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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, October 09, 2009


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Back to Jamaica...a sunset that never blossomed due to the storm clouds on the horizon, but still gave me a photo opportunity...ENJOY

Saw a real interesting program on CNBC last Saturday night. Only caught the last 35 minutes of it, but the title was "Marijuana: Inside America's Pot Industry". It was an excellent look inside this tens of billion dollar industry and some of the areas where it is becoming more and more acceptable.

It focused on California's "Emerald Triangle" in Mendocino County, which is described as the center of the Marijuana industry in the U.S.

They also interviewed Bruce Perlowin, who in the 70's ran the biggest smuggling operation, running hundreds of tons of pot under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He was eventually caught because he left a notebook with all his records in a freakin Denny's. Figures, stoned out and having the munchies and he does something stupid! LOL

But I was most interested in The Blue Sky Cafe in Oakland, CA...The cafe is modeled on the 'coffee shops' of Amsterdam and the area of the city they are located in has been dubbed Oaksterdam. If I remember correctly, they pay upwards of $3,000,000.00 in taxes a year and that is one store!

The show will air again on the 22nd at 8:00pm if you are interested.

I am totally in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana and have always felt that an individual should be able to cultivate 5 plants per calendar year. Now, if you are caught selling your marijuana, there should be criminal consequences...but if it is for your harm, no foul.

But think about allowing stores to sell like The Blue Sky Cafe and the amount of tax money collected. Add to that the amount of money the government will save if it stops trying to eradicate Marijuana (estimated at $42-BILLION/year). The federal deficit could be wiped out within 5 -10 years.

It is time we stop the silliness...there is no evidence that if you smoke marijuana you will end up a heroin addict. Sure if you ask the heroin addicts if they smoked pot, most will say yes, but ask pot smokers if they have tried heroin and the majority will say no.

LOGIC people!

The winter Olympics are going to be held in Canada this year in Vancouver. Know what they call Vancouver? The Amsterdam of North America. Though not legal, the Vancouver police rarely bother people for possession of small amounts of pot and there are 'coffee shops' in the Hastings area of the city.

Did you know there are now 13 states where the possession of marijuana is not a criminal offense?

COUCH NOTE: After reading Phfrankie's comment, I must point out that these are all states where MEDICAL Marijuana is decriminalized. But that said, I have been told by those who are on the program, it is pretty easy to get a card in many places...

YO NANCY...wanna move?


29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. Saw the show. It was a good look at how things ALREADY have changed. Seems like a smart move to me to decriminalize

  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. It may not be the sunset you were hoping for, but it is still a great photo. Have a wonderful week-end.

  5. Whoa, dude. What was I saying?

  6. I haven't seen the show, but I had no idea that there were any states, let alone 13, where possession was not illegal.

  7. Ken Says:
  8. This was a test........

    Your site most definitly loaded faster for me.

  9. ...have seen the show...have not been to Oaksterdam (even though it is only 70 miles from here)...I do believe those are states that have de-criminalized cannabis possesion for MEDICINAL use, and I am legal in California. C'mon down and we'll spark one!...

  10. They will still bust your ass and hassle you in Oregon. They will waste tax dollars to do it too on "suspicion of intent to distribute" if nothing else.

    Asshats :P

  11. Forgot to add, unless it is Medical MaryJane.

  12. Dianne Says:
  13. beautiful sky shot!

  14. MICKEY-T: I thought it was a very fair report indeed


    BUD: Short term memory loss? LOL

    SOUTHERN: As I revised, that is for Medical marijuana possession...I thought I had put it in the copy, but obviously forgot.

    MICKEY-T: Thanks

    PHFRANKIE: You are correct Sir, thank you for the clarification...Getting on a plane! LOL

    STARR: Yes, those laws are for Medical pot...

    DIANNE: Thank you so much.

  15. Ralph Says:
  16. The sky has that stormy air about it, and we see this with the tradewinds and humidity that permeate the Caribbean. Yet, as fast as most of the stormy clouds arrive, the azure blue skies are soon to reappear!

    No doubt that marijuana should be decriminalized, it is hard to eradicate. Much like earlier Prohibition, the criminal element will continue to thrive as the mob will deliver what the public wants anyway. Tax it and control it reasonably.

    Kids seem to be enamored mightily with the forbidden fruit, make it legal and that sort of youthful enthrallment will be reduced as then it will be mainstream - and not nearly as exciting. Legality can have that sort of effect...

