Oh, We Walk Through The Pale Moonlight...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First off, you know that Dancing With The Stars has begun again...right? You knew that...right? Well,even if you did not - what you need to know is that the only place to find out what happened last night is over with TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts".

Make sure you check him out every Tuesday & Wednesday!

We also want to let you know that our friend Mags is running a special sale on some of her delicious treats over at her shopping site...Go check it out by clicking on the logo...Just look at what you can buy...


Back to Jamaica mon...

Nancy lounging in our 'private' pool

Have enough sunset shots for a years
worth of Looking At the Sky submissions...

I loved these lamps around the property

Mural on the side of one of the buildings

At Sandals Montego Bay La Cucina Ristorante

One of our butlers - Orlando

Orlando knows...
"It's all about her mon"

Linguini with Scallops
Not bad...but not mine!

Nancy with one of the entertainment staff
Dancing Dancing Dancing...

Oh and have not mentioned this yet, but I am now 38 days cigarette free...It was my promise to Nancy that I would quit before the wedding and I did on August 24th...

Back tomorrow with the last group of photos...

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. Vincent...I am very happy to read that you have been able to quit smoking. Nancy obviously loves you very much, wants you to be happy and wants as much time with you as she can have.

    The pictures are still great...they are fun to see!

  3. Dad, Vince Says:
  4. just sayin, Double Ditto "Katherine"

  5. Dana Says:
  6. Wow! 38 days? That is WONDERFUL Vinny! Cold turkey? Chantix? Zyban? I have a Rx for Chantix sitting on my dining room table. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!!

  7. ...now you're cookin' with gas...nice pic of the "lamp"!!...

  8. Micky-T Says:
  9. Carribean sunsets, how I miss them.

    Good for you on the 38 days.
    Keep up the struggle, it WILL get easier(I know). And the most important part is to NEVER cheat, not even a drag from someone else.

  10. Travis Says:
  11. Hey! Congrats on quitting smoking! That's major. You found the gal, now maximize your time with her.

    And thanks as always for the shout.

  12. Matt-Man Says:
  13. Congrats on quitting Vin...If you have any left over smokes lying around, send them my way so they don't go to waste. Cheers!!

  14. Bond Says:
  15. KATHERINE: My wedding gift to her...she gave us dance lessons, I gave her clean lungs

    DAD: yup

    DANA: I used the Commit Lozenges. But it was probably as much cold turkey as them. They call for 9 a day and I never used more than4-5..and you are supposed to use them for 8-10 weeks and I have not even needed one for atleast two.

    PHFRANKIE: I like that one also

    MICKEY-T: They are special...I have had two since then and know what? I hated it!

    TRAVIS: Thank you Sir...exactly...

    MATT-MAN: Thanks and nope..I planned it out so my last one was before bed on Sunday and I woke Monday and never looked back.

  16. Congrats on being smoke free. It's a promise to nancy but a gift to yourself and all who love you.

  17. Congrats on quitting smoking! I'm off 5 years now. It is tough, but just look at the $$$$$$ you save. And the health risks.

  18. The photos are beautiful, but the best part of that post was reading you are smoke free. I'm so proud of you!

  19. Starrlight Says:
  20. YAY VINNY!!!! It's tough to do but worth it in the long run. It will be 3 years for me this November.

    Now on to the important things in life. Nice food porn taunts, mister. I just got up and I am starving and I have to look at that? I am gonna have to go stare at Rollin's neck to kill my appetite now :P

  21. Mags Says:
  22. FANTASTIC that you quit. I love Nancy even more now. :)

    Thank you for posting this...

  23. JohnH985 Says:
  24. Congrats on quitting smoking. I know you can keep it up.

  25. Mimi Lenox Says:
  26. Standing. Applauding. Smoke-free. YAY!!! That is quite an accomplishment. You both look wonderful!


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