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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We did not have an official photographer at the wedding. I had my camera there with a few people tasked to use brother Richard took almost 200 photographs and downloaded them to Nancy's computer before he left. Frat brother Jamie also sent a CD of photos he took (a Hollywood assistant director/producer, what else would you expect!)...on top of that, as I mentioned Frat brother Greg was assigned the video camera and I have not even broken that out yet. Dear friend Liz is sending along a CD. Doc B. is sending his movies and then there were 10 of those little Kodak cameras on the tables and we have not even had those developed!

So there was no shortage of pictures and videos.

We did make a list of shots we wanted to ensure we took...and of course forgot the list at home - but I think we got just about all the 'staged' pictures we wanted.

Today, you tell us - how'd we do?

Our new 'center'
Dad Vince, Ernie, Peter, Matt, Me
Mom Joan, Mom Dot-Dot, Nancy

The Northerners

The Southerners

Nancy and her men

Nancy's best friends Aline and Dianne

Not blogger friends, but Friends who blog-
Doc's friend (and my new facebook friend) Teresa,
Doctor Blogstein,
Mickey-T, Phfrankie Bondo,
Me, Nancy, Turnbaby, Brad

The Brothers -
Mark, Greg, Jim, Me, Jamie, Dean, Dick, Bob

With the wonderful wives -
Ginnie, Donna, Nancy and Cindy

And really many people do you know who can have...

James Carville, Rahm Emanuel & Larry Bird At their wedding????

One funny story...when the friends who blog were having their picture taken Dad came over and said "Who are you now?" and Mickey-T lowered his head so all you could see was his train cap and dad exclaims "MICKEY-T!!!..and turns and says, so you must be PHFRANKIE!"

Well it was funny when it happened!

Bored yet?????

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Not bored at all. And that is a funny story about your Dad recognize blog pals...sorry, pals who blog.

  3. TRAVIS: LOL...thanks my friend.

  4. ...well it WAS a phfunny moment!...

  5. Love the photos, but the fact that your dad knows the screen names of your friends is even better. Go Dad!

  6. Ken Says:
  7. There was a *slight* hesitation.

    Sure was a fun time Vinny!

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Holy Cow...That is Rahm. Cheers!!

  10. We are really enjoying this!

  11. Coco Says:
  12. *big hugs for the newlyweds* Welcome back! The photos are gorgeous - keep 'em coming!

  13. PHFRANKIE: PHfunny as all git out

    SONGBIRD: He would have known you also dear

    MICKEY-T: LOL very slight

    MATT-MAN: Of course it is...and James and Larry

    BUD: I am so glad

    COCO: Thanks and there are more...

  14. Tug Says:
  15. Loving all the photos, it looks like a fabulous time was had by all! The boys' toast thoughts kinda made me tear up. ;-)

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. Bring 'em on. You did a great job with the cameras. Your brother could be Emanuel's twin. It is freaky!!

    (not that he's freaky or anything...just sayin'.)

    Going to the next post now.
    I love Nancy's bouquet! And the shot with her "men" is priceless.

  18. katherine. Says:
  19. keep 'em comin'

    really great to see...such a drag to miss...

    (aren't the "Northerners" called Yankees?)

  20. Very nice. Great pictures ... without the high price of a professional photographer.

  21. Jeff B Says:
  22. Smiles on every face. I love it.

    Not bored at all.

  23. That was funny! Love the sunflowers. They are just so joyful.

  24. Dana Says:
  25. Bored?? Are you kidding?? These are great Vinny ... keep sharing!

  26. TUG: Thanks...the boys did well

    MIMI: and the single men dear! LOL

    KATHERINE: I almost said Yankees...then thought of using Northerners...

    SOUTHERN: They are so darn expensive and with all the photos in attendance, we decided to wing it

    JEFF: It was a blast Sir

    STARR: And i was able to find the Jerry Garcia ties to match!

    DANA: OK, you asked...LOL

  27. Garcia ties?!? BONUS!!

  28. But of course dear....I have many of them


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