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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, July 24, 2009

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Outside my apartment, near the dumpster, they have some wild grass growing. I guess this is to take away from the not-well maintained dumpster.

The other day the sky was just a brilliant blue with big puffy clouds lazily making their way across the sky and I walked out and snapped some shots.

This is one of them. I liked the composition of the single stalk of wild gras framed by the white cloud and rich blues.

I call it "Blowing In The Wind" - as always clickie to biggie

Talking to one of my fraternity brothers yesterday and he is telling me of a couple of guys who are coming down for the day in September...I say "Well, I have not gotten their RSVPs yet"...his response was perfect "Hell, these are TKEs, do you expect them to send them in?"

And we laughed...except in so many ways it is not funny. I get it for parties and stuff, but when you have to give counts to caterers and make sure there is enough seating and booze...well...

When you receive an invitation if there is an RSVP, do you wait until the last moment or do you send in immediately?

If there is no RSVP, do you still call the host to say yes or no to your attendance?

I have always been anal in that I want to respond within two days. Now, of course that is not always possible. HECK-A-DOODLE, Nancy and I did not decide to go to ConFab 09 until the day we left, but I had also been talking to the hosts all along discussing the dilemma we had with that weekend.

Sorry for the rant...

I will make it up by leaving you with a medley of Four Tops songs....


18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Well, I'm not one to usually wait until the last minute, but when travel is involved, sometimes I have to wait until the last minute. As in, waiting to get the "oh, just go ahead and go!" you know?

  2. Great shot. And also a terrific title...

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Well ... I *always* RSVP if one is requested, but like Desert Songbird, if travel, or more than $50 in expenses, is involved, I often have to wait until I can confirm that I can get the resources together before I RSVP.

    People who don't RSVP drive me bonkers!

  5. Micky-T Says:
  6. That's not a rant, your just politely telling folks to send in the RSVP. It "is" important when your planning so far ahead.

    You could just have a keg truck full of food and beer waiting in the parking lot....just in case.

  7. DrillerAA09 Says:
  8. Very nicely done sky shot.

    The next time I travel to Memphis, I promise to give you and Uncle Lou plenty of notice.

  9. Matt-Man Says:
  10. I always have to wait and see if Schmoop is pre-menstrual before I respond. One of my brothers had dinner with The Four Tops one night...In North Dakota of all places. Have a weekend Vinny. Cheers!!

  11. oh bond i am so sorry this is happening. there is NO EXCUSE for not sending a rsvp for a wedding or event of any kind really that requests one. you took the time, energy, money, and thought to send them an invitation. now they have a job to do. period. no excuses.

    sorry for the rant!

    smiles, bee

  12. Bond Says:
  13. SONGBIRD: I know dear...and this might not have been the perfect post

    BUD: Thanks

    DANA: There are always circumstances we can not avoid

    MICKEY: Just one keg????

    DRILLER: Can not wait for your next trip

    MATT-MAN: North Dakota...OK...hummm

    BEE: Thank you..have a great weekend

  14. Travis Says:
  15. I try not to wait until too late to respond to invitations. Most of the time, if it takes a bit longer to respond, it's because I'm trying to work out whether I can attend. Once that becomes clear, then I get the RSVP done.

  16. OBLadyBug Says:
  17. Beautiful shot Bond, my love. Great music going into what is hopefully going to be a VERY Productive weekend.

    Now quit worrying about the day in September, me, you, our parents, a pastor, what else do we really need?

    OH Yea, RIGHT - the party!

  18. You have every right to rant about missing RSVPs, my friend. I know you know that people have logistics they have to work out; expenses need to be secured, kid care needs to be lined up, and flights need to be booked. Still, I understand the need be able to get arrangements in order, and trying to be sympathetic to that, those invited need to RSVP by the requested date. How is that so difficult?

  19. katherine. Says:
  20. the answer my blowing in the wind...the answer is blowing in the wind...

  21. Mimi Lenox Says:
  22. I apologize for not responding. I will make a decision by the end of the weekend and email you two. This must be very frustrating for you!

  23. TopChamp Says:
  24. I've only ever been asked to parties in person - so I have replied immediately - or by phone/text in which case I'll reply straight away.

    For weddings I RSVP asap but I haven't really been to many.

    I would find it rude not to reply for an occasion like that.

  25. star8278 Says:
  26. That's a great picture!

    For our wedding, we were pretty lucky in that most people RSVP's. Out of 200 invites, only 5 didn't respond, and only 3 didn't show up! It was a great day.

  27. Julie Says:
  28. RSVPing is so very necessary! Just as soon as one can decide how to make it happen!

  29. jennifer Says:
  30. I try to RSVP in a timely manner. I did it at the last minute once and I was really embarrassed. The last invitation that I sent out with a RSVP rec'd NO response. Although the kids showed up, it appears that moms of young girls don't think it is necessary to confirm.

    I would be very glad to have you along for Positive Day on Friday! I agree - Travis is a very smart guy.

  31. Mags Says:
  32. Grrrrr! I'd be so angry about the RSVP thing too. There is no excuse for that. If they show up I think you should make them pay! :)


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