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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 28, 2009

My angel is on the road back to the Mobile area....keep her safe in her journey and successful in her business.

You know why I love the blog world we all populate? Because of the diversity of subjects I can be exposed to every single day.

In the last two days I have been involved in discussions about the California Supreme Court upholding Prop 8 over at DIANNE'S - "Forks Of The Moment";

How much of a role society must take with regard to children and those living in below standard situations over at DANA's - "Amid Life's Crisis";

How the Republicans can cause serious damage to their party with how they react to President Obama's choice to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter with Sonia Sotomayor over at JAY'S - "Cynical Ba**ard" site.

Was frightened by the sight of boxer briefs under sleep shorts one day and entertained by a discourse on political humor the next, over at MATT-MAN'S - "Bagwine Ruminations";

I have a front row seat for the continuing celebration of his 50th birthday with three weeks of incredible pictures and stories of the west and some soggy golf in Florida with THE TEAMSTER'S "The Teamster Five-0";

Over at TRAVIS' - "Trav's Thoughts", I was treated to a rant one day and then the next, a giggling video of a silly cat.

BUD over at "WTIT Tape Radio - The Blog" regales us with a memory of going to "St Dobbs" Church every Sunday...Dobb's House being a restaurant in fact!;

Over at Liz's "Bluegrass Foodie" we learned of two terrific make-ahead recipes for a summer bash, like the one coming up soon at Bliss Manor.

Of course, every day you can do a different meme...

There is RUBY TUESDAY as hosted by Mary/The Teach where you are encouraged to post a picture with something red in it - sometimes there are even theme weeks;

sssssssssssh......WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - exactly...another picture meme, only this time you are not supposed to post any words at all;

Pictures again, only this time a chance for bloggers to test their inner pornographic film-maker creativity and participate in HALF-NAKED THURSDAYS;

The final day of the work week, CRAZY WORKING MOM hosts "Looking At The Sky On Friday's";

Of course any day of the week is a day for you to participate in ROGER'S "Creative Photography" meme;

Plus the ka-billions of other memes that float around...the ones that allow you to learn something about the person whose blog you are reading are the best IMHO.

I guess watching the news on TV and reading newspapers or internet news stories will keep you informed on what is happening in the world. And there are certainly tens of thousands of blogs being written by people who actually get paid to disseminate their thoughts, but the blogs I read religiously are those written by ordinary people - like me - some of whom I know in real life, some of whom I might never even meet.

But one thing is for sure - they (you - all of you - even if I did not mention your know I am there, visiting) are a part of my life ... everyday. Thanks for bringing me to new places.

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. it is a pretty cool place this weblog world...isn't it?

    nice group of shout outs....although I did drag my soapbox out on one of them...

    save journey and much success to your bride!

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Awww ...

    Boy do I ever feel quite special to be included with that company ... well ... maybe with the exception of Matt-Man, but that's only because he is ... ummm ... who in their right mind wears TWO pair of underwear (and nothing else) out in public??

    Thank Vinny! You know we are here for the very same reasons!

  5. star8278 Says:
  6. Sad to say, Creative photography meme is no more. :( But Roger still regals us with wonderful Idaho imagery on his main blog!

  7. Turnbaby Says:
  8. And today you get a taste of the upcoming celebration at

    Tomorrow there will be the Experience of a Lifetime *GRINNING*

  9. Travis Says:
  10. Well thank you Sir. You've got me in some fine company.

    I truly enjoy my blogging community and the diversity of topics and discussions. Bloggers have made me look at things differently. And I think that's a good thing.

  11. Matt-Man Says:
  12. Just to let you know...More than one female customer of mine has asked for me to dress like that everyday. Cheers Vinny!!

  13. Bond Says:
  14. KATHERINE: It most certainly is a cool place.
    Dragging our soap boxes out is what makes it so interesting.
    Thank you dear.

    DANA: You blog always makes us think Dana...and thanks

    STAR: Yes, I totally forgot about that...

    TURNBABY: And a fun video it was...

  15. Bond Says:
  16. TRAVIS: You deserve your place there Sir. Totally agree that I have looked at the world as a different place since I began blogging.

  17. Bond Says:
  18. MATT-MAN: Dude...requests from 70 year old women driving around Bagwine in their housecoats and curlers are NOT to be take seriously.

  19. Jay Says:
  20. Thanks for the shout-out dude! Unfortunately, the republicans are doing exactly what I told them not to do and it will back fire big time. Why won't they listen to me?

    Anyway, the bloggerhood is a pretty cool place. Lots of diversity of people, ideas and beliefs. That's what makes it so much fun.

  21. Bond Says:
  22. JAY: For someone so cynical, you can put a cohesive post together dude...LOL

  23. Oh wow, Vin, thanks for mentioning me and all the other great blogs! I love the blogosphere and you are one of my favorite buddies! :)

  24. Bond Says:
  25. MARY: Your name deserved to be there...

  26. TopChamp Says:
  27. I love bloggers and the diversity also.

    I have catching up to do so won't comment for too long!

  28. Tug Says:
  29. This whole blogosphere thing is just made of awesome, isn't it! ;-)

  30. Micky-T Says:
  31. Awe shucks Vinny....
    You never mentioned our in depth discussions over at my place......

    Your so right about the bloggerhood, it's changing the social character of the world.

  32. Thanks for the shout!

  33. Bond Says:
  34. TOPCHAMP: run along..thanks for coming by

    TUG: it IS it IS!

    MICKEY-T: See, you are a rare gem and there is no way I want to share you!

    BUD: No worries...well worth it.

  35. Fred Says:
  36. Most definitely, blogging has opened up my world. I'm a better person because of it.

  37. Very well said, Bond. On any given day, I can usually find one of my "regular" reads for something education, something entertaining or something simply to let them vent.

    It's all good, and it's why I keep coming back.

  38. You know, I really hope I get a chance to attend BlogFest Memphis; I'd really like to put voices and faces to some of my fellow bloggers.

  39. Mimi Lenox Says:
  40. I love the diversity as well. We do "know each other" pretty well. It is a fine community indeed.

  41. Patti Says:
  42. I agree with you Vinny. I've met so many great bloggers..and two of them in person.

    I hope someday Ralph and I will meet ya. One never knows!


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