Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 15, 2009

I guess I could have left music as Phfrankie Bondo of "Steamboat Slough" suggested, I could have left tuneage, but I didn't have that in me.

Have to tell you, I still am not sure if there is anything in my brain worth sharing, but I am willing to give it a about you?


Anyone left? OH, OK, thanks for hanging in...

Another weekend of baseball coming up with Nancy's son. This weekend is local, so that makes it easier.

Three Dog Night is performing with the Memphis Symphony next Saturday at the SUNSET SYMPHONY, the last official event of Memphis In May.

The music begins with local acts around 2:00pm, then at 6pm a spectacular air show from the Commemorative Air Force begins. They were fantastic last year, performing right after the skies had opened up in a torrential rain. The show features vintage WWII and concept aircraft such as the Corsair, Hawker, Stearman and Russian Yak.

After that, the Symphony performs a program that was fabulous last year. Three Dog Night will then join the Symphony and the night ends with a great fireworks show.

Hoping to go but it is Nancy's weekend with the boy's and Peter will have a tournament or else the four of us would go. Depends upon the seeding and games played.

Did you read where the 10-year old star of Slumdog Millionaire, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, had his illegal shanty torn down on Thursday?

This story has me totally does it happen?

Apparently the families of he and his 9-year old co-star, Rubina Ali, were offered temporary apartments while permanent residences could be found, but the families turned them down. The producers of the movie have set up a trust for each of the children to further their education and start them out in life. The producers won't tell anyone, even the kids parents how much the trust is for, but say it is 'substantial'.

Sorry, I just can't imagine being seen around the world and still living in a shanty.

I am not sure who is to blame here, the producers, the trustee or their kids families...

What do you think?

From Fire On The Mountain
Charlie Daniels Band
"New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed"

16 Of Your Sparks

  1. Can we say "exploitation"?

  2. DrillerAA Says:
  3. Three Dog Night, now that brings back a few memories. My bride and I saw them in concert when we were all much, much younger.
    I would love to see the planes from the Commemorative Air Force. Personally, I think that the Corsair is the most beautiful plane ever designed.
    Have a great week-end.

  4. Matt-Man Says:
  5. My blog can be seen all around the world and I live in a shanty. Cheers Vinny!!

  6. Mags Says:
  7. I think that we're not hearing the whole Slumdog story. There must be more to the "live here while we find you a place to live". I think that we (at least I do) tend to forget how India really works today. It's still very much driven by its castes and the people who try to move up are almost always pushed down-especially if they stay.

  8. Jeff B Says:
  9. Without knowing the whole story, it's hard to say, but I'm imagining that politics and greed are part of the mix.

  10. Jay Says:
  11. One of the reasons I haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire is because the movie looks a lot like Poverty Porn. And it does look like a lot of exploitation of extremely poor people for the movie to make money and win Oscars. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe I'm just cynical about these things.

  12. Travis Says:
  13. Is it the original TDN line up? That would be something to see and hear. I always loved the way the harmonized.

    I love vintage WWII planes. Hope you get to see some of it.

    We've got SeaFair coming up again soon and the Blue Angels will be back zooming over Lake Washington.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Dianne Says:
  15. oh man I love Three Dog Night!!

    Have a great weekend

  16. Starrlight Says:
  17. Mom and Kidlet have seen Slumdog and I want to as well. But the poverty porn fiasco it has set off real life is not cool.

  18. Mimi Lenox Says:
  19. I didn't know about the Slumdog fiasco. How could this happen? I agree with the others. There is more to the story.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Patti Says:
  21. I haven't seen Slumdog..I'm out of the loop on so many things. Oh well.

    I'd love to see Three Dog Night, though,
    and Airhead 55 would love that air show with the vintage World War II planes.

    have a fun weekend, Vinny!

  22. Tug Says:
  23. I heard about the Slumdog story, and would really like to know what's up...just weird.

    Have a great weekend Vinny, I hope the timing works out so you can enjoy all you want!

  24. I read about the shanty demolition, and I immediately thought that there was more to the story, parts of which we'll probably never really know. It makes for good drama and controversy, doesn't it?

    So, you think Amita will say yes?

  25. Micky-T Says:
  26. Loved the movie....a heart banger for sure!
    I'd like to think the givers (young actors and their immediate family) would be taken care of.

  27. ...remember the Three Dog Night song, "Eli's Comin'"?...back in the day my buddies and I would cruise around in an old Dodge with a push button radio and whenever the aforementioned song would come on Dan would place his finger to the buttons and,on cue, would shout "Eli's Goin'!" and change the station...just sayin'...

  28. katherine. Says:
  29. I have recently learned a great deal about the culture in India...specifically in regards to the "value" of children and human trafficking.

    If indeed the trusts have been set up for these children then that is perfect...otherwise they would never be able to see a cent of the money.

    The caste system in India and the reasons people conform to it is difficult for us westerners to understand.

    I am not saying it is just...I am saying the cultural differences are vast and not easy to make sense of.


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