Pimping friends and EVEN more pictures...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 24, 2009

Before we continue with the pictures (hey you guys keep asking for more!) I needed to pimp out two most excellent friends...

First off, you know that Dancing With The Stars has begun again...right? You knew that...right? Well,even if you did not - what you need to know is that the only place to find out what happened last night is over with TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts".

The man knows his dance and he can tell you all about the why and why-nots of the competitors...

Next, well, y'all know I love a good love story right? I mean I am in the middle of my own personal love story and sharing it with y'all.

What I need you to do is, when you are done checking out today's pictures here, go over and visit KATHERINE of "Wading Through My Stream Of Consciousness".

Yesterday Katherine wrote one of the most wonderful posts I have EVER read here in the bloggosphere (or anywhere else for that matter). A story about love...a story about adventure...a story about a young girl and her discoveries.

Bring a tissue or two with you and enjoy this most amazing story.

Now...on to the pictures.

We showed you the formal group shots...today we are going to splatter this place with the casual shots taken throughout the evening...They all get a lot bigger!

Those Cousins...

Dancing with my new MIL Dot-Dot

Matt & his Gee-Ma

Mom and son

Brad & Turn cutting the rug

Peter even danced with Aunt Pat!

Because when we get together to party

Matt & I went toe to toe on the
dance floor and I kicked his butt!

No really, I did!

And then Ernie had his dance with mom

Did I mention we dance?

Food is NOT safe around Matt

Nancy taught dad the Hotty Toddy
(Ole Miss Fight Song)

Mom and Dad 58 years married

Don't mess with the girl...
I am telling you!

You see...we dance!

Travis - There was CAKE!
Chocolate & Strawberry layers
with cream cheese filling!

And only one of us ended up with cake on them!

Dad chatting up Mickey-T & PHfrankie

OK...you have a breather...Jamaica beginning Monday! See y'all tomorrow...

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. ah! Everyone is smiling so broadly in your photos... That cake sounds amazing. Isn't wedding cake supposed to be disgusting dried up fruit cake with hard white icing? Is that just the UK?

    p.s. just tried to link to Trav but you're missing an 's' in the middle.

  3. TopChamp Says:
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  5. ...hey, are Mic and Phfrankie the only ones who wore hats to the wedding?...just askin'...

  6. AtriaBooks Says:
  7. I love Aunt Pat!

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. I sooo dig the Disco Ball. Cheers!!

  10. Oh that cake sounds YUM! I love the dancing. I'm Greek, we dance a lot too. And break plates ;)

  11. TOPCHAMP: No wedding cake here is taken very seriously... Fixed the link

    PHFRANKIE: I believe that would be true Sir

    DOC: LOL she is a gas, is she not?

    MATT-MAN: Permanent fixture in the hall...

    STARR: It was very yummo...no plate were harmed in the making of this party

  12. What great photos! Great memories, my friend...

  13. Jay Says:
  14. Did Micky T and Phrankie dance?

    Looks like good times!

  15. katherine. Says:
  16. wow Vincent...I am touched. Really.
    Thank you.

    (Travis gives me my dance fix this time of year....I am addicted...)

    All of us have noticed the true love and joy in all of your faces...Yours and Nancy's...but the boys...and your families.

    It has been a honor to be spectators with how you met, your courtship, and now as your blend your lives together.

  17. BUD: thank you Sir

    JAY: I did not notice them dancing, but then again, I was not paying attention!

    KATHERINE: You touched me Katherine...it is an incredible story.
    Travis also got me addicted and now I am the pusher to Nancy getting her hooked...
    Who would have imagined that our love story would become internet worthy.

  18. Your big fat Italian wedding, right? In my family, we have party after party with lots of food and laughter. Each wedding last about a week.

    I'm loving the photos.

    And Katherine's story? A true prizewinner. As is your love story...*smile*

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. CAKE and dancing! Now that's a party!

  21. Vin, great pix! Love the cake! :)

  22. Mimi Lenox Says:
  23. Cake and dancing and love and dancing and cake and ...my head is spinning.

    LOVING the photos.
    The one of Nancy rolling her eyes is wonderful! Ha!

  24. Jeff B Says:
  25. Too bad Travis wasn't there. He could have given a pre3tty good review of all that dancing.

  26. RW Says:
  27. Looks like a good time had by all!


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