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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, August 04, 2009

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From one of our cooking nights, Nancy was cutting up some Rosemary from the garden for our roasted potatoes.

The red button covering the hinge screw on the scissors helps us join in this week with Mary's meme...

This week on Dr. Blogstein’s
Radio Happy Hour

Comedian and actor Jon Lovitz is best known as a Saturday Night Live cast member (1985 to 1990) and as the voice of Jay Sherman on The Critic.

Now, Lovitz adds a new credit to his resume as he becomes proprietor of The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, a new comedy showcase that is the first new comedy club to be introduced in Los Angeles in the past 30 years.

The Universal CityWalk comedy club is also the first new U.S. comedy club to bear a star’s name since Rodney Dangerfield opened Dangerfield’s in New York in 1969.

Acidic is an L.A. based alt-rock band described as “the youthful exuberance of Green Day with Coldplay sensitivity.”
Acidic’s singles, “Break Me Down” and “Strata Red” can currently be heard on radio stations across the country. The band, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Michael Gossard, bassist Ted Dubrawski and drummer Matt Whitaker continue to tour California in conjunction with the release of their debut CD, “Ironic Dreams.”

Louise Reilly Sacco, Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director of The Museum of Bad Art.
For 15 years, they have been the world’s leading (only?) institution dedicated to the collection, exhibition, and celebration of the worst art in the world.

All that, plus:
  • and we’ll take your calls at 646-652-4804

And that is all I have for today....Enjoy your Tuesday.

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. the sensitivity of Coldplay? I think I'll pass. I can hear Starr now...

  2. Matt-Man Says:
  3. Lovitz is a maaaad man. Cheers!!

  4. DrillerAA09 Says:
  5. Very creative & observant Ruby Tuesday photo!

  6. Red scissors? You people can cook? Who knew? Have a great show...

  7. ...mmmmmmm rosemary spuds.....

  8. Jay Says:
  9. That bad art museum should have every piece of "art" done for that show Trading Spaces over the years. Those people believed that anything with a frame around it was art. ;-)

  10. Great ruby shot!

  11. Starrlight Says:
  12. Did I see that right? Did someone just lump GREEN FRIGGIN DAY with COLDPLAY?!?

    That is an abomination before God, Vinny. Billie Joe has more cool in his belly button lint than Chris Midol Man Martin has in his entire twee ass, faux french uniform wearing, stupid tape on his hands body.

    I need a drink :P

  13. I'm always so amazed at how much hate there is for Coldplay. I think they're okay. But no where at the level where they should be LOVED or hated like they seem to be.

  14. Starrlight Says:
  15. Hey there is a ton of hate for U2 as well. Should make Martin happy as God knows he is like velcro on Bono's jock :P

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. You cut up fresh Rosemary for cooking? Sigh. I'm impressed.
    And now I'm hungry.

  18. Mimi Lenox Says:
  19. Umm....did I see a link left on the meme site? Will there by a Vinny version of WBLOG TV? Yes?!

    Only can only hope.

  20. Mimi Lenox Says:
  21. I MEANT: One can only hope.


  22. Ralph Says:
  23. Rosemary is such a piny fragrant herb - the perfect addition to roast potatoes. We have lots of this, oregano, basil and thyme potted outside. fresh fragrant herbs enliven nearly any dish!

  24. I love when Starr rags on Chris Martin! *snickering evilly*

  25. Julie Says:
  26. I have those scissors!

  27. TopChamp Says:
  28. mmmmmmmmmmm. rosemary on roasties.

  29. Mags Says:
  30. I'm cooking with fresh rosemary tomorrow night...can't wait. I used to hate the stuff then all of a sudden one day I re-tried it and couldn't get enough!

  31. Patti Says:
  32. I think Ralph should write descriptions of entrees and appetizers for restaurant menus. He has a new calling!

    I like that you two cook together. We do too, sometimes. Ralph tells me what to do and I do it.

    Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday.


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