All Hail Her For She Is Queen....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, July 16, 2009

OK, so, some of you know that I have been accused of leading breakouts from the dungeons of Bloggingham Palace at various times over the last 3 bloears (that's blogger + years - ah, HECK-A-DOODLE who do I think I am The Queen?)

Anywho, she has a new blog (click on the banner above) and a new meme and because she is just so durn sweet when she asks, I have decided to comply and participate.

All Hail The Queen:
This meme is all about using your imagination. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers) and free your inner blogginess. Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember: Don't end up in the dungeon.

1. You are in court. You are in deep doo-doo. What did you do?
Well, I didn’t do anything! NOTHING I TOLD YOU! It was NOT me! Show me the DNA evidence!!! What? Cameras? Showing me unlocking the dungeon?

No…deny deny deny…Not me…someone who looks like me...that must be it.

2. Your blog just became a best-selling book. What is the title of the book?
“What’s Under The Cushions On The Couch”

3. It is midnight. The phone rings. It is Michael Jackson calling from the Great Beyond. What would you like to ask him?
Why the hell are you calling me now? You never called me when you were alive and could have loaned me some cash…go call Bubbles. Though I hear he has made it on his own and might not take your calls.

4. You are having your future told. The fortune teller looks in the crystal ball, screams and leaves the room in fright. What did she see?
A future where I lose all my hair?

5. You're blogging along minding your own blusiness (that's blog + know) when Google unexpectedly puts a Objectionable Content Warning on your blog. Your own mother is afraid to enter! What, pray tell, did you do to warrant it? How did this happen?Just how objectionable can you be? Do tell.
(First of all wouldn’t it be bloginess, not blusiness???)
I didn’t do anything. It was not me…but I know who did was BUD from WTIT Tape Radio - The Blog”.
What? Don’t believe me? Go over there and see if there is not a warning because he has a potty mouth…go on.

6. You suddenly become God Of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be?
That on November 5th, 2009 The Queen is inundated with more Globes than even her little heart could imagine.

7. And finally, what secret would you like to tell the Queen?
(pssst pssssst psssssst pssssst psssst whisper) It said tell The Queen, not y’all…..

16 Of Your Sparks

  1. ms s n b Says:
  2. lol too funny!

    i've got to do this. soon. really soon.

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. The bald thing? Trust me Vin...It's an improvement. Cheers!!

  5. Bond Says:
  6. Ms SNB: Thanks

    MATT-MAN: No thanks keep the look

  7. ...this was a facinating look into your...soul/blog/soul...

  8. Mimi Lenox Says:
  9. Ha ha ha! Very funny. And I'm honored you did my meme (oh yes, I need one more project) But this has been amazing (of course she had an agenda think of all the new peace bloggers I hope nobody reads that ahem) And I would have had the whole revolt you organized caught on tape if not for the glare on the top of your bald head. Nice move, Vinny!

    Your commandment should be written in stone. That would make me very happy indeed. Smile.

    P.S. Bud hasn't stopped celebrating the Google warning yet! And now you go and tell him he's in jail too...Things will be really nasty over in the WTIT Studio today. I'll go break the news and let him out for awhile to breathe. He has a very important objectionable blog to write ya know. But he looks really good in those stripes...

    Thank you for playing The Queen's Meme first edition. You are a riot!

  10. Dianne Says:
  11. I think you're hot bald ;)

  12. Jay Says:
  13. Excellent job Vinmeister!

    I was going to do the Queen's Meme, but it seemed like everyone was posting it Tuesday and I had other things going on. I guess I can post whenever I feel like it and not get thrown in the dungeon? Cool! I'll do it next week! ;-)

  14. Travis Says:
  15. I never saw nuttin'. Never saw no funny business around any dungeons. It's all circumstantial and hearsay.

  16. Dana Says:
  17. *giggle*

    Now this was a fun meme!

  18. Bond Says:
  19. PHFRANKIE: Did you see anything you liked?

    QUEEN: I am your loyal servant

    DIANNE: really? could NEVER see myself that way

    JAY: thank you Sir...coming from you I am all a twitter with excitement

    TRAVIS: That's MY Buddy!

    DANA: You laughed over at Matt-Man's..giggling here...nice to see you so happy

  20. Micky-T Says:
  21. I'm a memeless guy. Does that mean I'll lose friends?

  22. Blame me? Wow. You finally do a meme and you put ME in jail. Geez. Truly funny, my friend! Great job...

  23. Tug Says:
  24. Bald men can be HAWT...I wish I could get away with bald. ;-)

    You & Nancy were both at my place the night in question, weren't you?

  25. That bald thing? Very skeery.

  26. Mags Says:
  27. Just popping in to say hi-I've been so horrible at visiting and commenting lately-been quietly viewing in reader but that's not good enough. As always, I'll try harder!!!

  28. katherine. Says:
  29. ya know I got a thing for shaved heads...

    this was a riot to read!


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