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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, October 30, 2009

GOOD NEWS in the bloggosphere today. STARR'S daughter Kidlet is home from the hospital!

ANNDI'S chicklet is also on the mend! We hear that MATT-MAN" is being drained of the germies...

I have 5 Globes to finish tonight and tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, we will probably be at the Liberty Bowl as Nancy's son Ernie's HS Band competes. The Lewisburg High School marching band is the 4A Mississippi State Marching Band Champions this year. The school has been open for 4-years and they have 2 second place finishes and now a Championship!

This Saturday they compete with schools from other it is a big deal.

I think it will also be an awesome photo opportunity.

This last month with being involved heavily with Peace Globes has been a soothing adventure for me. Within the whirlwind of things going on in my life and in the lives of some people who are very close to me (5 of whom I have never met!), having the Peace globes and trying to evangelicize about them has truly made it all so much easier.

And isn't that the point of participating in Peace Globes and BlogBlast for Peace. To find that calmness within each of us.

If we all did so...if every man, woman and child created a Peace Globe and put their thoughts on it, would that not make us all stop...and look at our neighbor differently?

I believe it would...

OK...last of our trip - there are some in this group I really like

Bull Shoals Dam Area

The J-Man...sans Viking Helmet!

Buffalo River Park
Heading down to the river
a 0.6 mile hike
Down was fun ...

Going up...not so much
About a third of the trail was this
incline - down was easy...


But when we were not climbing Everest...
it really was beautiful

Can you see the name of the town?

How about now?!?!

We took a side trip and spent
about two hours roaming this place
It was pretty nice...

This baby earned it's keep.
Instead of going south to hit
the interstate -we took back roads
all the way home and got to see
some pretty county -
all in all a GRAND WEEKEND


15 Of Your Sparks

  1. ...those look like handels to lathe chisels...

  2. Jay Says:
  3. Wow. The Folk Center really does exist. I hear ads for it on the radio all the time, but I've never been down there. Kind of surprised it was open on a Sunday.

  4. Great photos, Vinny. I love the perspective on the wooden handles, and of course, I love the angle on the school house photo (*grin*).

    Looks like it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The town name is...uh...interesting. I wonder if it has an interesting reason for being that?

  5. If you find a town named Sixty Nine let me know cause I will so have to move there :P

    Awesome pictures and I highly recommend always going the back roads whenever possible.

  6. Great pictures. Looks like quite a trip.

  7. PHFRANKIE: And you are so correct Sir

    JAY: It is real and it was open!

    SONGBIRD: I have not found any reason for the town name, but we thought it was interesting enough to stop and shoot those pictures

    STARR: I have not found that one yet...will let you know iffen I do I love back roads

    SOUTHERN: Thank you Sir

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. Thanks for helping folks out with Peace Globes. I really missed being able to do that this time around.

    But I agree...actively promoting Blog Blast day has really kept me focused during an insanely busy month.

  10. Jeff B Says:
  11. I leave the blogsphere for a couple of weeks and all sorts of happenings are well. . . happening.

    Looks like a great visit to the land of Jay.

  12. Vinny, going up is always tougher that coming down! At least for me when we were hiking all over the place: Mohonk, Bear Mountain, etc. Great shots of beautiful locations! Happy Halloween to you and Nancy! :)

  13. Mimi Lenox Says:
  14. I love the shot of Nancy looking down in the valley. Just beautiful.
    You two are adorable.

    Hugs to both.
    I'm glad that peace globes have brought you a measure of peace already. Mark my words. This launch is going to be powerful.

    Sleep time for me.

  15. Mimi Lenox Says:
  16. P.S. You've made HOW many peace globes? Oh my word!

  17. Maggie Moo Says:
  18. So how did the band do??

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time :D

  21. katherine. Says:
  22. the fall colors in your photos are great! Nancy seems to handle the incline well? smile.

    I think that town is probably between "sixty eight" and "seventy"

    Hope the band gig went well.

  23. storyteller Says:
  24. Wonderful photos ... marvelous Fall color! Looks like a fun trip ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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