Honors, Skies and Fear On Friday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah the weekend...weather has been glorious...but no Sunset Symphony this year. The baseball schedule conflicts and priorities are in order...

What are you doing for this long weekend? Whatever it is, PLEASE remember to honor those men and women who have fought for our freedom for the last 233 years.

Last year our Memorial Day Tribute included a lesson on the folding of Our Flag. You can find that post HERE.

I found this image over at The Soapbox Queens and just loved it.

Stay safe this weekend and hopefully, when you are outside enjoying your time of reflection, the sky will not look as ominous as this picture I took from behind the wheel of the car, heading south on US78 in Mississippi one day some weeks ago. My darlin' Nancy needed something for a presentation and I mounted my trusty steed got in my car and drove it down to her.

This was the sight I had to contend with the entire ride - but luckily, the storm was also heading south and stayed ahead of me the entire drive.

Clickie For Biggie - They Need It

Now, all I did was add a ton of contrast to this version of the shot.
Why? because the cloud formation just over the tree-tops
on the left and into the center of the roadway up ahead
is spectacular IMHO. It looks like I painted
that in, but I did not. Other than adding contrast,
this is right out of the camera.

What do you think?

Check out "Looking At The Sky Friday" participants by clicking on the banner above and heading over to Crazy Working Mom's site.

Please folks...you must help...The disease is spreading. People who have never visited THE BAGWINE, are making pilgrimages to worship at the new, nice (gives me shivers to just type that), MATT-MAN.

Do you really want THIS.....

To Turn Into THIS???????

Please call
to help.

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Starrlight Says:
  2. ROFL!

    I hate Barney but the kids on that show were down right freaky. I'd rather do a ho-down with The Children of the Corn than those freaky kids.

    And don't get me started on BJ and Baby Bop. UGH.

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Well, your campaigning to sabotage the "All that is love" Matt-Man worked! You must have gotten all of the Arkansas American Idol voters to focus their energies on Bagwine.

    Have a great weekend Vinny!

  5. DrillerAA09 Says:
  6. Have a great week-end at the old ball park.

  7. Turnbaby Says:
  8. Just because it hurts so good doesn't mean it's not love LOL

  9. Travis Says:
  10. Wow on the photo. That sure does look like a path to avoid. Good thing it was racing south.

  11. Bond Says:
  12. STARR: I was fortunate never having to watch it. Matt was not into the freak dinosaur

    DANA: Just ask each of 10,000 to dial 234,000 times and you get what you want!

    DRILLER: Thanks Sir...I have to change your link here - just keep forgetting and can not do it at work any longer.

    TURNBABY: OOOOOO hurt - good - love...

  13. Bond Says:
  14. TRAVIS: I know...I could see it with the naked eye, but the camera (cell phone actually) did not capture it - thus the increase in contrast. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. ha ha ha, nice??? good one bond...

    have a great weekend my friend. hope yours is as good as mine!

    smiles, bee

  16. Matt-Man Says:
  17. Ha. I am sorry that you and others are so opposed to me being nice. That is soooo wrong and sooo Un-American. Cheers Vinny!!

  18. Bond Says:
  19. BEE: Yes, nice...actually...Have a grand weekend

    MATT-MAN: Sorry to rain on your parade (now will I get that check you promised me?)

  20. Jay Says:
  21. Those photos of the sky are awesome Vinny. Very cool.

    Have a great weekend dude!

  22. I always find it interesting what you can do with your photos. The contrasts really enhances it. I have no idea what to say about Barney Or what Starr meant about BJ. :)

  23. Starrlight Says:
  24. Bud - EXACTLY!!! What sick fucker decides to name an asthmatic lisping dinosaur after blow jobs?!?!?

  25. Tug Says:
  26. Friends do NOT get the Barney song stuck in friend's heads. That's just wrong on so many levels. ;-)

    Love the contrast in the sky - have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Lu' Says:
  28. Been awhile since I stopped over I reckon. Love the new layout :) Have a good one too.

  29. Lu' Says:
  30. LOVE THE PIC OF MATT-MAT, LOVE IT. He can play in my neighborhood anytime :)

  31. TopChamp Says:
  32. I went over to help Matt Man but he's all better! You can stop worrying x

  33. Love your skies, Vin! And your image for Memorial Day! It's great! Have a good weekend! :)

  34. micky-t Says:
  35. Uncontrollable laughter seeing Mr. Matt putting on his comfy shoes.

    Vinny! Vinny! Vinny!


  36. Meribah Says:
  37. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Vinny! Glad you didn't get caught in that storm. :)

  38. Fred Says:
  39. Happy Memorial Day, Vinny. We're also celebrating D1's 19th birthday along with the holiday.

    One of my good friends is in Afghanistan, so I made sure I send him a Facebook note thanking him for serving.

  40. I hope you and Nancy are having a relaxing weekend.

    BTW, both of those photos of Matt (ha!) scared me. Thank God he's back to normal!

  41. Dana Says:
  42. The picture was a little scary but quite beautiful! (No, not the one of Barney!)

  43. Patti Says:
  44. Hope you had a great weekend. I'm visiting a tad late.

    I remember my mom not understanding why I *intensely disliked* Barney. He was popular when my kids were little.

    I like your sky shot. Lucky you about to drop a grand on a camera system. (see I read comments! can't remember whose blog I was on though)


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