you have P.F. Changs down there? NUM.MERS.

  17. Dana Says:
  18. Loving the fruit pics! Oh, and if you think finding good Chinese food is difficult in the south, try looking for it in a town of 3500 ... or even anywhere within an hour's drive!

  19. katherine. Says:
  20. don't be hurt...but on DWTS days I read Trav first...sorry.

    like you...when you grow up eating real Chinese food (for me it was China Town in San Francisco)...some of the other stuff is hard to swallow.

    a bourbon contest you say.....?

  21. katherine. Says:
  22. have you seen the contest?

    THE stupidest videos.

    matt needs to play....

  23. Belinda needs to step it up on DWTS.

    I LOVE the third picture. The texture is awesome.

  24. Love the photos. Have a great show...

  25. DIANNE: Yes, he does a great job and thanks

    JAY: DO it before the real nice weather arrives...I hear she is kinda of interested in you also!

    MICKEY: Was it too long? LOL

    PATTI: That will be 25 minutes...

    TUG: LOL...I use it at times. PF Changs is good, I like hole in the wall places that serve up BIG portions for little money

    DANA: Thanks and one word...MOVE! LOL

    KATHERINE: You come here, so all's good...I would read him first
    Bourbon yummmm - actually I am a sour mash whiskey guy
    I had not looked...going to now.

    STARR: Yes she does...Thanks

    BUD: Thanks Sir

  26. ...dude! you got it goin' ON!....

  27. Lu' Says:
  28. I adore chinese food mmm. I like to eat the General :) I liked the third tweaked photo. I hope you are feeling better.

  29. Mimi Lenox Says:
  30. You are in my post today...Have a great show!


  31. Liz Hill Says:
  32. Oooo photography and food--two of my favorites!

    I've been playing ;-)

    Did you know that you can have you Blogger host your own domain for your blog for only $10 per year?


  33. Travis Cody Says:
  34. I'm all kerfluffled with this talk of my DWTS reviews. Thanks for the shout!

    I'm a bit of a heathen when it comes to Chinese food. I figure if I like it, it's good.

  35. TopChamp Says:
  36. I'm with Travis on the Chinese but I'm pleased you've found a good one. I wouldn't really know what was authentic and what wasn't.

    It's strange to me to see tomatoes in a fruit bowl but I don't know why.

  37. It must be the allergies, but I read, "Nancy eating Dexter with a cherry on top."

    I need to take a nap...

  38. PHFRANKIE: I try

    LU': Like to eat the general! What does his wife think? LOL

    MIMI: I hope to think I am in your post everyday!

    TURNBABY: I see you have been playing...hummm might have to check that out

    TRAVIS: No reason to be kerfluffled...dude you do DWTS like no other

    TOPCHAMP: It is all about your likes and dislikes

    SONGBIRD: It must be something...blame the allergies...go on!


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