Peace, Dancing, BlogFest and a threat...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Remember, only 29 days until the BlogBlast For Peace. Get your Peace Globes going…

Remember to mention it on your post tomorrow…spread the word so Ms. Mimi can concentrate on her personal life right now…

I have two Peace Globes I have been asked to help out with at this point.

You can find your template HERE.

You can read about Papa’s blue marble in the wooden bowl on the piano HERE

Have you checked out TRAVIS of “Trav’s Thoughts” site today for your Dancing With The Stars review?

Every Tuesday Travis gives us his expert commentary on the dancers and then shows us some great videos and covers the results show on Wednesday.

He is one smart dancing cookie he is…HEY, he gave Nancy and I a 7 for our first dance! LOL

So, have you heard we are planning a BlogFest 2010 in Atlanta, GA sometime next summer? YES WE ARE.

STARRLIGHT of "Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl" has set up a Facebook page for it. If you want to be invited to join, send me or her an email and we will invite you into the group.

HECK-A-DOODLE, we even have a logo, yes we do…

Someone mentioned the allure teen boys seem to have to these AXE Products that are so hot these days.

Well folks, if you have a teen boy and they love the stuff be forewarned…many of them are huffing it to get high.

Yup, that is correct. They pour the stuff into a wash cloth or towel and they stick their nose in and they inhale. The stuff has a high alcohol content, so the fumes get them high.

When I was a teen the hard-core stoners would huff glue or even Carbona a rug cleaner. Now it is a product that is all over the television being touted as some sexual aphrodisiac…

I could only find one news story on this new phenomena and it was from England where the product is marketed under the name Lynx…"On January 12, 2008 a 12 year old boy in Derbyshire, England died in a hospital five days after collapsing at his home. The medical coroner ruled that he had suffered from cardiac arrhythmia and died from heart failure as a result of using Lynx”

Your kid may just be buying into the hype of screaming girls chasing him down the street when he asks you to purchase the product, but be on the look out for more dirty towels than normal or the product traveling outside the home because they need to have it at school…

Just saying…

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. At least unlike with sniffing model glue, if one dies from snorting Axe, they'll die smelling good. Cheers!!

  3. I'm glad my kiuds are grown. That sh%t is scary...

  4. ...I like the blue marble story...

  5. Jay Says:
  6. Blogfest is looking like a good time. Maybe somebody could find a decent, moderately priced hotel that has room service, continental breakfast and a lounge that would give everyone attending a deal of some kind. Actually, as long as it has a lounge it will be fine. haha ;-)

  7. I swear, if I have to smell one more teen boy with that AXE crap, I may die from toxic inhalation. That sh*t smells disgusting.

  8. I am with Desert. That shit is NASTY. NASTY NASTY NASTY!

    I miss the good old days of Drakkar Noir :P

    Jay - Vinny and I will work on figuring out group rates at an extended stay. You can bunk up on the cheap or go it solo for still pretty damn cheap! More info to come on that.

    The group page for Blogfest also has a wall and discussion area. We are listing things to do in Hotlanta as well as any known dates restrictions we might have for the summer months. So far we are looking likely for something in July after the 4th!

  9. MATT-MAN: Dead is dead

    BUD: You and me both my friend

    PHFRANKIE: It is a great story isn't it

    JAY: we are working it out dude

    SONGBIRD: if you don't they might be
    what? you don't chase them down the street to attack them]

    STARR: As someone who has never worn cologne of any scent...I just never got the whole smell like something else deal

  10. katherine. Says:
  11. Nice work on the shout outs for both BlogBlast for Peace and Blogfest 2009.

    but have never worn cologne or cetera?

    How about the rest of you...what do you all smell like?

  12. I am a total perfume ho. I have a problem and I will freely admit it. My usual is Victoria's Secret Amber Romance, Origins Gloom Away, or Poison if I am feeling frisky :P

  13. KATHERINE: I never have. I never found anything that I liked the smell of, so just never wore it.

    STARR: So a PER Ho and a GO HO?

  14. Yeah but let's not combine it cause then I would be PerGo and then I am gonna deal with all sorts of laying floor comments :P

  15. PerGo Ho

    Nah..too many syllables

  16. *whew*

  17. What? You mean if you use the Axe products, girls aren't screaming and chasing you everywhere?

    And I was just about to try that stuff.

    Atlanta in June sounds like quite a time. I'm not on Facebook, but hopefully Starr will keep me up to date.

  18. Of course I will, Southern =) It's looking more Julyish right now. I'll send you copies of the group emails. I think you can go LOOK at the facebook group without being a member?


  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. Old Spice body wash, deoderant, and after shave, and a splash of Stetson once in awhile. That's good enough for me.

  21. Starrlight, nope. I tried.

    If you need help with the list of things to do in the ATL, I am more than willing to provide some of my favorites.

  22. Well that sucks. You can always make an account with a fake name =) I think so folks are going to do that.

    We have a pretty good list going so far. We have the basics plus I am sure we will shoot for the aquarium and I want to go the the Botanicals again.


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