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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, April 13, 2009

This Week's Featured Dish:
Pollo Tesoro with Gnocchi

Before we get to the musical portion of today's post, if you have not already done so, please go wish our great friend TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts" a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Travis celebrated yesterday, but I am sure he would love to let it extend through today!


Our friend DANA of "Random Blatherings" used a few of these this weekend in an email...but I am sure she will not mind me stealing also using them...Because it is Travis...you know there must be CAKES! (BIGGIE BY CLICKIE)

First off, I did receive a CD from Mr. Scott Krokoff as promised. I have decided that a very cool friend of mine who lives in Canada and who left the following comment: "I like his guitar. Brennan". Well the B-man, as I call him is only 6-years old, but has an excellent sense of what is good in the world. He got that from his very cool mom .

So, B-man...Scott Krokoff's Better Life will be making its way into the US Postal service to be handed off to Canada Post / Postes Canada and into your mailbox soon.

Back in November on THIS POST, we introduced y'all to Mr. Paul Jeffrey. He was an overwhelming hit with the guests here on The Couch with 71% of the voters thinking "you found another good one here".

Mr. Jeffrey and I have exchanged a few emails and he was kind enough (OK, even he knows it makes sense to send one! LOL) to send a copy of his new CD. The project is released under the collaborative name of Paradise Street and the CD is entitled Catharsis.

What we find from the CD liner is that all music is written by Paul Jeffrey and all lyrics by Cath Walls.

Nothing more on the musicians on the CD, so I am going to ask Mr. Jeffrey to enlighten us in the comment area (yes folks, he will be stopping by...)

The songs are very enjoyable. There are two (? - I hear two dominant females, not sure if it is over dubbing) main female vocalists who solo and duet and really mesh with their voices.

The rhythm section sets a basic back beat with nothing spectacular coming from there, but that is not a bad thing (Ringo and Paul were not rhythm virtuosos either!).

The keyboards are the main instrument throughout and Mr. Jeffrey has a unique skill with this group of instruments..

This is quite different in many ways, yet similar in others to the Paul Jeffrey we first met last November.

I quite like this effort. Now it is your turn to give your opinions and to use the poll to let Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Walls what you think of their project.

First is "Falling For You" and then "Life Of Love"...

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. couldn't get the second tune to play....but liked the follow up story and all.

  3. Hope your holiday went well. Survive your Monday...

  4. Travis Says:
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the CAKE! I'll be back later to listen to the music. I liked Mr Jeffrey when you featured him before.

  6. Bond Says:
  7. KATHERINE: hummm..just worked for me. Thanks for stopping by

    BUD: thanks Sir...you also

    TRAVIS: My pleasure Sir...

  8. Jay Says:
  9. That's not really my kind of music, but they're very good at what they do.

    Hope you had a great Easter dude.

  10. Bond Says:
  11. JAY: Thanks for your input and we had a grand Eater. Hope you did also Sir.

  12. I had to go with "not bad...not convinced." I don't know if I heard it the first time you posted his work. I'll have to go back and find it.

  13. coco Says:
  14. Oh wow, I have a very excited little boy here, Vinny. Thank you so much! He'll be posting as soon as he gets up from his nap ...(what was I thinking, letting him learn to spell?):P

    Got to be honest, These two tracks didn't ring any bells for me. The music was pleasant to listen to, inoffensive, but kinda like the stuff you put in the background at a nice mid-range restaurant. I didn't dislike it, but it just didn't stand out for me. Just my humble opinion, Sir. It's very good music for the genre. Just not to my taste.

  15. coco Says:
  16. thank you Uncle Vinny. Brennan

  17. Bond Says:
  18. SOUTHERN: Different from his solo stuff...but I liked it

    COCO: Thanks for your views on the music and glad I could make my main man B happy

    BRENNAN: You are so very welcome!

  19. Micky-T Says:
  20. I voted ..not bad.. knowing my wife would like them a lot more.

  21. Meribah Says:
  22. The songs were okay. Nothing special to me.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Bond!

  23. Fred Says:
  24. What Meribah said.

    I suspect you ate your way through yesterday....hope it was good!

  25. Bond Says:
  26. MICKEY-T: What a hubby you is...

    MERI: Thanks for your input Meri...I did and hope you and yours also had a joyous day.

    FRED: You parrot you!
    Actually did not eat a lot yesterday...ate the rest of the weekend though!

  27. Dana Says:
  28. I'm kind of in the "ho-hum" camp. Nothing that I can pinpoint - nothing *wrong* with the music or the musicians - just didn't light a fire under my butt!

  29. Tug Says:
  30. I liked the first round of Paul better...these didn't really do much for me unfortunately.

    Happy birthday to Travis!

  31. Dana Says:
  32. Happy Birthday Trav! Don't you love the wolf eating the cake?

  33. Travis Says:
  34. I really enjoyed the music. I enjoyed Mr Jeffrey the first time you featured him, and I like this collaboration with Ms Walls too.

  35. JohnH985 Says:
  36. Not bad, I wouldn't put myself in the really enjoy them, but I like them. They definitely have talent.

  37. Starrlight Says:
  38. I'm with John and Jay and Southern, they clearly have talent but they just didn't quite click with me. It was one of those things where I felt the dual urges to go listen to early Heart or the Doobies.

  39. DrillerAA Says:
  40. The music was ok, but a little forgettable. I think there are some mixing issues here. There are times when the instruments almost overpower the vocals and other times when the vocals seem to be left to their own devices.

  41. The Pollo Tesoro looks dee-lish! Red peppers for Ruby Tuesday! And Thank you for telling me it's Travis's birthday, Vinny! I've gotta run right over there! :)

  42. Paul Jeffery Says:
  43. Thanks to all for your comments and of course to Bond for the review :) Can I suggest 'Coming Up For Air' and 'That Girl's A Rose' may have been better tracks for people new to the project to hear first?!
    But thanks for all the feedback, the vocalists are Kim Chandler and Sally Rivers-2 of the top UK-based singers-for more info on Paradise Street please visit www.myspace.com/paradisestreet

    All the best


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