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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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This week, we step into the way-back machine to this past January when our most wonderful friends - and recent newlyweds - TURNBABY of "And As The World Turns" and BRAD from "Pointless Drivel" were in Memphis for New Year's Eve and we spent one of the days exploring the home of Elvis, Graceland. I showed you the video of it HERE.

As we moved from the 'Jungle Room' we were directed down the steps to the finished basement. The entire stairway was lined with mirrors. As I neared the bottom I looked up and reflected in the mirror above me were Nancy, Turnbaby and Brad. The photo is blurry because you have to keep moving, there are people constantly moving throughout the tour.

But, Nancy had on one of her Ole Miss zip-ups, which is - OF COURSE - bright red. Turnbaby's top was Burgandy (in the red family) and Brad's shirt had a number of red cars (almost looks like my old '64 Chevy Malibu), on it...so I present to you, my weekly RUBY TUESDAY submission: (clickie for biggie)

So, yesterday at lunch I am running through my blog roll as is my custom and all of a sudden, I can not see any photos. Normally at work, videos are blocked, but not photos.

Then I get to Travis' blog and I see the "Websense" screen telling me:
Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time. Reason: The Websense category "Social Networking and Personal Sites" is filtered. URL: http://travsthoughts.blogspot.com/

Then when I went to comment on another blog, the comment box is hidden by the Websense message.

Weird...some sites, no problem...some sites a tad of a problem and some sites...no access at all.

So, if I do not get to you during the lunch hours, I will need to come visit when I get home at night.

I mean...sheesh...why can't I read blogs at work????? What is wrong with these people!!!!!


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Lorna Scott is most often recognized as James McAvoy’s stapler-yielding boss-from hell in the 2008 summer blockbuster, “Wanted“ which just came out on DVD a few months ago.

Since, the veteran character actress is quickly becoming a household name with a bevy of high-profile projects completed in the last year including her newest, a starring role in the new Bob Saget series, “Surviving Suburbia¸” which premiered on ABC Monday, April 6th at 9:30 p.m. following “Dancing With The Stars.”

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18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Great shot with the mirrors. Well done.

    That is strange about your ability to access certain blogs and not others. Doesn't your employer realize the educational value of blogs?

  2. Matt-Man Says:
  3. Damn Internets Filter Nazis. Cheers!!

  4. DrillerAA Says:
  5. Ah Graceland, the last bastion of flocked wallpaper and mirror ceilings. There's just no account for bad taste. I've never been there, but I think I'll let your video tour suffice for now. But, it's a great Ruby Tuesday Photo.

  6. Travis Says:
  7. It's certainly a puzzlement that they block some blogs and not others.

    Thanks as always for the shout!

  8. no blogging at work? yeesh, what's the matter with this? who do they think they are?

    smiles, bee

  9. Jay Says:
  10. You need to talk to your IT guy and see if he can't do something about this problem. Like pay him off or something.

    My only review of DWTS is that Melissa chick is smoking hot!

  11. Bond Says:
  12. SOUTHERN: Obviously they do not

    MATT-MAN: I mean for real

    DRILLER: LOL...thanks

    TRAVIS: I know...so strange. I think some of it is the description of the blog. No worries on the shout..you deserve them

    BEE: Truly...I mean really...

    JAY: LOL they outsourced to IBM, not sure cash will fix my situation

  13. Turnbaby Says:
  14. You know I don't think anyone can appreciate Graceland until they: 1)have been there and; 2) put its decor in perspective. I love that pic--that was a very cool part.

    I want to go back and take more time going through.

    BOOO on the internetz Nazis

  15. star8278 Says:
  16. Oh no. I hope the gov't does not start using a program like that. I will never be able to stay up to date in my blog reading...

    BTW - got the CD yesterday. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!

  17. Bond Says:
  18. TURNBABY: I so totally agree. It was the 70's for goodness sake and that decor was HAWT then! Come on down to visit, but umm.I will wait at a bar for you - twice is enough

    STAR: Hopefully it will not happen to you - Glad the CD arrived..ENJOY

  19. You gotta worry about the blog police? What is Busg still president? I thought a new era began! Have a great show...

  20. Julie Says:
  21. I can read blogs at my work and so should you! Who should I call?

  22. Dana Says:
  23. Love that shot on the escalator!

  24. Ralph Says:
  25. Red and Graceland seem to go together quite well. Since I haven't been there...but you showcase your lovely Darlin' in red very well here!

  26. Starrlight Says:
  27. Ahh the boss from HELL. He reams in the movie too. One of the best scenes of the whole film.

    Great pictures!


  28. It's because Travis is a dancing fiend, and his site is not visible for all of the bumping and grinding and carrying on over there.

    Didn't you realize that?

  29. Patti Says:
  30. At least you got SOME red in the photo for Ruby Tuesday ;-D
    I think that mirrored stairway would make me dizzy or nauseous.

    I don't watch 'Dancin' with the Stars' and the whole calling in to Dr. Blogstein's show scares me, so I guess I'm done commenting for now, Vinny.

    Sorry you are being restricted from reading blogs. That stinks.

  31. Great shot, Vin! Graceland must have been a lot of fun!:)


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