A Challenge, A Sky and A Birthday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, October 02, 2009

On November 7th, 2006 I became part of a very special group. A group of bloggers who took the idea of a woman many of us did not even know and we began to try and change the world one blog at a time.

We were a small group back then...and each year we grow stronger and stronger. There are some who scoff and say "What can my putting a Peace Globe on my blog do?" I ask to those people, "If you don't participate in BlogBlast For Peace and put a Peace Globe on your blog, then nothing at all can be done."

One hand, holding another and then another and soon there are thousands of hands and then tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands and soon we can have millions.

You can stand on the sidelines and snicker and say "It can't help" or you can step up and join in and find out what we can do as one

This November 5th, just a short 33 days from today, we will celebrate three years of BlogBlast For Peace and Peace Globes and the call Dona Nobis Pacem. Three years of spreading the word about a blue marble sitting in a bowl on top of a piano and how that blue marble inspired one woman to stand up and ask the question "What can we do to stop the proliferation of violence throughout the world."

That woman MIMI of "Mimi Writes" inspired a few back then. And I was lucky enough to have found out about it and joined. Many of you who sit on The Couch heard my call and joined in...Now there are Peace Globes all around the world...literally - over 40 countries were represented last year.

So scoff if you must...stick your head in the sand and say "A Peace Globe on my blog will not make a difference"...I say "BULLS**T...we have already made a difference."

Each day until November 5th, we will remind you of this great event. Mimi is dealing with a personal situation and yesterday my most excellent friend TRAVIS from "Trav's Thoughts" and I decided that we must take up the challenge while she tends to her situation.

If you would like to help Mimi, then each day for the next 33, post a small message on your blog promoting BlogBlast For Peace..she has done so much for so many people in so many ways...it is now time for us to help her in her time of need.

Get your Peace Globe template HERE. And if you need help putting your Globe together, send me an email at yoursbond@yahoo.com and tell me what you want it to say and I will assist you.

The first year, I did not even have a Peace Globe, but I had words that meant something to me...and lyrics from two songs that resonated for me that year. That post can be found HERE.

What will your blog say on November 5th, 2009 and will it make a difference in the world?

Check out "Looking At The Sky Friday" participants by clicking on the banner above and heading over to Crazy Working Mom's site.
As I mentioned, I have many sky shots from Jamaica. This was early in the morning, as no one was on the beach as of yet...The cloud formation looked so threatening, yet so passive. It reached so high into the sky...


OK, I will admit upfront...I stole this from our birthday gal, who used to to celebrate the birthday of another of our shoe-loving friends Turnbaby...

But I did a google search for "birthday cake, shoes" and dang it if it did not pop us...so I changed then name and there ya go...

Please head over to visit our wonderful friend ANNDI of "Anndi's Transition" and wish her a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Her special day is tomorrow...so make sure you stop by...


15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Holy Cats! After 4 browser refreshers... I'm finally able to see more than the header. Geez...

    I'm working on my Blogblast post, I've had 4 different concepts and none have made it to postable status yet... but it'll come to me.

    Ah yes... the stormy rainy spurts in the Caribbean. God thing they don't last long ;)

    I know that cake!
    Special... yup... I get to spend the day with Mah Honey and The Chicklet. Nothing better.

  3. Bond Says:
  4. ANNDI: Well..welcome back! LOL
    Enjoy that extra special day my friend.

  5. A huge wish to Ann! Happy birthday!!

  6. ...bitchin' angles in that sky photo, sir...

  7. Starrlight Says:
  8. Love the Peace Post Vinny =) The pictures ain't bad either! Miss Mimi is in my thoughts and my inbox as we speak. And I think I am going to take you up on that Peace Globe design!

    Off to give Anndi birthday hugs =)

  9. Jay Says:
  10. You know, if this Peace thing was a money making operation and you guys were just drawing everyone in so that you could then get corporate sponsorship then you could get on CNN or something to promote this. But, that's only for Mommy Bloggers. You'll have to do this Peace thing the hard way. ;-)

    I've never done the Blog Blast for Peace, but I might participate this year.

  11. Starrlight Says:
  12. HAH! And Jay has just made my day! I did Mommy Blogger waaaaay back when it first was getting going. Now they kinda scare me.

    I mean I love my kid but hello, I have an identity outside of Breeder.

  13. I'm still thinking long and hard about my peace globe. No inspiration....yet.

    Love the photo. I'm very, very envious of you right now. Iffen I didn't love you so much, I'd hate you.


  14. Ralph Says:
  15. I see a fair-weather cloud formation. The humidity and warm Caribbean Sea let the moisture rise to magnificent heights. The early morning azure water is relaxing, and without the heat of the hot sun, just the place to linger. And look out to sea, the perfect aperitif before the morning's coffee...

  16. Patti Says:
  17. I haven't made my peace globe yet, but I shall.

    You captured a beautiful morning sky - I like the contrast of the soft clouds with the angular walkway and the post off-center. Nice composition, Vinny.

    Have a grand weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Dianne Says:
  19. your sky photo is amazing Vin
    really beautiful composition

  20. Calico Crazy Says:
  21. That sky photo makes me want to go on vacation.

    Calico Contemplations

  22. Travis Says:
  23. Outstanding Peace Globe promo post. And that CAKE is fantastic!

  24. Tug Says:
  25. Beautiful, beautiful photos...so glad you shared them. Congrats on the non-smoking, that's AWESOME!!

  26. Mike Golch Says:
  27. Vinnie,thank you Sir for helping Travis make my peace Gloge for BlogBlast for peace.I have posted it on my site.


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