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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday was a day of total relaxation. We even took a course at the spa on giving a massage. The 'instructor/masseur" would began to give me a massage as Nancy watched then had her join in, showing her how to work the muscles. After 45 minutes, we switched places. So we both ended up with a massage - and at times it was four-handed - and also came home with some wonderful lessons.

We ate at the French Restaurant on the property and had a special guest roaming the restaurant as we ate.

Some photos of the property and us as we enjoyed...

At dinner at Le Jardinier

A wonderful salad
I was so into being with Nancy,
taking pictures was not always on my mind

This guy cruised the restaurant for a half hour
YES - he is real!

He protected the swim-up bar at the pool

My baby

Later in the week, this boat was
covered in jewelry and other
items for purchase

The tender that takes you to the off-island

Another view of the off-island
The cabanas can be rented for half or full day
We thought of it, but never had time

The two story building we were
in had a private pool

I have more...wannna see?

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19 Of Your Sparks

  1. ...why yes, in fact, I do "wanna see"...

  2. Matt-Man Says:
  3. So you got crabs during your honeymoon? Cheers!!

  4. Dianne Says:
  5. if you looked any more relaxed you'd melt :)

    pretty place

    I love the shot thru the 2 chairs

    Nancy is gorgeous and does indeed have an amazing smile

    you look pretty good too buddy

  6. LOL at Matt's comment. It all looks like heaven. Of course we want more.. Enjoy your show....

  7. Travis Says:
  8. I thought that was a picture of a giant NCELM...then I realized it was a crab. But dang!

  9. Bond Says:
  10. PHFRANKIE: Then you shall Sir..then you shall

    MATT-MAN: Not us...but someone else might have

    DIANNE: LOL...we almost did melt..
    Thanks on the of our favs also
    Sweet of you to say..thanks Dianne

    BUD: It was heaven and I wanna go back!

    TRAVIS: now would I do that to you my friend???

  11. Is the RED in the bikini your offering for Ruby Tuesday, Vin? LOL! Great pix! :)

  12. Jay Says:
  13. That crab was just looking for his brother. Glad you weren't the one eating him. haha

  14. Micky-T Says:
  15. You guys look so fricken happy together. Yeah, show us all you got Vinny.

  16. Dana Says:
  17. More!! More!! More!!

  18. Starrlight Says:
  19. LOL Travis! I thought the same thing. Once I figured out it was just a crab I climbed down off the couch.

    Sorry I squashed the cushions, Vinny :P

    Those pictures are awesome. Ahh to never have to wear a coat again. That is my dream.

  20. Mags Says:
  21. How funny that the little crab came inside and stayed for a while! He's lucky he didn't get scooped up and put into a soup. :)

    And yeah, we want to see more!!!!

  22. Bond Says:
  23. MARY: That and the red in the flowers! YUP

    JAY: I am glad I am fatally allergic to them

    MICKEY-T: We are...we are and OKEY DOKEY

    DANA: You got it sista

    STARR: Just fluff them back up again will ya...I am pretty close to not wearing a coat down here...pretty close, not quite though

    MAGS: Not sure he was not scooped up actually! It was one of the staff that moved him out of the restaurant!

  24. BeckEye Says:
  25. Looks like you had a lovely time. *sigh* I need a vacation.

  26. Fantastic pictures. I can't wait to see more.

  27. Bond Says:
  28. BECKEYE: We did ...take one!

    SOUTHERN: Thank you Sir...

  29. katherine. Says:
  30. the three way massage sounds pretty interesting....

    the pictures are beautiful!

  31. I hate you. I really do.

    Bring it, baby. Bring more.


  32. Bond Says:
  33. KATHERINE: Why does it now sound dirty? LOL kidding

    SONGBIRD: I know it is hate with love though...right????


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