Happy Birthday Matt!

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, April 03, 2009

did I get ya yesterday?

heheheheheheh I just had to let it go one more day

Twenty-two years. So much has happened in that time span.

I have moved 4 times in that span. I have had 7 jobs and have been out of work for about 3 years.

I have gotten divorced, and have found the most perfect woman.

I began a blog and met so many wonderful new friends.

I began a food blog and keep making new friends.

The one constant is that 22 years ago today, Matthew Vincent Marini was born!

The greatest day of my life. He has brought me so much joy and love it is hard to put into words.

Matt is now a Junior in college. He continues to work for PP&H as an instructor and loves working with the kids.

Two years ago, I did a special post for Matt. If you are a newbie around here, I encourage you to go read it. I happen to think it is one of the best posts I have ever written...but then again, I am a tad prejudice on this subject!

You can find it HERE.


31 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Happy B-Day to the Matt-Man. Ha, I like saying that. Cheers Vinny!!

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Happy Birthday Matt!

    I didn't realize that "your" Matt and my "Tyler" were so close in age - only 9 months difference. I have been amazed at what a joy it has been to watch Tyler become an adult. I'm certain you feel much the same way.

  5. Terrific job with the video! Happy Birthday Matt!

  6. DrillerAA Says:
  7. Happy Birthday Matthew.

  8. Liz Hill Says:
  9. Happy Birthday to Matt!

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. Happy Birthday Matt!

  12. hey, matt man is growing up, good job matt, no you did not fool me...

  13. MATT-MAN: Of course you like it!

    DANA: My only regret is being so far away the last few years...thanks Dana

    BUD: Thank you Sir.



    TRAVIS: TY Sir

    SARGE: So very fast it all happened! LOL

  14. OBLadyBug Says:
  15. Happy 22nd Birthday Matt!

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. thank you very much everybody
    and dad thank you for the video it was awesome =)
    and the cake is amazing as well haha

    i love you


  18. Coco Says:
  19. Happy Birthday, Matt! You're lucky to have such a loving dad and wonderful role model.

    I remember that post from a couple years ago, Vinny. It made me cry then and pray that, despite the odds, my baby would grow up with a strong role model the way your Matt did. Re-reading that post today, I can honestly see much of what you describe in the young Matt appearing in my son. I just realized that B-man has his strong role model in me, Vinny, and it's partly due to your words and example. You have made a huge difference in the lives of at least two people that you have never even met face to face. That is extraordinary. Thank you, my friend, for your encouragement and support when I needed it the most.

  20. Mimi Lenox Says:
  21. Happy birthday to Matt!!! Have a wonderful day!

  22. Dianne Says:
  23. Happy Birthday Matt!!

  24. Happy Birthday, Matt.

    Great work with the video.

  25. Twinnsmom Says:
  26. Happy Birthday Matt! I love you so much! Wish we could be together today. Have a great day! May all your wishes come true.
    Love, Your Godmother

  27. Angell Says:
  28. Happy Birthday Matt. I hope that you have a great weekend, and enjoy it to the fullest.

  29. Vincente, you are sooooooo very blessed in your relationship with your son. Your love and devotion to him is very apparent in all that you say and do, and Matt's love for you is obvious, too. How incredible for you that your life has taken such a marvelous turn and that Matt is there to share it with you.

  30. NANCY: So kind

    MATT: Glad you enjoyed your video...have an incredible day Love you

    COCO: What a wonderful thing to say. I am humbled that i could assist in even a small way to allow you and B to blossom

    MIMI: Thank you

    SOUTHERN: Thanks so much

    LYNN: Thanks for coming by sis...Love you

    ANGELL: You also enjoy your weekend

    SONGBIRD: Thank you dear friend...

  31. Ralph Says:
  32. Your children get bigger and bigger, but we parents never lose the affection for our kids. You are blessed, and Matt has picked up on the values that were once yours alone, but are now shared. Congrats!

  33. Unknown Says:
  34. Happy birthday Matt.

  35. All the best matt on your birthday! You're a great father, Vinny! :)

    And YES you got me... I'm glad it's not true! :)

  36. RALPH: so true Sir...thank you so much

    JOHNH: Thanks

    MARYT/THE TEACH: Thanks and sorry for the scare!

  37. Tug Says:
  38. Happy happy birthday to Matt!!

    Prejudice is ALWAYS allowed when it comes to our kids. ;-)

  39. katherine. Says:
  40. just a little teary.

    what a fine young man.

    (I was gonna say something else but I didn't want to go all Mrs Robinson on a post your parents read....smile)

  41. Happy B Day, Matt!!

    Ya done good, Vinny. Mine is injured...AGAIN.

    We need our own exam room at the ortho clinic.

  42. Ken Says:
  43. I forgot to comment yesterday after playing the video. Happy Birthday "Son of Vinny".
    That song stuck in my head untill lunch.

  44. TopChamp Says:
  45. Happy Birthday Matt!

  46. TUG: Thanks for the shout

    KATHERINE: LOLOLOL...I am sure Matt would not have minded if you had gone Mrs. Robinson!

    STARR: Thanks...You need to wrap her in bubble-wrap I think!

    MICKEY-T: LOL Good song

    TOPCHAMP: thanks

  47. Patti Says:
  48. Happy Birthday to Matt! Almost born on April Fool's Day, I see. ;-)

  49. Patti Says:
  50. P.S. Love the song you chose to go with the video..Matt has your eyes!

  51. Fred Says:
  52. The music was great.

    Happy birthday to Matt. The video was terrific, Vince. You're a lucky guy.


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