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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did Ty get thrown?
Was LT penalized for defensive holding?
Could the viewers have jilted Melissa?
Find out from TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts",
He'll have the full DANCING WITH THE STARS rundown...

OK, so as some of you know, about a month ago I broke down and did a FaceBook profile. I did this mainly because I received an email from an old friend looking to connect that way.

But I don't do all that bling stuff and the causes and the trivia and on and on and on...

First off, when you want to even accept something like the bling they have, you have to give information. If you want to do those trivia things, in many cases I have found you need to enter a cell phone number. NOPE NOPE NOPE - HECK-A-DOODLE NOPE.

It is just way too much trouble. But then yesterday I got a friend request from a guy who I worked on the radio station with at RIT. We began sending notes to each other. Turns out his company produced the pilot for and then did production on South Park!

SO, from there, I now have been in contact with three other people from eons ago. This flowed me over to LinkedIn again, as I had not been on there in over a year.

Ends up there are like four people from my past trying to reach me through that channel. I did not know about them because I never ever go to my old business email on comcast.net. Guess I need to take another 25 seconds out of my day and reacquaint myself with these spaces.

I don't twitter...Ashton Kutcher has nothing to worry about...he can keep his 1 million followers. I mean, what do you get from receiving little blurbs from celebrities? No really..someone explain that to me...PULEEEASE!

Yesterday I received an invite from another business co-worker from years past to join plax.com..a new social/business/FAMILY networking site...yes folks, without these sites, we forget we have family!?!?!?!

Social networking...business networking...and now family networking...more and more of these sites are emerging.

Do you use LinkedIn? FaceBook? Twitter? Plaxo? Other Option? All of them? None of them? (I am not going to stalk you, promise...well maybe two or three of you!).

The video for “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’”, the first single from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming release Together Through Life, is now available to view exclusively on HERE. The video consists of a montage of Bruce Davidson’s Brooklyn Gang series of photographs, one of which graces the cover of Dylan’s 46th album, Together Through Life. The “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” video will appear exclusively on Amazon’s homepage until Wednesday, April 22, and in the Bob Dylan Store for 30 days thereafter.

Additionally, the last installment of Bob Dylan’s rare interview with Bill Flanagan is now available to read exclusively on The Huffington Post. This segment of the enthralling series deals with the making of Bob Dylan’s upcoming release, Together Through Life. The previous parts of the interview can be found on BobDylan.com. Read the new installment HERE.

I wonder if Jason & The Scorchers were thinking of the plethora of networking sites when they wrote "Find You"...

31 Of Your Sparks

  1. I use Facebook and Twitter.

    I have a grand total of 19 friends on my Facebook ... mostly people who don't live near me and I like to keep up with.

    For Twitter, I "follow" one "celebrity" - and that is Lance Armstrong.

  2. DrillerAA Says:
  3. Nope, nada, none of the above. I have none of those accounts and have no plans to start one. It's all I can do to keep up with one lousy little blog that virtually no one reads.

  4. Matt-Man Says:
  5. I have an account on several social networks, but just don't keep up on them that often. Eh, just haven't really been able to "get into" them. Cheers Vinny!!

  6. Dianne Says:
  7. I'm on Facebook and Myspace and Linkd and I can't stand any of them - what happened to just plain e-mail - I'd like to talk without throwing snowballs and send glitter globes and signing walls

    no wonder so many have the attention span of gnats

    I don't get twitter at all - is it really necessary to be in touch with the world 24/7 - to me it just keeps people from actually being in touch about things that matter

    now I think I sound like an old fogey but ya know - heck-a-doodle- more isn't always better and new isn't always needed

  8. Travis Says:
  9. Keeping up with blogging is enough for me right now. And I can hardly do that these days.

  10. I signed up to communicate with my not communitive daughter. I could not believe the whole concept. But I think that because of the blogospher and our comfort with it, we just need what clearly more work...

  11. Dana Says:
  12. I have a FaceBook profile, but it is specifically for family. I have worked diligently to keep it very, VERY separate from the blog (for obvious reasons).

    I do Twitter, and I was the anti-Twitter just a few months ago. Although not for everyone, it is kind of a neat way to keep in touch without having to be available through IM. I don't follow celebrities, but I do follow quite a few of my blogging buddies, some inspirational quote twits and news.

    What can I say? I'm a convert!

  13. katherine. Says:
  14. I signed up for both myspace and facebook cause my three "kids" were all on there.

    MySpace is pretty much unused by everyone I know...except The Teamsters son and all his AirForce buddies and families still are active on it.

    FaceBook is pretty big with the late 20's early 30's set. Rhiannon has a close friend who works for them here...and so I am encouraged to use it. I have reconnected with a few high school friends. But some of the stuff is kinda silly.

    A couple of our mutual friends are fairly active on FaceBook I've found....smile.

    Last month The Teamsters's mother became a FaceBooker...so now I gotta watch what we post. I thought it was bad when my cousins and uncle were there....sheesh

  15. katherine. Says:
  16. HEY

    what the sam hill is going on at the new Yankee Stadium???

    20 HR in 4 games...14 over the right field fence?

  17. Bond Says:
  18. SOUTHERN: Interesting...Lance huh?

    DRILLERAA: It is amazing...and I read you every day!

    MATT-MAN: It can be difficult

    DIANNE: All so true...the silliness on faceBook has just escaped me

    TRAVIS: Understood Sir

    BUD: And I stayed away from FaceBook for years because my son was on it!

    DANA: I do not publicize my FaceBook on my blog either. I just don't get the twittering thing

    KATHERINE: Yes, there are those that have gotten into FaceBook with abandon...I am not one of them...