  17. Jay Says:
  18. I am firmly in favor of decriminalization of pot. The War on Drugs is a failure. Our prisons are full of 18 and 19 year old kids who were given ridiculous mandatory sentences for having one damn joint in their car when the police did an illegal search. It really is time to stop the madness.

    Also? I have a list of 10 potentially awesome new places to move to. Especially New Mexico! Look at the limits there! I mean, I know there's nothing to do there, bu wow.

    And, funny to see Sarah Palin's Alaska on that list.

  19. RALPH: I would still have an age limit of 21 on the sale of pot...just like booze - OK make it 18

    JAY..A total failure...especially when it comes to pot...sheesh I can grow killer pot in my backyard if I would not be arrested for it...

    OK, tell us which 3 states are off your list of "awesome places to live" from that list..

    and Of course Alaska is on the was the only way to get those oil workers to live there!

  20. You got that right, Bond. I'd have to be blazed out of my skull to live in Alaska. Of course pot would have to do something for me as well. I screwed in the THC sweepstakes =(

  21. STARR: LOL yeah blazed guys moving 10 ton pipes...yeah that seems to make sense

  22. Vinny, join the Ruby Tuesday Giveaway by posting a RT post next Monday/Tuesday. I pick a Mr. Linky number randomly for the winner! Good Luck! :)

  23. AtriaBooks Says:
  24. First of all, what the heck-a-doodle is Mary the Teacher talking about up there?

    Second of all, Jamaica is beautiful. We get it. Now stop rubbing it in!

    Thirdly, despite never having smoked, I too support the complete legalization of marijuana--all drugs, really, but especially marijuana. You want to ban something in its place? Ban McDonald's. Far more dangerous to our health.

  25. Schmoop Says:
  26. Here's to the ganja, and I don't even smoke it.

    And also, here's to the demise of ninnies and Evangleicals who seek to stop the use thereof.


  27. Anndi Says:
  28. Phfrankie is a technical genius.


    If people were responsible enough with alcohol, I would have fewer issues with making access to mind-numbing substances... but there are still too many drunk drivers out there to make me enthusiastic about legalized recreational pot.

  29. Calico Crazy Says:
  30. Gorgeous pic from Jamaica, wish our sky looked like that, I'm sick of rain.

    Calico Contemplations

  31. Maggie Moo Says:
  32. Here in Boston we voted on a law to decriminalize having 1 oz or less on your person. Instead of being arrested, you get a $100 fine. I honestly don't know what the law is if you are caught smoking it though. Probably not any different as long as it's only 1oz.

  33. Maggie Moo Says:
  34. Oh-and it's hysterical that he left his notebook in a Denny's.

  35. Patti Says:
  36. I've never tried marijuana but it probably should be decriminalized..I never cared for the smell of it. I've never smoked cigarettes either.

    I like your sunrise photo from Jamaica.

    Have a good weekend, Vinny. Thanks as always for visiting my humble blog.

  37. Tug Says:
  38. I've never smoked pot, but have had plenty of friends that have, & I love them all. Except the ex hubby. ;-) I'd vote to legalize it, no question.

    Beautiful photo (as the wind picks up, bringing freezing temps & snow)!!

  39. Travis Cody Says:
  40. Nanni nanni...oh nevermind.

    I don't actually have a firm position on decriminalization. On the one hand, I have to agree that the war on drugs hasn't been successful. But on the other, I agree with Ann's point about the potential increase in DUI issues.

    I suppose at this point, I will support either way the issue alls out. How's that for sitting firmly on the fence?

  41. katherine. Says:
  42. I am a strong proponent for Medical Marijuana. I believe in prescription Quaalude, OxyContin, and Penicillin as well.

    But I would not vote to decriminalize pot so that it is available like alcohol.

    In our city we have very lenient laws regarding marijuana... including misdemeanor charges for small amounts and an ordinance prohibiting city police for arresting users if there is any other crime they can be working on.

    You can be cited for smoking a cigarette on a downtown street...but not for smoking a joint.

    We also have a very active and powerful Medical Marijuana organization.

    But no....I don't think it should be available without prescription.

  43. TopChamp Says:
  44. aagh done it again - telling me if I don't do something I'm a poo head makes me want to dig in my heels and not do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's bolshiness I know.

  45. Saw that absolutely amazing photo of you and your beloved, Vinny, at Songbirds blog! I love it! HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO YOU GUYS! yOU LOOK SO HAPPY! :)

  46. Vinny, you asked about the Ruby Tuesday giveaway. Just post for Ruby Tuesday - that photo of you two in RED would be a perfect post for Tuesday! Maybe you might win! :)


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