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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome back to another addition of Tuneage Tutelage - New Music Monday. This week we have been listening to Lisa Bianco.

With a list of influences such as U2, Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin you would immediately expect to get some full ahead rock and roll when you put in her newest CD Post-Data.

The opening song, "Tumble Like Weeds" is one of the two songs Ms. Bianco partners with Holly Rock, the other is "Whatever The Cost". All of the remaining 8 songs are from Ms. Bianco alone.

Ms. Bianco handles the vocals and guitars with a backing duo of Dan Duggins on drums and David Leatherwood on bass with producer, engineer and mixer, Bryan Russel being credited with keyboards and programming. On the song "Catch and Weave", Charlie Seich plays euphonium...OK, I had to go look it up HERE.

Her songs are powerful narratives layered into a song brought forth by multiple mixes of guitars and vocals. "All the things that remind me is a tale of fighting over and over, but always reminding yourself "But this won't let me down, This won't take me out or hold me back, this won't trip me up on my knees", she sings in "All The Things That Remind Me".

"Already Gone" allows Ms. Bianco to show off her soft, tight picking guitar work building to a crescendo of multiple guitar parts in a gripping goodbye to someone lost.

There is pain in her music, and a few songs seemed to languish, but I did myself swaying to the music as it played, even now as I have the CD playing once more

On the eighth song of the CD, Ms. Bianco throws us a curve ball and it is a beauty with "Falling Leaves". Played on an acoustic I was only disappointed that it only lasted 52 seconds and the last 10 or so were an electronic note held.

You need to show us more of that guitar talent ma'am.

So, with her influences, do we get some hard driving rock and roll? Yes we do.

But there is also the comparisons to Liz Phair which is strong at the beginning of the closing track, "Post Data / We Communicate", but by the end it is pounding and hard.

Her vocals have Debbie Harry meets Sheryl Crow quality and from the cover of her album she certainly has 'rocker-chick' attitude.

Ms. Bianco was kind enough to answer some questions...

How long have you been playing and what was your first instrument?
I have been playing guitar for about 10 years. I starting doing the performance thing for about 7 years or so. But I have played piano since kindergarten and the flute since 3rd grade.

What's the greatest thing that's ever been said about your music?
When a fan tells me that they were connected to a particular song. That’s the greatest compliment of all and I think the reason why songs are written.

What's your favorite iPod track this week?
“It’s the Same Old Song” by the Four Tops. What a bass line and lyric. The drums on that recording are killer.

What's the most personal song you've ever written and what was it based on?
I’d say “Sideways”. I wrote that song after my aunt unexpectedly passed away. I wrote it with my father in mind, as a way to help him, and anyone really, deal with these situations that occur in life. Sometimes it feels things hit you sideways.

If you could craft an all-star band, who would play in it?
Drums: Dave Abbruzzese; Bass: John Paul Jones; Guitar: Johnny Greenwood; Programming: Brian Eno

Do you support any specific charities and how do you give back as an artist?
I am actually performing a benefit show in Long Island on September 6th. It’s for the Suffolk Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Also, I played a benefit show for my friend Jax who is participating in the Race for the Cure. Donations can be made: HERE.

What keeps you awake at night?
Usually I have a current song I am working on ringing in my head. Many times I have an idea and have to get out of bed and put the guitar or vocal line down “on tape”...and also many thoughts on where my spirit goes after I leave this body of mine,

What is the most adventurous food you've ever eaten?
Eel, Rabbit, Fried Zucchini Flower, Pheasant. Guess you can tell I like to try a lot of things. No bugs. I think that is where I draw the line! Lol.

Do you follow any sports, if so, which ones?
I follow the Yankees…I wouldn’t call myself a super fan but I try to stay up on what’s going on. My Parents used to take my brother and I to games when I was real young. I think I was 3 y/o at my first game. I remember the big ballpark lights in the bleachers! We got slammed by the Red Sox all season this year but this past August series we sweeped them 4 in a row at home…sweet!
(OK, Lisa, you have my vote now...LOL...any Yankee fan has a permanent seat on The Couch!)

Tell our guests here on The Couch about your writing process please.
90% of the time I am playing my guitar and either a new chord structure or riff occurs. If I can get a vocal melody with it almost right away then I keep track of it. I use a little digital voice recorder (about the size of a nano ipod) and I keep track of all new song ideas. Then I usually repeat those chords and find the verse or chorus structure and bridge. The songwriting begins!

I record ALL ideas no matter how minor for a particular song. I then listen to all bits and parts as I walk in the streets or going out somewhere…not just in my apartment during “writing time”. I really like to think about structure and how to make a song interesting without being “too much”. A few occasions I have sung a melody and then picked up the guitar to figure out what the chords would be to fit it.

Thank you and Keep rocking Ms. Bianco.

OK folks, the title cut "Post Data/We Communicate" and "Sideways". Please leave your comments and vote in the poll...We all appreciate it!

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. The intro's to these two songs were almost identical. For a minute there, I thought I was listening to the same tune. I do like the sound and the arrangement of the first tune. I would like to hear a little more variety from her.

  3. ...shades of Indigo Girls...Natalie Merchant...I want the Beatles back!...

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. I agree with P-Man...she did remind me of Natalie Merchant but when she was singing I also kinda heard Susanna Hoffs voice. I like these two tracks. Cheers!!

  6. Great stuff, Bond. I am very impressed with Lisa Bianco. I see that "Post Data" is available on iTunes. I'll probably be buying it before the week is out.

  7. Jay Says:
  8. She's alright, I guess. She doesn't blow me away or anything. But, she's not bad either.

  9. DRILLERAA: I will put up a third song tomorrow.

    PHFRANKIE: Nice to see you back in communication with the world!

    MATT-MAN: Glad you enjoyed

    SOUTHERN: I think you will enjoy the rest of the CD

    JAY: You are such a tough critic!

  10. BeckEye Says:
  11. Can't listen from work, but I will try to remember to check this out later from home.

  12. Dianne Says:
  13. she sounds a lot like so many that are far better than she is

  14. BECKEYE: Hope to see you later

    DIANNE: Thanks for chiming in and leaving your impression

  15. Ken Says:
  16. I played the first song while reading, ehh kinda OK
    Second song "Sideways" I really liked it alot. I think Bic did too, she asked "who was that?" so I told her.

  17. Mimi Lenox Says:
  18. I saw a bunch of questions and answers and thought for a minute I was on a meme site.

    Falling Leaves....one of my favorites.
    Have a good show tonight!

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. Yeah, I like her sound.

  21. Oh I liked her. She reminds me of all those 90's girl bands with kick ass singers.

  22. Unknown Says:
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  24. TopChamp Says:
  25. not quirky enough for me. I'd go to see her if she were in town but wouldn't buy the record.

  26. Tug Says:
  27. I like the 2nd one a lot better than the first...guess I'm in the 'need to hear more' category.

  28. BeckEye Says:
  29. Finally got around to it...

    I definitely get the Susanna Hoffs comparison. Susanna never had the most soulful voice in the world, but she has more personality than this girl, I think.

    She just falls into the average category for me. I would not go out of my way to hear her music, but if she was playing at a club or something, I'd probably enjoy it.


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