    I know..they have done some wind-studies and the Ballpark in the Bronx is now a launching pad!

  19. TopChamp Says:
  20. I'm open to them! To start with I hated Facebook as I didn't want everyone I know to see what I'm doing all the time, but having learnt not to put anything there I'm not happy with it's cool now.

    I tried Twitter but didn't like it. My sis uses it for work (she's in the arts).

    I check Facebook regularly as being in the late 20's early 30's group myself it's fun. I have been offered gigs through it so & removed email notifications as they were too irritating.

    Never heard of the other two.

  21. Jay Says:
  22. Myspace sucks. Facebook is okay, except that I refuse to accept all those apps requests and stuff like that. I think I have 248 requests sitting there. I do play Scrabble though.

    But Twitter is the bomb! Screw Ashton. Screw using it for networking or business or whatever.

    It's a great way to make connections with people even beyond what you can through blogs or Blog Talk Radio. It's like a big chat room. You can have conversations going on with several different people at once or have group discussions going on. Best part is that people come and go. We're all busy and so we just respond when we can, even if it's an hour or so later. It's a little strange, but after you get used to it, you see how cool it can be.

    I don't follow celebs either. There are a lot of men my age following Miley Cyrus and I can't figure out why. It does bother me.

    I do follow some media types and political people (both repubs and dems). They can be fun and they will respond to us "regular" people. The celebs won't.

  23. ...thanks for the Bob news...

  24. Mags Says:
  25. I use Facebook and Linkedin but not Twitter. Anything that says you can be "hyper connected" to your friends makes me shiver. No one needs to know that I am going to the bathroom or blowing my nose!

  26. Micky-T Says:
  27. I keep Facebook seperate mostly family and distant friends. I'm kinda getting bored with it but really enjoy catching my sailing nephew on line and IM-ing.

  28. star8278 Says:
  29. I am on FB & Twitter. Twitter is a convenient way to do both at the same time, too. Your twitter updates can be auto shipped to your Facebook profile. Kills two birds. And, now they have it so your blog posts can get on your FB notes section too. Kind of a nice way to keep everyone in the loop. I ditched Myspace a few months ago, too immature. Though I do have to give it credit for my Husband finding my email address. So I can't say it's all bad. If it wasn't for my myspace page, he'd never have found my blog, which is where he found my email and made the first contact with me.

  30. Bond Says:
  31. TOPCHAMP: You are with the many...I, with the few.

    JAY: Well, if I ever begin to Twitter, I will make sure I send you many notifications...men following Miley Cyrus is sick...

    PHFRANKIE: My pleasure

    MAGS: LOL agreed

    MICKEY-T: What? I am not on your FaceBook? How dare you!

  32. Bond Says:
  33. STAR: So, you are a myspace love story then....

  34. It's too difficult to keep up with all of the social networking sites. I don't FB or anything else. I've been invited to MyLife, Plaxo, LinkedIN, and other sites, and I sometimes accept the invites, but then I never go back and check out to see who or what's going on. I can't figure out FB, so I won't be doing that!

  35. Mimi Lenox Says:
  36. I use FB and Twitter to promote peace globes and have gathered many more participants that way. (Yes, friends, I know I am driving you nuts with updates but roll with it, k?) I will not use it for my real person persona. Nope. Nada. Nope.

    They are all too intrusive. And really, you don't have to type in what you're REALLY doing.....

  37. Bond Says:
  38. SONGBIRD: FB is ok if you do not get into all the kookiness

    MIMI: Driving me nuts? nah...well a little...no, really...

  39. Turnbaby Says:
  40. I have MySpace in my real name to check on people for work*sigh*

    I like Facebook. I play WordScraper(scrabble type game). Don't ever do any app where you have to give stuff out.

    I like that FB has 'content' to a degree. It's more like mini-blogging

    Twitter--which I have but rarely use--is often spastic and shallow. It's just too much.

  41. Vin, I'm on Fcebook and Twitter (I don't get Twitter...) but I don't go very often. :)

  42. Bond Says:
  43. MARY: Thanks for playing...LOL

  44. Dana Says:
  45. I've been saying "Heck-a-Doodle-No" at work at lot lately...

    Anyhoo, I had Facebook which was interesting but my stupid SIL messed it up for my family and I haven't been back. It is cool to catch up with people but I just never seem to have time!

  46. Bond Says:
  47. DANA: That's it girl...spread the HECK-A-DOODLE...
    In-laws can be like that!

  48. Fred Says:
  49. I also set up a Facebook profile to keep up with the kids, and suddenly I'm now in touch with some high school friends. I'll send you a friend request and you can see who I'm in touch with.

  50. Tug Says:
  51. I twitter...I find 140 characters about enough for me - LOL. (This is why I haven't started a new blog, nothing to say) I refuse to Facebook - if I want to talk to anyone from my past, they've found another way to find me. I follow some celebs, just 'cause I'm snoopy & sometimes they really do good things through twitter.

    My daughter & brother were at the Yankees home opener...I hate them both. ;-)

  52. Roger Says:
  53. Hey Vin I just got your comment that you get tons of hummers all summer long, well that must be nice LOL! I couldn't resist!

  54. JohnH985 Says:
  55. I'm anxious for the Dylan album to come out.

    Great song choice from Jason & The Scorchers. Love them. I've been a fan so long the first thing I bought from them is on vinyl.

  56. Starrlight Says:
  57. I have Twitter (which I forget about) and Facebook (which I slack at) and MySpace that I use mainly for music. And that blog thing :P


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