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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 03, 2009

Will not be around today as Nancy's good friend Beth lost her battle with cancer on Saturday and today, we will be saying our goodbyes.

If you would, please add Beth's family and friends to your prayers this evening.

GREGORY DOUGLAS has been compared to Rufus Wainwright, Imogen Heap, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Jeff Buckley. His influences are Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and Patty Griffin.

From his bio we learn:
On March 3rd, 2009, Gregory Douglass released his seventh album, BATTLER. What few people know is that his sixth album UP & AWAY was nearly his last.

Hurled into a depression by the state of the music industry and the pressures endured by full-time independent artists, Douglass took a break from touring and drew himself in for a long, dark Vermont winter. After a winter love affair with the HBO series "Six Feet Under," Douglass was bewitched by the haunting and compelling questions raised by the show. The result is BATTLER — 12 songs of versatile and extraordinary musical depth. He says, "Writing and recording this album has been a cathartic experience — after a rock-bottom winter of red wine and unexpected inspiration, I've come to the conclusion that I undoubtedly need to continue making music."

Douglass calls "Day of the Battler" his favorite track on the album. "It's so dramatic and uninhibited; it calls upon many of my more free-spirited musical influences like Sarah Slean, Kate Bush and Regina Spektor," he says.

"Cathedrals," a gritty and controversial song, takes on religion and sexual addiction. "While 'Cathedrals' is relatable to anyone who has suffered from addiction, I spotlight religion and sexual addiction because of all the scandals we've seen recently," says Douglass. "From political figures to priests to celebrities — with all the sexual oppression in the world, it's no wonder these issues have blown up in the media."

Douglass describes his feelings watching a beloved childhood friend overcome a tough upbringing to marry the love of her life in the piano-driven opening track, BATTLER's epic ballad, "Broken Through.""Devotion," also portrays a similar surge of personal growth. "No Apology" confronts Douglass' life-long struggles with his father in a multi-layered, a cappella hymn. Douglass explains, "I'm much happier in my personal life these days; I'm letting a lot more positive people and energy into my life."

Collaborations include Righteous Babe Record’s Anais Mitchell on the moving and intensely beautiful “Sadly” and the stunning closing track “Ordinary Man,“ featuring soul diva Grace Potter.

Going to share "Cathedrals" and "No Apology". Remember to vote in the poll and leave us your comments.

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Prayers storming the heavens even now, and a big gentle hug for Nancy.

  2. Dana Says:
  3. Prayers are with you and Nancy and Beth's family.

    Gregory Douglas? You know, I'm in an odd spot with this one. I adore the lyrics to his songs - appreciate the story they tell - DO.NOT like the musical score (even on the a cappella).

  4. Julie Says:
  5. You both are on my list along with everyone who touches your lives.


  6. DrillerAA09 Says:
  7. May the God of all creation give comfort, strength, and courage to Beth's family in the days ahead.

    I agree with Dana regarding this one. I was really uncomfortable with the muted vocals of the first song. The second number seemed to have the longest intro ever. The arrangements need to be rethought.

  8. Dianne Says:
  9. hugs to you both and an extra hug to Nancy, it hurts to lose a friend

    my thoughts will be with you all

  10. OBLadyBug Says:
  11. Thank you everyone for your comforting thoughts and prayers. My friend would have been in awe at just how many lives she touched in so many special ways.

    Oh yea - we love the hugs too.

  12. ...the kid's got a future, I think...

  13. Jay Says:
  14. Thoughts and prayers to your friend and her family.

  15. Starrlight Says:
  16. I really really liked this guys music. Vocally he reminds me of Sam Beam of Iron and Wine only with say Aqualungs musically leaningss. I'd buy his music. In fact I might just have to go home and get them off iTunes if they are available.

    My prayers and hugs go out to Nancy as well.

  17. Sorry to hear about Nancy's good friend. My thoughts and prayers are with y'all.

  18. Micky-T Says:
  19. Good thoughts to your Darlin' Nancy.

  20. Mimi Lenox Says:
  21. Condolences to you, Nancy, and the family. I hate cancer.

  22. That is sad news indeed. I'll have a good thought for Beth...

  23. Tug Says:
  24. Thoughts & prayers with you & Nancy, as well as Beth's family...

    This guy isn't bad, but he didn't really grab me.

  25. Travis Says:
  26. Nancy - You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of your friend.

  27. jennifer Says:
  28. I am so sorry about the death of Nancy's friend. I'll pray for her and Beth's other friends and loved ones.

  29. katherine. Says:
  30. late as usual.

    heartfelt prayers for Beth's family and friends...a special one for you and Nancy.

  31. The RED button covering the hinge screw on the kitchen scissors - well, I must say, Vin, you have some eye for RED and Ruby Tuesday! If you want a copy of the postcard of the little RED lighthouse in NY I posted for Ruby Tuesday, se4nd me your home address and I'll mail it out to you! :)


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