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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 27, 2009

This week we feature a gentleman named Trey Green. Unfortunately, we have not received back the answers to the questions we sent to him a couple of weeks ago...

From his bio we learn the following:
Trey Green was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but he’s lived all over the world. From the mountains of Aspen, Colorado to the Bahamas, from Hawaii to Bozeman, Montana, Trey’s travels have left a man comfortable in any environment, and more importantly, with an insight into humanity that most people never even ponder. “People are regional,” Trey points out. “I’ve been to every state and over fifty countries, and everyone has a bias favoring where they’re from against other places. It’s hilarious,” he says with a mischievous grin. “But it does make me able to see life from a lot of different aspects, and I’m able to use that in writing songs,” he states. “And most importantly, I get to see the awesome humor in every day life.”

Trey has a life-long love affair with the ocean – he surfs, spear-fishes, and works in ocean conservation. It was in Fiji where he discovered his own unique appeal. He remembers, “I was on Tavi surfing and hanging out with a crew of surfers and the tribe. I’m sitting there with about twenty Fijian women singing this incredible harmony, they ask me to play a song, so I played ‘My Girlfriend.’ People lit up – three people came up to me afterwards and told me I could get on the radio with it. One guy even offered to pay to record it, and for the first time I realized that the songs I was making up in my head could actually reach other people. So I started to go for it."

Indeed, “My Girlfriend,” a hilarious and irrepressibly catchy tale of a sexually and chemically out-of-control girlfriend, was the breakthrough for Trey. Recording it and then sending it out to a few friends as a Christmas gift/joke, he found the song had appeal beyond what he ever imagined. “I went to see a friend’s band play in New York and they asked me to get up on stage and sing ‘My Girlfriend.’ So I got up and sang it – and all the girls in front knew the lyrics! I had no idea the song had spread virally to hundreds of people.”

In April of 2008, Trey released his self-title debut CD, a winning collection of songs that, while infused with his unique and uproarious sense of humor, also displays a natural and diverse sense of melody and arrangements. Filled with driving and propulsive rock songs, only Trey would write something as affecting as “Tavarua,” a moving ode to his surf spot in Fiji, a place he calls “heaven on earth,” and put it on an album with the wry and hilarious “My Fantastic Ass.”

For Trey, the experience of recording was an illuminating one. He recounts, “I had never recorded in a studio before and walked in with the songs in my head. I didn’t know the musicians and just played them everything from scratch. It was the coolest experience of my life to see what we came up with. I never sang as hard before – a lot more came out.”

Trey shot a hilarious video for “My Girlfriend,” which can be seen on MySpace and YouTube, but he’s already preparing for the next chapter of the Trey Green story. “I’m starting to write songs for the second album, and I’m conceiving of what the ultimate Trey Green show is – all over the place, with funny songs, loud songs, sad songs…maybe even skits. I want it to be a complete experience. Whatever I do, people should know that an experience with Trey Green will always be serious fun.”

So, we will give you the song "My Girlfriend" and one other called "Mad Crush".

Let us know what you think of Trey in comments and by voting in the poll. And for more information on Mr.Green, check out his website HERE

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. I refuse to listen to anyone whose first name is Trey. Cheers Vinny!!

  3. Dianne Says:
  4. I can see, I think, where he might be great visually. The songs do seem to lend themselves to video.

    I kept thinking 'cockney rap' as I listened.

  5. DrillerAA09 Says:
  6. Nope, not workin' for me. I think I'll go listen to some Red Dirt Rangers music now. Later Vinny.

  7. Micky-T Says:
  8. I think he could be fun at a small bar stage.

  9. ...I bet it would sound good acoustically 'round the campfire...

  10. TopChamp Says:
  11. cockney rap? mmm... I can't listen to your music - for some reason the media isn't showing on your blog - I don't like firefox.

    I went into his website instead. I don't hate it - would be happy enough to see him play, but I wouldn't buy the album.

  12. katherine. Says:
  13. it's kinda fun music...not sure I'd want the album...but I can see his appeal.

  14. Jay Says:
  15. Oh he's okay, I guess. Not terrible or bad. Just not my kind of music.

  16. Travis Says:
  17. Not my kind of music either. I don't hate it, but it didn't grab me either.

  18. Ralph Says:
  19. Cheeky, they are. I wasn't drawn to it, but they at least have a wit about them, at least lyrically...

  20. jennifer Says:
  21. Based on those two songs, I couldn't listen to his CD over and over. But they were a fun one time listen - I really did like his voice.

  22. Hmmm...judging by the comments, I can't decide if I should come back and form my own opinion or if I should just not even bother. Hmmm...

  23. Roger Says:
  24. LOL I had a girlfriend like that in the song.

  25. Bond Says:

  27. Starrlight Says:
  28. Well color me different but I LOVED this. It's like Eddie Vedder sings Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven or Harvey Danger. With a twist of Bare Naked Ladies.

    "Chuckie" indeed.


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