Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, April 02, 2009


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13 Of Your Sparks

  1. The powers that be at Blogger will be contacting you about unauthorized use of their logo.

  2. come on mr bond, we and not buying this crap, i promise i never complained to blogger

  3. SOUTHERN: They just might!

    SARGE: Thanks

  4. Ken Says:
  5. Not for a minute, not one single minute Mr. Bond.

  6. ...I may look stoopid but I'm not...I'm smart! didn't trick me!...btw, that was one wacked-out version of 'The End'...can't say I've heard it...what's the story?...

  7. MICKEY-T: Not even one minute?

    PHFRANKIE: I didn't? I believe that is from the Doors Movie.

  8. Brad Says:
  9. So this url is now available? This would be a great site for my new "Into center past a Diving Jeter" blog :)

  10. Ken Says:
  11. No Vinny, your addicted and most of us know that!

  12. You are totally nuts. It keeps bringing me back...

  13. Travis Cody Says:
  14. See...this might have worked on me. I just might have bought it.

    Except for one thing...

    ...when a blog is no longer available, Blogger doesn't let you find the blog anymore.

    So great joke Sir!

  15. Mimi Lenox Says:
  16. Isn't this the second day you've tried to pull this mess? I didn't fall off the blog truck yesterday ya know....."Closed. Posted
    By Bond"......uh huh. I don't have TIME for this!!! I'm trying to run a Kingdom, fly peace globes and generally keep operations running smoothly in the blogosphere and on top of that, President Obama visited the wrong Queen. I am not amused!!
    I cannot be bothered with such foolery as this.

    Now knock it off!!

  17. Lu' Says:
  18. I need my smile fix! Where will I get that beautiful smile fix!

  19. BRAD: I was going to use it for "Like we believe that was a bloody" but it was taken..

    MICKEY-T: Me? addicted? Me?

    BUD: That is the highest compliment my friend! bwahahahaha

    TRAVIS: Stop being so logical! LOL Thanks

    MIMI: OK, I promise, not another thing like this for at least 360 days or so...

    LU': Come back tomorrow...smiles all around!


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