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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Day of New Music...OK, who snickered in the back of the room? Was it you Jay????

Someone will win a CD each day (to be announced when I return) - what is better than coming to hear some new music, liking it, and then getting the CD sent to you...BAM!

Here is the contest - To the blogger that refers the most people here over the next week, you will have first choice of about 20 CDs I have plus you can opt to have me burn a CD from my personal collection- including all the bootleg concert music.

They have to come, leave a comment that makes sense and relates to the post (even if it is I like them or I hate them), leave your name in the comment so you get credit, and they must vote in the poll. I can tell who does what - believe me I can...

Come on - Pimp the New Music this week...what can it cost ya? A few friends????

Last artist of this series is Ms. Clara Bellino - when you read the influences and comparisons that come with my bios, sometimes they make so much sense when you hear the music.

Then there are those - and I seem to find quite a few - that feel as though some giant music monster took these random ingredients and threw them into a huge electronic blender and with the tweak of a knob here and a twist of a dial there, you come up with a new sound.

OF COURSE that is not how it works...but IF you could mix it up...and you could be as random as possible...try this out for size:

Influenced by: Japan, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Duke Ellington, Debussy

Compared to: Smokey Robinson, Aimee Mann, David Bowie, Lisa Loeb, Suzanne Vega, Edith Piaf

I mean.. Edith Piaf...wow!

Well, what would you do? If you are Ms. Bellino, you put out a CD with English, Spanish and French lyrics...(actually all in English except one Spanish and one French)

From her bio we learn:
Clara grew up in a household where she was saturated in the essence of instrumentation and true musicianship. As a solidified Jazz fan, Clara's father exposed her to the musical artistry of such industry Legends who include Zappa, The Beatles, Mahalia Jackson, Bob Dylan, Fats Waller and Miles Davis.

She completed a ten year French Conservatory program covering Music Theory, Harmony, Piano and Tenor Recorder and is also an accomplished guitarist.

She played the Olympics in her hometown of Albertville, France and, from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, spent the majority of the 1990's entertaining live audiences at The Great American Music Hall, The Paradise, and more recently at Café Du Nord in San Francisco. (KATHERINE - ever heard of her???)

Released in 2006, Embarcadero Love, which was recorded while Clara was living on a sailboat moored at Embarcadero Cove in the Oakland estuary of San Francisco Bay is the CD we were sent.

Over the past two years, Embarcadero Love has gone on to sell more than 2,000 copies.

This is some interesting and i some cases "eclectic music" and some will really like it and some will not at all...

Ms. Bellino was kind enough to sit on The Couch and answer our questions:

How long have you been playing and what was your first instrument?
I've been playing since I was 7 when I entered the Conservatory in France, so years! My first instrument there was the recorder, my main one the piano.

What are your main musical influences?
I think my influences are pretty varied from classical to big band jazz, also international folk and pop.

If you could craft an all-star band, who would play in it?

It would be a BIG band with Fats Waller, David Bowie, David Sylvian - bassplayer for Japan, Manu Katche, Manu Chao, Michael Franti, Mahalia Jackson, Luz Casal, James Nolen, and the percussionist I currently play with, a star in his own right, Jose Najera, and the ladies who sing background vocals with Leonard Cohen. So they're be so many singers that it would have to be a choir situation, oh and Mike Rinta on horns, and the Glide Memorial church choir. Alright I better stop there probably isn't a stage big enough.

Mac or PC?

Do you support any specific charities and how do you give back as an artist?
I don't support a charity in particular though I like Habitat for Humanity and have supported San Francisco's Glide Memorial Church, a very open community that feeds homeless people daily and helps a lot of people get on their feet. As an artist I give back by performing which hopefully brings joy and emotion in people's lives. I've also played benefits for many organizations some of which include: most recently Beyond The Hoop in Washington, D.C., Code Pink in Berkeley, CA, Music in Schools Today, Guitars Not Guns, Food Not Bombs, Toys for Tots, and the Monterey Pop Festival 40TH Anniversary with "Musicians for Peace."

When you're on the road, how do you stay healthy?
I do some physical activity and try to break a sweat daily and stay away from fast food.

What is the most adventurous food you've ever eaten?
Ever eaten? I'm grateful I've never been so hungry that I had to eat bugs and such, and that's about the only thing I can think of that would top bull's testicles, which I had last Christmas prepped in a special sauce by my brother. I might've liked them better if I didn't know what they were, I'm not planning on having them again! They belong on the bull.

Thank you Ms. Bellino...

Ms. Bellino's song "Potential Criminal" is an interesting look at our country in 2006 from a "corn-eating, swashbuckling, beer drinkin', community-minded, uprooted, rerooted a naturalized American, now I'm another potential criminal.".

The second song is a bonus track on my CD "El Crepusculo", which after looking it up I found it is "Twilight" as in the novel and movie.

Please vote and see y'all tomorrow (I think!)

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. No. Nope. Nada.
    The first tune sounds like an immature Hannah Montana. The vocals are just too "breathy". There is no depth or texture here.

  3. ...not The Beatles...

  4. katherine. Says:
  5. No...I hadn't heard of her.

    then again the Code Pink gals don't like me very much

  6. Ken Says:
  7. Not for me Vinny.

  8. Mimi Lenox Says:
  9. Her All-Star Band answer is awesome!
    I like the second cut better than the first...Hmmm....I like the way you are mixing it up here though!

  10. Mimi Lenox Says:
  11. P.S. Driller's vocal assessment is right on but it's a personal preference I suppose...

  12. Ralph Says:
  13. I love this sound, heavy on the bass and drums it seems a dance beat. The guitar adds an acoustic sparkle. The conservatory sure gave her an appreciation for sound, and the musicianship is rich. Lovely sound, a nice listen!

  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the sound.

  16. Dianne Says:
  17. I came by to hear audio from the honeymoon!!

    welcome back?

  18. Hands down I like her the best of all of this batch of music. I hear shades of The Sunday's in her voice.


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