This is the end...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is probably the most difficult post I have ever written.

This happens to be my 788th post. The Couch began on March 16th, 2006. I even missed my three year anniversary this situation has caused me so much grief.

I always wondered how it would feel to get to my 1,000th post, but I guess that day will never see the light of dawn.

You see kiddies...I am shutting it down. It is over, kaput, finished... 788 posts here and 3 over at Mangia Y'all...

Why? Why you ask? Well, it appears that I am no longer wanted in the blogger community.

I have received notice from the powers that be that they have received 'far too many complaints' about The Couch and my visits to other sites around the bloggosphere.

There is a coordinated campaign which has obviously succeeded. A group of folks have protested my presence here and as my blogs are both under the same 'domain holder', I have been banished.

I have been fighting them, but yesterday the fight ended....I was able to negotiate one last post.

My account is being shut down as of midnight tonight. If I can come up with a way to sign up a different way I will visit y'all, but they have both my isp's and said they would be blocking them.

I guess you will have to find your music somewhere else...

It has been fun...

35 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. Thank goodness! I was beginning to wonder if all of my grass roots work was falling on deaf ears!

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. Eh, that's too bad. Good Luck with all of that. Cheers!!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. Finally, the "The Powers That Be" have listened to reason and my constant complaining about this electronic dribble that you spew on a daily basis. May the 1000th post never see the light of day! Hmmm....I wonder.

  7. this must be your april fools joke

  8. Oh, my dear Bond...

    When I first read this, after being out of blogging for months, my heart fell. I thought it must be fate that I stumbled across this post on the day you posted it. How fortunate that I caught this now, and not weeks from now...

    Then I realized--it's April 1st. *whew* Because though I have been absent, I still enjoy your writing, your tutelage, your humour!

    Good on ya! You had me going for a minute there!

    Hope all is well!

  9. Micky-T Says:
  10. And your point is...............?

  11. We think it's a badddddd April Fools Joke.

    It had your mother and I wondering what you were going to do with all your spare time:):):)

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. A hell-u-va GOTTCHA

  14. star8278 Says:
  15. This would be worse knews than the damn Conficker virus, luckily it's April 1st....

  16. Bond Says:
  17. DANA: No it worked...

    MATT-MAN: Thanks...see ya

    DRILLERAA: The campaign was larger than even I suspected

    SARGE: April Fools Joke?

    MARGARET: Nice to see you...glad you made it before the end...

    MICKEY-T: You won't have Vinny Bond to kick around any longer

    M&D: Maybe take up knitting?

    ANON: If it really is...

    STAR: Kind of you to say...

  18. ...but...but...but...the tunes, man,the tunes...

  19. well you made me get up my dander and then i realized you are a so it's not even possible and i fell for it and ran over here like an idiot!! ha ha ha

    you got me!

    smiles, bee

  20. Wow. If today wasn't April 1...

  21. What the hell?! Are you pulling a Matt-Man, or is this truth?! 'Fess up!!!

  22. TopChamp Says:
  23. As IF!

  24. Bond Says:
  25. PHFRANKIE: The Tuneage will never die

    BEE: Well, my is through

    SOUTHERN: it is?

    SONGBIRD: What do you mean a Matt-Man?

    TOPCHAMP: IF as!

  26. Mags Says:
  27. If you hadn't just done a revamp a little bit ago I may have fallen for it-especially b/c I read via reader first thing in the morning when I'm still a bit fuzzy...

    That wasn't funny.

    :) OK...maybe a little funny...

  28. Mimi Lenox Says:
  29. You deserve to be sent to the dungeon for that!!! I nearly had a fool's fit here in Bloggingham.

    Don't make me come over there!!

  30. Mimi Lenox Says:
  31. Don't you ever do that again, Buster!!

  32. You tell him, Queen Mimi!

  33. Bond Says:
  34. MAGS: Just a little funny?

    MIMI: I have a key for the dungeon...LOL...ah now what to you?

    SONGBIRD: Don't encourage her...

  35. Turnbaby Says:
  36. LOL @ Dana

    My first thought was riiiiiggghhht.


  37. Tug Says:
  38. Happy April Fools Day Bond!

    Knitting...ROFLMAO. ;-)

  39. coco Says:
  40. So ... wanna write posts for my blog now? I am willing to sacrifice my good name and take all the blame for the schlock you have been churning out. LMAO - you TURD! You had me going for a fraction of a minute.

  41. Jay Says:
  42. You still here Vinny?

  43. katherine. Says:
  44. I basically believe nothing I read today...

    including this.

    (side chairs to the couch...PERFECT!)

  45. Bond Says:
  46. TURNBABY: Good first thought....maybe...SMOOCH

    TUG: Ya like the knitting idea? I do a cap to keep you warm next winter in NY Yankee colors!

    COCO: Sure I guess I can ghost write for your site...a fraction?

    JAY: Nope

    KATHERINE: Nothing at all? Not a word?

  47. Oh man, I fell for it! I'm glad I read everybody else's comment before I reacted, sobbing and screaming! I was about to write to Blogger and give them a piece of my mind (not that I have much to give...)Whew! See ya tomorrow, Vinny! :)

  48. Bond Says:
  49. MARY: I am not sure why you think it is fake.....

  50. JohnH985 Says:
  51. Great music. I'm not sure what all these people are writing about, do you mean we're supposed to read the posts too, I just thought it was to listen to the music.

  52. Travis Says:
  53. Ppppppppppfffffffftttttttttttt!

  54. The Teamster Says:
  55. I believe everything i read...and I started writing just to be like you....Now you're gone forever?

    I'll check in with you tomorrow..

  56. coco Says:
  57. nahhh - I think I can manage to churn out my own schlock - yours is too hi-tech for my lowly site. Thanks anyway ...

  58. Roger Says:
  59. You had me for not one second! Bahahahhahaha! Like they would ever get rid of you! :D

  60. Starrlight Says:
  61. *snort*

    If MATT is still rollin you are safe as kittens ;)


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