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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, October 16, 2009

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I knew it and told several co-workers "That 6-year old is at the house..he may even be watching this on TV and saying 'heheheeh they think I am in there'"

Well he was not watching, but he was hiding in a box in the attic of the family home.

National Guard, Colorado Division of Energy Management and multiple police departments all took part in search and rescue missions before the boy was found at home.

Here is hoping mommy and daddy (who, by the way appeared on the ABC show WIFE SWAP) get a bill for the services of these organizations.

The Heenes are a "science-obsessed" family. The site goes on to explain that the Heenes devote time to science experiments that include "looking for extraterrestrials and building a research-gathering flying saucer."

Maybe some aliens will come take them away...

Huge weekend for sports fans with the NLCS beginning last night (GO DODGERS!) and continuing this afternoon, and the ALCS (GO YANKEES) beginning tonight.

Football on Saturday with USC traveling to South Bend to face Notre Dame (don't care who wins), Oklahoma vs. Texas (the two QBs in college football with the best chances to make an impact in the NFL next year square off) and upset minded South Carolina taking on #2 Alabama all the featured games.

Sunday my 5-0 Giants travel to Na'Orleans to take on the 4-0 Saints being the key game of the weekend.

Can you believe I missed this appointment yesterday???

The video for “Who Says”, the first single from John Mayer’s Battle Studies, is now streaming on

John Mayer will perform songs from his new record, Battle Studies, on Tuesday night, November 17th at the Beacon Theatre in New York City . This special album release show will be broadcast live on the Fuse Network at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central. Leading up to the broadcast on the 17th also be sure to check for live backstage footage.

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Sudan produces fine women. Luckily, you are married! :)

  2. Shame on you, Vincent! I can't believe you "stood up" that poor girl. *grin*

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. Big surprise, I'm going to disagree...

    Emergency response crews will never tell you that a "false alarm" call-out was a waste of time and resources.

    They used and tested their gear, challenged their minds, put their plans into action...

    A waste? No. Hopefully, they took the time to debrief and maybe they caught improvement opportunities that will mean a success rather than a failure in a "real" emergency.

    Would it have made a better story if the 6 year old had fallen out? Did the world need another Baby Jessica story? No.

    He's 6, and he did what a lot of kids do... He made a mistake, and then he hid because he was afraid he'd get in trouble. I expect a lot of money, time and effort had gone into making the "craft" and he had probably been told not to touch it. Was his fear of punishment justified, I expect it was. He just handled it like a 6 year old.

    Some people do the same and they're grown-ups who should know better.

    Maybe it's a learning opportunity for a lot of people. When you make a mistake, just fess up and we'll all move on.

    His parents? Well, I don't know much about them... but haven't YOU said you wanted to go on Big Brother? We all have our quirks. They like science, oh how awful.

    Let's look at the positive. A kid is safe and a whole slew of agnecies got a "real-life" practice run...

  5. DrillerAA09 Says:
  6. I fear that my Sooners will have experience a LONG day in Dallas. OU doesn't have the talent this year to keep up with the Longhorns. And it pains me to say that.

  7. ...I'm with Anndi on this one...and, you can have your Yankees but I will not tolerate "GO DODGERS!"...LOL

  8. BUD: She could be on too

    SONGBIRD: I am so ashamed!

    ANNDI: Big Surprise

    DRILLER: I will have an eye on that game

    PHFRANKIE: I just want the matchup more than Yanks-Phillies!

  9. Interesting...

    During a live interview with CNN Thursday night, Falcon said he had heard his family calling his name but didn't come out of the attic hiding place because his father "had said that we did this for a show."

    The family is making the rounds on all the talk shows...

    I do not know...I think maybe I would want the attention to go away if it were me...

  10. Jay Says:
  11. You could have given that girl my number. But, I guess you were only thinking of yourself. ;-)

    The balloon boy thing was a hoax. And it wasn't funny. But, all the "they're terrible parents because they don't conform to what WE say parents should do" talk by some people is getting on my nerves. I'm totally going to avoid the mommy bloggers today because I don't want to hear their superiority.

    And Science? How dare they! Science is anti-Gawd! LOL

  12. Schmoop Says:
  13. Have a lovely weekend and Go Irish, even thoughthe final score will be something like 38-17 USC. ND's defense couldn't stop a troop of Girl Scouts from selling cookies. Cheers!!

  14. I saw them on Wife Swap. His dad is a f*cktard who should have been gelded prior to dipping it. I hope they get hit with a MASSIVE bill. The fact that the kid COULD have been in it is the point in my opinion. Asshats abound.

    You said John Mayer =) You know how I feel about JM. I am on this album like, well probably like I would be on JM himself. With unseemly haste!

  15. katherine. Says:
  16. I'm a badge-r.

    I thought the balloon boy might be a hoax too. But when my sister was 5 she hid out for hours while frantic family, neighbors, and police searched for her. She heard everyone...knew what was going on.

    How can you not care about the Irish??? You should ALWAYS root against the ephn Trojans.

    Calendar spam? greeeeeat.

    Battle Studies. Should be good.

  17. JAY: She didn't call? I did give her your wait, I gave her your address and debit card number

    MATT-MAN: OOOO prognosticator ...let's see how close you get

    STARR: Already are such a dirty girl ... and I LIKE IT

    KATHERINE: you are indeed! OK...GO IRISH!!!!!
    I got lost at Jones Beach..they searched for hours..I went right to the car and waited for them!
    yeah I am so excited about the calendar spam...but not as much as the album

  18. And I like John MMMMMMMMayer ;)

  19. Coco Says:
  20. I don't watch tv, hon. Only thing I recognized in this lot was the Yahoo calendar - I got a lovely invitation to a get-together with my soul-mate "Segunas" from Nigeria last weekend. Sadly, it was Thanksgiving and I had a prior engagement. And what sport thingy are we on at this time of year? Hmmm?

  21. Travis Cody Says:
  22. You don't care if the Irish get revenge for the manhandling they've taken from USC over the last few seasons? You don't?


    Well, at least you do care if my Dodgers get their mojo back. I guess I can forgive the lack of interest in ND.


  23. Rick Says:
  24. What exactly is the peace globe stuff? I mean, hard to argue with peace, but exactly is going on? We put a globe on our web page and then do what? I'm coming into this a little late, so I could sure use help figuring out what's going on. Thanks.

  25. Michelle Says:
  26. :-) Good Monday Morning to you.

    Poor Lucy... my husband had such an entreating invite once... from a gentleman in India who wanted to marry him. ?! I still have these scary images of my husband in a Sari walking down an aisle... :-o

  27. Julie Says:
  28. Amazing story of people's stupidity. Yup...i think a huge fine should be looking also.

  29. STARR: Realllly? LOL

    COCO: Sorts is BASEBALL dear!

    TRAVIS: I care - I care - unfortunately, they didn't...

    RICK: Hope my email to you helped...

    MICHELLE: See, and I thought my invite was bad!

    JULIE: Exactly...and now they go to jail

  30. I was hesitant about the "balloon boy" from the start as well. I am glad to see that the sheriff has finally seen through their charade and will be filing charges.

    Sorry about the Giants. That was very surprising yesterday.


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