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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First full day of our trip to Jamaica...We both hope y'all that were here got home safely and had a great time.

OK folks - a little competition to keep y'all interested...

HEY - tell your friends about the 5 days of NEW MUSIC - September 8, 9, 10, 14 & 15.

Someone will win a CD each day (to be announced when I return) - what is better than coming to hear some new music, liking it, and then getting the CD sent to you...BAM!

Here is the contest - To the blogger that refers the most people here over the next week, you will have first choice of about 20 CDs I have plus you can opt to have me burn a CD from my personal collection- including all the bootleg concert music.

They have to come, leave a comment that makes sense and relates to the post (even if it is I like them or I hate them), leave your name in the comment so you get credit, and they must vote in the poll. I can tell who does what - believe me I can...

Come on - Pimp the New Music this week...what can it cost ya? A few friends????

Today's musical guest came to us through Phil Putnam. You may remember that we did a review of Phil's music and his great album Casualties, HERE.

He sent an email and asked if I wanted to hear his friend. Of course I said yes.

His friend's name is Joe Settineri and his CD is entitled Stay.

From his website, we learn the following about Mr. Settineri:

Born in the mid-west, Joe graduated from the University of Michigan and immediately headed west. After a brief career in the finance world, Joe moved to Los Angeles to devote himself, full-time, to music. Since then he’s written a lot of music, done a little film and television, and has starred on stages from Los Angeles to New York to London in shows like The Who’s Tommy, The Full Monty, Grease, and the LA and NYC hit, Town Without Pity.

Through it all though, it’s writing and singing his own music that he always comes home to, and in 2008 Joe wrote and recorded his debut CD, STAY with Los Angeles producer Brian Irwin and Econoline Crush lead guitarist Ziggy Sigmund.

"My music aims to hit a few chords we are all familiar with … love, sorrow, hope … those universal, emotional experiences that make us all human – make us all one. Everyday we seek the good, struggle with the bad, drown in love, dream, cry, celebrate, etc. … these are the stories I sing."

Mr. Settineri's sound is pop influenced, though it hearkens back to the basic rock and roll of the 60's....I hear that English beat sound coming through on songs like "The Whistle Song", a jumpy love song with an infectious hook.

"You Walked" is another song that makes it impossible to sit still while listening.

On "Time Stands Still" Mr. Settineri pulls back from the lightness and puts goes a little darker with Ziggy Zigmund adding a nice guitar line throughout. Brian Irwin manages the drums, bass and additional guitars on all songs, with Jerome Kurtenbaum on piano on a few songs. Mr. Settineri wrote all of the songs and handled vocals and piano.

"I Love You" is another highlight with Bryan Irwin on acoustic guitar.

Mr. Settineri hits the notes and holds them throughout the CD. His voice weaves within the music and the harmonies are crisp.

I found much to like on this CD.

Mr. Settineri responded to our questions:

Can you tell my readers what drove you to be a musician? Was it a specific moment when you realized you had to become an artist or was the 'need' born within you?
Music has always been a huge part of my life ... i used to stand in our living room as a 4 year old and sing along to every record we had ... to a fault ... my family is still recovering from that. :) the more specific moment when i knew i had to do 'this' was when i was in San Francisco juggling a fulltime finance career and booking great singing/acting jobs and trying to make it all work.

When i had to start turning down amazing entertainment jobs because the finance stuff was taking priority, i knew it was time to rearrange and focus on music and acting. I also tried to stop singing at a few points ... just said, "nope this will never happen" ... but then the urge and need for creating and performing music would push through even harder so then back at it i would go. I have never looked back and couldn't be happier.

How are your songs conceived? Do you write the lyrics and then put them to music or does a sound come to you first and then you add lyrics?
For the most part i write on my piano. my process is to find something that i find pleasing to my ear musically first on the piano with no vocals ... just a piano line -- sometimes there is some humming involved too .... and usually that just creates a feeling, an atmosphere ... good bad happy elated, etc ... and from that feeling usually comes the lyrics and the rest of the song. some songs take a few days to write, but i think my best ones i write in one afternoon / day.

What is your ultimate 'super-group'?
my ultimate super group would be an indigo girls-type duo ... but with jason mraz and diana krall ... and somehow i'd like to throw 'modest mouse' into the mix. now there would be an awesome sound!!

Do you support any charities and in what way?
lots of them ... i have always been really active in charities ... human rights campaigns have always been near and dear to my heart. as long as i don't have to run a marathon to support something i am usually game for anything! :) i am also on the board of a not-for-profit school in california that focus on kids with learning / social issues and who have had a rough go of it in mainstream schools ... it's amazing to see these kids bloom and prosper once they get into the right environment.

What is the song getting the most listens on your i-pod this week?
zee avi's album get lots of air-play in my home! specific song ... well, my babies seem to really like my song 'stay' so we listen to that song a lot ... it calms them down!

Are you currently writing?
yup - working away at a whole new batch of songs ... but i still find myself sitting at my piano singing the songs from this current album, so i think that's a good sign!

Do you have any touring plans?
Not at the moment ... have played the LA scene for the last few years and now that i am in nyc i am focusing on my writing and my family for a while. am planning some LA shows for year-end currently.

Tell us about the most interesting food you have ever eaten.
hmmm ....i love all kinds of food. but interesting may not be my cup 'o tea. i am a huge fan of seaweed salad and all things seitan and kale. that's about as interesting as i venture.

Is there anything you would like to say about yourself, your music, your causes?
i hope my music speaks for itself ... it's genuine, honest, and comes from the heart ... and i really hope it touches or speaks to my listeners in some way. my music says a lot about me as a person as well ... i just feel very fortunate to be able to pursue this and to have had the successes i have had.

Thanks Joe...

We will give you two as always...title track "Stay" and a heart-break song - or is it? "You Walked"...PLEASE leave your comments and vote in the poll, especially this week when I have been in touch with all of the artists numerous times they are very aware their music is featured.

11 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. I like the arrangements, I'm just not crazy about the vocals.

  3. Very nice ... especially "You Walked."

  4. Jay Says:
  5. I referred myself to this blog. Does that count as an entry? ;-)

  6. He just sounds like too many other people. The first song I really liked. The second...not so much.

  7. Claire Says:
  8. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  9. Claire Says:
  10. Sweet! (in every sense of the word)

  11. Travis Says:
  12. I agree with Driller. I did like the first tune better than the second.

  13. Mimi Lenox Says:
  14. I am not going to lie.
    I didn't listen.

    But I did come by to say I hope you are having a marvelous time!!

  15. Michelle Says:
  16. not gonna lie either -- came here as a huge joe settineri fan already -- love his new songs and new album! they really speak from the heart and his vocal skills are amazing.

  17. Starrlight Says:
  18. I really liked him! But I am a sucker for the offbeat indy boi sound ;)

  19. greta b. Says:
  20. I'm late to the party. Just started listening to him ... love him. He's cute too.


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