Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I CAN NOT BELIEVE I HEARD Ervin “Magic” Johnson, the brilliant point guard say the following words at the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday: “I can honestly say that Michael Jackson made me a better point guard…” Johnson then when on to say how by watching Michael and the way he handled himself (insert your own joke here), made Magic a better basketball player.

I was in my car during lunch, the sports radio station on, and they cut into Kobe and Magic speaking at the memorial service. Kobe said something about loving Michael's music and how talented he was...then Magic declares to the world that it was MJ all along!

Now, I am sure some of those asked to say things at the Memorial did not really know Michael and I do know that at times like this you are supposed to ‘insert’ yourself into your tribute to connect with those in the audience.

But kiddies…seriously…Magic does not have to ‘insert’ himself into any scenario EVER. He is Magic…nuff said.

Maybe he could not come up with anything to say about he and Michael…but PLEASE…Michael Jackson made Magic a better player…nah.

I guess for those who PAID to get into this memorial it was worth it. PAID???!!!! Are you kidding me? For a memorial service???

The ‘tickets’ were given away in an auction, with each winner receiving two wristbands. There are reports of offers on Craigslist for a wristband in exchange for a plane flight from the Northeast (where the winner lived) to LaLa to attend and one wristband holder decided to use this opportunity to see if he could meet a P.Y.T - "Date can respond with pic and reason why she deserves to go."

Though eBay was aggressive about stamping down auctions, it didn’t stop people from bidding upward of $15,000 for passes to Tuesday's event. AEG (the ‘show producer’ – show producer?!?!?!? - this is a freaking memorial service people…sheesh!) warned people to be on the lookout for counterfeiters and reminded people that anybody claiming to sell their e-mail confirmation code (which allows them to claim their tickets Monday at Dodger Stadium) are frauds, as the e-mail code is non-transferable and requires the ticket claimer to have proper matching ID.

Even that hasn't slowed the secondary market, as there are a handful of auctions open for the rejection e-mails sent to people who did not get tickets. The opening price for the rejection e-mail? $2.99. Wait…go back and read that last sentence…people want to own the REJECTION EMAILS!!!! That is scary. And now you can buy unused wristbands. Come on people --- puleeeaasssse!

click it to read it!

So, there are people who spent the time to send in their requests to receive these 'golden tickets' and when they do win this lottery, they decide to profit from the death of their so called 'idol'. Oh yeah baby...hero worship at its best.

And then there are those whose lives would be shattered if they were not one of the 17,500 people who could hear a stream of celebrities talk about Michael and hear Stevie Wonder play...LIVE

Now remember, 6,500 of you only get to sit in the Nokia Center next door and watch it on the big screen TV. ummmm, pssst folks, every freakin' news station broadcast it...and even ESPN cut in when Kobe and Majic spoke. ABC covered the event, so did BET, and MTV...if you are going to sit and watch on TV is it worth it to fly in from some other part of the country and spend money on flights and hotels???

And PLEASE, do not even try to get on MichaelJacksonFuneral.org, because they were so busy the servers would time out.

Can we now move on? The news has been obsessed with this and it really is tiring. And then again, here I am taking up an entire post about why I despise the fact that all I am hearing about is this Michael Jackson Memorial Service...

And I took you all along for the ride....

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. And you couldn't stand it, right? You just HAD to join the madness, right?

    Vinny, Vinny, Vinny.


    Oh, and I thought it was Birdman who made Magic a better player. I guess it's all in who his audience is. Mush mouth; can't keep his stories straight.

  2. Matt-Man Says:
  3. Magic blows. His ego is bigger than mine!! Cheers Vinny!!

  4. Micky-T Says:
  5. I watched the whole thing, I happenned to come in from painting trim on the house to cool off and flicked on the TV to hear some of the latest Palin Salad.
    Moriah started melting my heart within seconds and I went toast. Sat, watched and enjoyed the whole thing untill I had to go have a wisdom tooth yanked out of my skull.

  6. DrillerAA09 Says:
  7. I'm glad it's over and life can go on! I didn't watch any of it...I have a day job.

  8. JohnH985 Says:
  9. I read somewhere that Joe Jackson, MJ's father, was giving an interview about his son's death and in the middle of the interview he said he had an important point to make - that he and someone else was starting their own record lable! So much for missing your son. Half these people that were praising MJ now, a few months ago wouldn't have said one good word about him.

  10. Bond Says:
  11. SONGBIRD: Exactly!

    MATT-MAN: And THAT is big!

    MICKEY-T: I only heard that small part on the radio

    DRILLERAA: Me too Sir...me too

    JOHN: Does not surprise me at all...the guy was never a father, only an agent.

  12. Jay Says:
  13. Glad to see you could stop hating on Manny long enough to hate on somebody else. I thought Magic and Kobe were pretty good.

    The memorial itself was actually pretty good. It was pretty subdued and respectful, and there were no problems with the crowds either at the Staples Center or the people mingling along the streets.

    I can understand being tired of all the MJ coverage, but I really don't get all the anger towards the memorial service itself.

  14. Bond Says:
  15. LOL...I have not hated on Manny in a while.
    I just could not believe Magic credited Michael with his success as a Basketball player and the other hating was not on the Service, but on those taking advantage of the Service...heck, I just heard there were people selling colas called "King Of Pop"...sick

  16. Patti Says:
  17. Colas called "King of Pop"? I missed that sick one.

    I also thought the media coverage has been absolutely over the top, but I thought the memorial service was subdued and well done. I realize it was more a concert with speeches that a memorial service, but...

    I missed Magic saying that Michael made him a better player. Now that's just crazy.

    I love how you put the photo of the '50s family watching TV together. Creative. ;-)

    Have a great day Vinny!

  18. Patti Says:
  19. that should say "than" a memorial service.

    But you knew that!

  20. BeckEye Says:
  21. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch any coverage of the service. Of course I had the clip of Paris crying thrust upon me, which is sad. The family really shouldn't have let her speak...this must be very traumatic, especially since she's been so guarded from the public eye all of her life.

  22. Mimi Lenox Says:
  23. I'll refrain.....can't think about it one more minute. OVERLOAD.

    Have a nice day, Vinny.

  24. Roger Says:
  25. Dust to dust or Dust to MONEY! OR OR Dust to GOLD! OR OR PLATINUM!

  26. Travis Says:
  27. I avoid the news of it and the articles about it. It's easy enough to do.

  28. TopChamp Says:
  29. I've missed all this hoo-ha but do have tickets to his gigs in Jan that I'm waiting for a refund on. I never actually expected him to do them - thought he'd cry off sick before he got to our gig but didn't imagine he'd die! So I'm soon to be £170 better off.

    Heard an interview with a girl here who got tickets to this memorial thing that was HILARIOUS! If I can find it I will paste you the link.

  30. My comment is gone. I know you didn't delete it. Wow. Weird. I had said I wish I wrote this. Bravo!

  31. Vinny, I think Sarah Palin and Beorge Bush said all of those stupid things...

    I totally agree with you about Magic saying Michael inspired him - such trash! I think the world went overboard with Michael... Thanks for visiting me!

  32. TopChamp Says:
  33. http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/entertainment/newsid_8135000/8135921.stm

    It's soooo funny! She doesn't come across as the brightest spark but it's the language I love most.

    "She got the letter and told me and then I was proper shocked"

    They'll never have managed to go with such short notice anyway. This was on the Monday.


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